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Technological Solution For Texting While Driving Struggles For Traction

TomGreenhaw Be careful what you wish for... (324 comments)

What if a system like red light cameras were devised? Snap a picture of a car that has a moving cell phone signal. If the photo clearly shows the driver engaging in distracted driving send them a court summons.

None of us condone running red lights, but do we like red light cameras? Have they made the roads safer?

3 days ago

Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

TomGreenhaw The Watch I Want (471 comments)

Here are some of my notes about small screen applications (glass/smartwatch) that I brainstormed a year and a half ago... Apple/Google/Samsung - please make this product.

Time, Weather, Music, Games, Fitness, Universal Remote for Internet of things (car, thermostat, door locks, tv, game controller, camera, etc), Text Messaging, Payments/Digital Wallet, Flashlight, Voice Messaging/Notes, Voice Search, To Do List, Video Player, Hands Free Call, Facetime/Hangouts, Calculator, Calendar/Schedule, Translate, Alerts/Notifications integration, Dashboard/Tracker, Two factor Authentication, Data storage/exchange

Must Have features:
Microphone, BlueTooth, Accelerometer, Compass, Vibrate, iPhone compatibility, Android compatibility, iPhone notifications, Android notifications

Important features:
Camera, NFC, GPS, Touch Screen, Bright LED, I/R Led, Heart Rate,Water Resistance

Nice to have features:
Integrated Phone, Ambient temperature, Body Temperature, Blood Pressure, Video diplay driver/irda, Swappable Band, Swappable Case, Wireless Charging

Key functionality:
Shake gestures, Voice Recognition, Touch screen gestures, Swipe keyboard, Activity context, Use a desktop web app or tablet app to set up, Themes, Reflective display and Backlit Display

The Must Have Features are things that the device would need to support most of the applications' functionality.

The Important Features and Nice To Have features are things that I think would make the device a home run with broad acceptance

Key Functionality are things that many apps on the small screen device would share that would be an important part of the user experience.

about a week ago

Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

TomGreenhaw Re:Trust us with your payments (730 comments)

I believe there are a number of enhancements to NFC technology in this implementation that mitigates much of those old issues.

You have to use the fingerprint sensor to transmit a one time use token only valid for one specific transaction.

You aren't going to be able to walk by somebody and get their card info for a shopping spree with this protocol.

about a week ago

Tesla's Next Auto-Dealer Battleground State: Georgia

TomGreenhaw Re:They are stagnant (157 comments)

We've had our Model S for a year and a half. Last winter was one of the coldest in memory in Chicago.

Although the range was reduced somewhat, maybe 25% when it was super cold it was no problem whatsoever. Interestingly enough, the reduced mileage on our Mariner hybrid was about the same.

about two weeks ago

Reno Selected For Tesla Motors Battery Factory

TomGreenhaw Re:Stop Making Up Words! (157 comments)

I'd bet on a shit ton of robots as opposed to lot's of low salary people.

about two weeks ago

Reno Selected For Tesla Motors Battery Factory

TomGreenhaw Re:Stop Making Up Words! (157 comments)

Maybe its because they will be building billions of batteries?

If a car need 8000 batteries, that's 125,000 cars. Its a believable number for sure.

about two weeks ago

Apple Reveals the Most Common Reasons That It Rejects Apps

TomGreenhaw Re:Eh, not quite (132 comments)

That's interesting. They always log on to ours.

about two weeks ago

Brown Dwarf With Water Clouds Tentatively Detected Just 7 Light-Years From Earth

TomGreenhaw Re:Is this the missing "dark matter"? (85 comments)

If there were that much normal matter out there we'd know because the light from distant galaxies would be more blocked than it is.

about three weeks ago

It's Dumb To Tell Kids They're Smart

TomGreenhaw Another misleading title (243 comments)

The author didn't say he avoids telling his kids that they are smart, he said he was careful about it.

One of the main secrets to raising smart kids is setting high but achievable standards and providing life experiences where they can succeed.

Here is an example. When I was a cub scout leader our boys made model rockets. We also taught them how to use trigonometry to calculate how high the rockets went. With calculators, it was easy for them to master something that many adults would assume only smart kids could do. In this way each boy was taught that they were smart.

about three weeks ago

It's Easy To Hack Traffic Lights

TomGreenhaw Re:A lot of easy things are illegal (144 comments)

All you people are missing the point.

We can do this. It's not that hard. Some work is not right.

Apparently engineers and scientists need to be reminded that everyone needs a moral compass. Consider the golden rule. Would your actions make our world a better place for our children.

about a month ago

It's Easy To Hack Traffic Lights

TomGreenhaw A lot of easy things are illegal (144 comments)

Its easy to exceed the speed limit. Its easy to shop lift. Its easy to buy a gun and shoot somebody.

Its probably easy to build a device that gives you green lights as though you were an emergency vehicle. This is definitely illegal.

While I think its irresponsible to design computer systems without basic and reasonable security measures, technology is not the final answer to antisocial behavior. Hacking somebody else's systems is illegal and wrong. Finding (sometimes ) esoteric ways to do it and making it easy for bad guys is just plain foolish.

My friend Neil and I have a law: You know you have enough security when you can't do your job anymore. Requiring the average stop light electrician to now be a computer networking security expert requiring tons of tech support would certainly drive up taxes.

Antisocial behavior is why we have laws and there is a reason we should obey them.

about a month ago

Tesla Removes Mileage Limits On Drive Unit Warranty Program

TomGreenhaw Quite a few??? (174 comments)

The Model S has only been available for a couple years. It's really hard to imagine that many people have driven a Model S more than 125,000 miles.

about a month ago

Man-Made "Dead Zone" In Gulf of Mexico the Size of Connecticut

TomGreenhaw Re:So? (184 comments)

Is it the nitrogen or the phosphorus? I think phosphorus is the big problem.

Here in the Chicago area, the water reclamation district has started using a new process to remove phosphorus from the sewage. Aside from the up front cost, its generating millions of dollars of valuable fertilizer. The phosphorus compound that's removed has the benefit of slow release and not water soluble but can be absorbed by roots. Farmers like it because they fertilizer lasts longer and doesn't run off right away.

I think this is a new process that is only in one treatment plant. Hopefully all treatment plants will embrace this to reduce or solve the dead zone problem.

about a month ago

Elon Musk Promises 100,000 Electric Cars Per Year

TomGreenhaw Re:Market will bubble will pop before then (122 comments)

We've had our Tesla for a year and a half. Its by far the best car we've ever had. When we park it at home we plug it in - it takes only seconds so its always got full range. It was expensive up front, but much cheaper to operate than our hybrid gas vehicle. It is extremely reliable. I will definitely buy another Tesla someday.

Other than the impracticality of a cross country drive, which we rarely do, what are the many limitations of an all electric car?

about a month and a half ago

Elon Musk Promises 100,000 Electric Cars Per Year

TomGreenhaw Re:Market will bubble will pop before then (122 comments)

While I agree that Tesla stock is *cough* optimistically valued, they are a growth company that cannot be fairly compared to a mature value company like Ford or GM. I wouldn't be surprised at volatility but I think bubble is way too strong a term.

If they slashed their R&D budget as documented in TFA they could be profitable. I'd argue that their aggressive R&D spend predicts steep revenue growth over the next several years.

about a month and a half ago

China Confirms New Generation of ICBM

TomGreenhaw Re:Angry Proliferation Game (224 comments)

Reminds of something we joked about years ago. It's like a couple of kids, knee deep in gasoline each with a pack of matches arguing over who has more matches. Now we have more kids with more matches...

about a month and a half ago

Appeals Court Affirms Old Polaroid Patent Invalid

TomGreenhaw Re:Refund! (45 comments)

Then I think we agree. Most royalties paid to patent trolls are under threat of lawsuit.

about 2 months ago


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