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Microsoft to Launch 64-bit Windows on Monday

Tony Hammitt Wow, only 13 years after my first 64-bit desktop! (484 comments)

That Microsoft really has to be commended for their foresight, it's only been 13+ years since the Alpha 64 bit desktops came out, and now they have something that will run on part of a 32/64 bit processor! No wonder they have so many people looking to them for technology leadership.

Yes, technically, they did support part of windows NT on the Alpha, but it didn't work well and had no backing from any application providers.

I just think it's strange that people are seeing this 64-bit thing as if it were something new. I like the fact that you can now finally get 64-bit boxes in a normal computer store, but it's taken far too long to get it to market. Think where we'd be with databases with 64-bit transaction IDs, wraparound wouldn't be very likely and the DBAs could stop worrying about it. Oh well, eventually....

In any case, I think I'll crank up one of my old alphas today just to see if it still works. I haven't used it in a couple of years although the last time I had it on it racked up a 700 day uptime. I've had that box for 8 years now and the technology was kind of old when I got it.

more than 9 years ago


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