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No More Players for World of Warcraft - For Now

Torke World of Warcraft = Real Life? (544 comments)

What should be realized is that Blizzard, presumably, has staff working around the clock to resolve this issue. Situations like this cannot be fixed overnight, as most players seem to be expecting. I commend Blizzard for both their efforts to stabilize their network and for developing one of, if not the best video games ever created.

I am a seasoned gamer, first time MMO'er, I purchased World of Warcraft on the first day and have been playing ever since. Yes, I have been affected by the issues they've been experiencing, but its not as bad as people complain about. Note that I've had my game rollback 2 hours, I've sat in a queue for an hour, and I've fought through lag. Am I going to unsubscribe, complain to Blizzard, or cry and moan that I cannot play? Nah.

In a few months time (perhaps even sooner) you will notice that these issues will be ironed out and Blizzard will be more than happy to compensate its subscribers.

Besides, if these problems are causing you grief, don't play right now. I'm sure you've got some vacation time you're just itching to waste.

about 10 years ago



Is it time to replace physical home entertainment

Torke Torke writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Torke (101454) writes "I have been collecting VHS, DVDs, and now Blu-rays since the late nineties. These films on my shelf are my pride and joy and am pleased when people compliment me on the quality of my collection. My wife registered a Netflix account several months ago and I have been hesitant to use it. I do not pirate movies nor do I have a media server. The other night, I broke down and watched an HD film streaming through Netflix directly to my Ethernet-enabled TV. I was very impressed with the experience. My questions for Slashdot: Is it time for me to stop spending $20-$25 on new releases and buy/rent/stream them online?"

Best SSH Client for the iPhone?

Torke Torke writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Torke (101454) writes "I just picked up an iPhone and noticed there were a few SSH clients available for download. Which one comes recommended and why?"


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