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What Chernobyl Looks Like In 2010

ToteAdler Re:Largest Nuclear Disaster? (413 comments)

It was an unfortunately necessary military strategy. At that point in the war the US was afraid of its ally the Russians as much as it needed to end the war with the Japanese. Pretty much all the major players at that point were at least considering nuclear weapons or had some sort of nuclear program, so they knew how difficult they were to manufacture. The second bomb implied that the US had a stockpile of nuclear weapons well before anyone else even had one. In reality it would have taken many months to manufacture additional weapons.

more than 4 years ago

Satellite Spotters Make Government Uneasy

ToteAdler Re:well (439 comments)

I guess that's what happens for making sweeping generalizations. While not all weather and coms satellites are geo stationary, the ones I'm familiar with are (INMARSAT). Ok, a quick bit of research shows that I'm mostly wrong at least as far as weather satellites are concerned. Maybe it wouldn't be too hard to piggy-back a weather satellite and a spy satellite.

more than 5 years ago


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