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Google and Others Sued For Automating Email

Tower Re:Can you be more specific? (273 comments)

The point is, the abstract could describe this as "A method wherein the ice cream is scooped with a bare hand" and it wouldn't matter, because the specific claims are all that matters. In this patent, there are 66, like...

44. The system of claim 41, further comprising:

a repository of predetermined responses, one or more of the predetermined responses being selected by the knowledge base for proposed delivery to the source; and

an electronic router for forwarding the electronic message to the human operator when the classifier indicates that a response to the electronic message requires assistance from a human operator, the router delivering the predetermined response to the source when the human operator deems the response appropriate.

45. The system of claim 44, wherein the classifier categorizes the electronic message into at least one of a plurality of sub-categories based on subject matter content of the electronic message.

*Those* are what matters.

more than 7 years ago


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