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Fighting the Flu May Hurt Those Around You

Tr3vin Re:Probably going out/to work (351 comments)

Out of curiosity, do you have a separate bank of sick days? The policies I've had would typically lump these together, so that they were simply days off and what I used them for would be up to me. If a stay healthy, I get "more" vacation time.

about 8 months ago

Apple Again Seeks Ban On 20+ Samsung Devices In US

Tr3vin Re:20+ devices (235 comments)

They aren't all "current-gen" devices. In fact, a number of the devices that are to be banned are not even sold anymore.

about 9 months ago

Google Brings AmigaOS to Chrome Via Native Client Emulation

Tr3vin Re:80's hardware (157 comments)

It isn't. It is C/C++ code running in a sandboxed environment. Security is done by analyzing the machine code and only allowing "safe" operations.

about 10 months ago

Google Glass Making Its Way Into Operating Rooms

Tr3vin Re:How much does Google stand to lose with somethi (120 comments)

Google isn't at risk as long as they are not selling it as a medical device. If someone wanted to create specific medical software for it they could but they would most likely need to file for FDA clearance. If something bad did happen, it would be on the entity that created the app and not Google.

about 10 months ago

Google To Block Local Chrome Extensions On Windows Starting In January

Tr3vin Re:HTTPS Everywhere/EFF (260 comments)

It will still be able to installed. The EFF also has it in the Chrome store.

about a year ago

NVIDIA Updates SHIELD With Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Console Mode, New Titles

Tr3vin Re:I don't understand the hate (57 comments)

Gamer here. The reason people hate the SHIELD is that mobile games pale in comparison to games for dedicated systems. Having existing android games is a great idea, but it assumes that they work well with game pad input. Since most phones don't have physical buttons, developers have to create for the touch only interfaces if they want to be successful. Sure, you can do virtual touch buttons, but the best mobile games get away from buttons and instead use some form of gesture or swipes to control things. They take on a different form than the types of games you play on a 3DS or Vita.

The other reason that the SHIELD isn't going to work out is the price differential. You make a point about making back the difference after a few games. To me, that isn't really worth it. The best of Android gaming comes nowhere close to some of the even more mediocre 3DS and Vita titles. The average Joe might not tell the difference and be perfectly content with the games on their phone, but they also are not the target audience for this device. A gamer typically expects a higher production value and game structure that is not feasible to support on a mobile platform. People expect $1 / freemium games, so selling a larger game at a higher price that more accurately covers its production costs is a death sentence.

Angry Birds is actually a great example of how games monetize on various platforms. In the app stores, it is going to cost $1 max, because people generally aren't willing to spend more. This is the price that the market has decided on, mostly based off of the pricing models set by Apple. Now, to make more money off of the user, they will provide various forms of DLC, whether it is a set of levels or simply letting to skip a level. The console versions of the game, which function exactly the same, will cost about the price of other games for that console, potentially a bit less to set it apart. Still, they will charge at least 20x the entry cost of the mobile app, based on pricing expectations and what the market will allow.

The SHIELD has an issue here because it doesn't fit squarely into either pricing scheme. It is a capable device and could deliver gameplay comparable to that of the 3DS or Vita. That said, it is building off of Android which until now consists of mainly throw away games. The only real chance Nvidia has with it is to put money out there to get some higher end games on it. Otherwise, gamers like me aren't going to spring for it to be stuck playing what amounts to glorified flash games that were free and everywhere only a few years ago. At least with the 3DS and Vita, gamers know that they will be able to play titles from Nintendo and Sony. They have a reputation built up with their previous games, and we as gamers know what to expect quality wise. The SHIELD has none of this. There are no titles to sell it, nor have there been any promises of studios working on anything worth experiencing.

about a year ago

AMD's Radeon R9 290X Review

Tr3vin Re:Cross platform? (212 comments)

The benefit of being a hardware manufacturer is that AMD can build and provide the low level access. Guess what? The are providing the GPU/CPU combo in both the Xbox One and the PS4. So it doesn't matter what Microsoft or Sony do, that low level support is there. High-end games were typically done using a low level API like Mantle in previous gens. The big deal here is that AMD is bringing that support to PC. Since their console GPUs and the new desktop GPUs are built around the same architecture, any optimizations that a developer may make to get things running more efficiently on the consoles where the hardware is weaker can be easily brought to the PC.

about a year ago

Mark Cuban Found Not Guilty of Insider Trading

Tr3vin So... (48 comments)

Does this mean that I can buy cigars from him again?

about a year ago

Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

Tr3vin Re:eeeeew (1191 comments)

Don't you love having to click on each story to read what will be a crappy summary?

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Suitable Phone For a 4-Year Old?

Tr3vin Re:yeah no (682 comments)

When is this kid going to actually need the phone? I'd assume that if something came up the kid could use a landline. Schools have them, any reputable child care place is going to have them. There really is no reason for kids to be carrying around phones. I was just fine without one when I was a kid. So were all of the other kids. Instead of trying to find the right technology to solve a problem, first ask yourself if there is really a problem here that needs to be solved.

1 year,1 day

Hulu "Kicking Back Into Action" Says CEO, Adding New Content

Tr3vin Re:As a US-only service (169 comments)

No, he means exactly what he says. While there are Hulu apps for Roku and the Xbox 360, not all of the content is available to stream to those devices. It comes down to licensing but it is still very annoying.

1 year,12 days

British TV Show 'Blackout' Triggers Online LOLs

Tr3vin Re:Luddites. (222 comments)

These are the same people that freaked out when War of the Worlds was first broadcast....

When did all of those elderly Americans move to Britain and start using twitter?

1 year,20 days

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Tr3vin Re:Expensive (244 comments)

The ones you buy directly from Google are unsubsidized. You don't sign up for a contract when you buy them. On contract they are typically free.

1 year,26 days

Nintendo Announces 2DS Handheld — Plays 3DS Games In 2-D

Tr3vin Re:But will the games cost 99 cents? (156 comments)

No, the rush to the bottom and the $0.99 price point is what is holding back phone and tablet games. A game that actually has some production value is a huge risk in a market where everyone and their child is attempting to sell the next Angry Birds. It is far too easy to be lost in the huge volume of terrible titles and a higher price point doesn't go over well.

about a year ago

X.Org Foundation Loses 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status

Tr3vin Re:I smell Microsoft (208 comments)

Yes, Microsoft sent lobbyists to X.Org to prevent them from filing their paperwork on time.

about a year ago

Elon Musk's New Hologram Project Invites 'Iron Man' Comparisons

Tr3vin Re:Those who do not study the past (135 comments)

It is because when it comes to computers, we have a more comfortable and more efficient way to interact with them. If other people had more comfortable way to do physical tasks, they would also complain when the less comfortable way was suggested.

about a year ago

New, Canon-Faithful Star Trek Series Is In Pre-Production

Tr3vin Re:YES PLEASE! (401 comments)

You know that time travel has been a main plot element of Star Trek since the original series, right?

about a year ago

Bradley Manning Sentenced To 35 Years

Tr3vin Re:When a secret is a criminal act, it's evidence. (491 comments)

Didn't he hand them over to Wikileaks and they acted as an intermediate party? Also, is handing them over not counting as releasing now? Just because the news organizations did their due diligence doesn't clear Manning of his actions.

about a year ago

PS4 Launch Date: November 15th

Tr3vin Re:And eBay/Paypal scalpers rejoice... (151 comments)

I wouldn't be so sure. Ask people how that worked out with the WiiU. I'm sure a few made money but I don't think people will have any issues finding PS4s or XBox Ones this holiday season.

about a year ago

Joining Lavabit Et Al, Groklaw Shuts Down Because of NSA Dragnet

Tr3vin Re:Where will this end? (986 comments)

It is a statement. Statements do not have to be truthful or accurate. Just like all of the ones made by the congressmen and senators that voted for the NSA's incredible reach who have recently seemed surprised at what has been done with that power.

about a year ago


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