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Decommissioning San Onofre Nuclear Plant May Take Decades

Tracy Reed Re: Our Children's Children's Children Will Save U (266 comments)

The radiator in the car requires a pump and, of course, a radiator. I think evaporative cooling (the current method) is the best way to go. If you seal it and pump it you must have the pump working and airflow over the radiator at all times. It is more complicated.

about a year and a half ago

Decommissioning San Onofre Nuclear Plant May Take Decades

Tracy Reed Re:Our Children's Children's Children Will Save Us (266 comments)

Are you talking about San Onofre here? I live within tens of miles of it. The fuel is currently NOT removed. In fact there are 4 decades worth of spent fuel sitting in pools at the site. And it will remain there indefinitely until we figure out another place to store it OR pull our heads out of our asses and reprocess and recycle this fuel. Letting such a valuable commodity sit there is just silly.

Even though I live nearby the thing I am disappointed they are giving up on it. Looks like we're in for another summer of rolling blackouts in SoCal.

about a year and a half ago

DoD Descends On DEFCAD

Tracy Reed Do what they did with GPG (496 comments)

Compress the file then print it out in easily OCR'able format (QR codes, perhaps), then physically carry it out of the country.

"You can't stop the signal, Mal."

about a year and a half ago

Making Earbuds That Fit (Video)

Tracy Reed Custom ear molds (104 comments)

My job requires me to spend a lot of time with stuff in my ears: Headsets, earbuds for music, bluetooth for phone calls... They would always fall out or not isolate well. Then I found out about custom ear molds. You go to an audiologist (same guy who makes hearing aids) and they put this putty like stuff in your ear which hardens after a couple minutes and takes an impression of the ear canal and area just outside your ear. Then you send that impression off to a place that makes custom ear molds and you tell them what device you are going to be attaching it to.

I highly recommend Avery Sound: http://www.averysound.com/.

I have no financial interest in them, I'm just a very sastisfied customer. I have their custom ear molds on my Etymotic ear buds for music, on my Clarity Aloft aviation headset, and on my Jawbone Prime bluetooth headset. Perfect fit, great isolation, and have never once fallen out of my ear due to the way they lock-in by following every curve of the ear.

My only complaints about them might be that I have accidentally pulled the earmolds off my Etymotic earbuds a few times while listening to music because the low surface area of the part of the earbud that sticks into the earmold doesn't leave much to grab onto. But my Jawbone and Aloft are stuck on there very solidly. The Etymotic earmold is also probably the least well fitting of the three although it still fits very good. It's just that if I swallow hard or chew it breaks the airtight seal with the outside (which is what gives the awesome noise isolation coming in and music isolation going out) which causes a popping noise. A very minor thing, really. But that's how good these things are.

I'll never use standard non-molded earbuds again.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To React To Coworker Who Says My Code Is Bad?

Tracy Reed IS your code bad? (507 comments)

I have noticed that whenever I see people approached with comments about the quality of their code (by myself or others) they often say things like "You just don't understand what this code is supposed to be doing."

That is always a red-flag to me. If your code is good the person should be able to tell what the code is doing.

What are this person's specific objections to your code?

There are no absolutes or hard rules and much is subjective and language dependent but as general rules of thumb:

Does your organization have a style guide? Does your code follow it?

Does your code have comments? I like to see at least one comment per functional block of code (function, loop, branch, new level of indent, whatever, depending on language).

Are the lengths of your function limited to no more than a page of text, preferably half a page?

Do your line lengths not exceed 80 columns?

Do you make some effort at making the code visually nice to look at? Is it formatted so like elements line up for easy comparison of lines? I'm a big fan of lining up = and parens etc. to make the code look orderly. It makes it easy to spot differences or errors. It sounds shallow but I also find that when someone has done this it means they care.

Without seeing a sample of your code to tell you if it IS bad there's no way we can advise you. If all you want is a polite way to tell the little twerp to shut up and mind his own business that won't get you fired I'm afraid I don't have much to offer.

about 2 years ago

Google Brings the Dead Sea Scrolls To the Digital Age

Tracy Reed Re:Are we any smarter than we were 2000 years ago? (202 comments)

God wants peace

God wants war

God wants famine

God wants chain stores

What God wants God gets

God wants sedition

God wants sex

God wants freedom

God wants semtex

What God wants God gets

God help us all

more than 2 years ago

Frankenstein Code Stitches Code Bodies Together To Hide Malware

Tracy Reed ROP & The Halting Problem (111 comments)

This sounds like Return Oriented Programming, used in some exploits to thwart countermeasures. But it is a long way from stitching together code to do trivial things all the way to making code which replicates, has a payload, AND can stitch together code to do all Of this. The Halting Problem makes me wonder if it is even theoretically possible.

more than 2 years ago

Beware the Nocebo Effect

Tracy Reed Homeopathy (239 comments)

> In one remarkable case, a participant in an antidepressant drug trial was given placebo tablets — and then swallowed 26 of them in a suicide attempt.

This reminds me of the James Randi talk on homeopathy: Part of the theory of homeopathy is that the more dilute the solution is the stronger it is. Randi told the hypothetical story of someone who forgot to take his "medicine" thus causing an overdose and DIED.

more than 2 years ago

Who Is Your Favorite Fictional Robot or Android?

Tracy Reed MST3k (608 comments)

No Tom Servo or Crow T Robot? I am disappoint.

more than 2 years ago

12 Ways LibreOffice Writer Tops MS Word

Tracy Reed Re:LaTeX (642 comments)

Amateur programmers discuss syntax. Professional programmers discuss semantics.

Amateur generals discuss tactics. Professional generals discuss logistics.

I bet there are a lot of these...

more than 2 years ago

How To Share a Cake Over the Internet

Tracy Reed Freenet, TOR, etc (123 comments)

I wonder if this algorithm would have useful applications in such networks to make them share precious bandwidth resources efficiently or avoid other kinds of "tragedy of the commons" issues?

more than 2 years ago

New Exoplanet Is Best Yet Candidate For Supporting Life

Tracy Reed Re:22 light years (288 comments)

Unreachable by you, perhaps. Still reachable by plenty. It only needs to be reachable by 1 to take pics of the little green men in the living room and send them back.

more than 2 years ago

Astronomers Planning To Image Milky Way's Central Black Hole

Tracy Reed Event Horizon.... (68 comments)

That movie gave my gf (at the time) nightmares for a week...

I hope this telescope is more successful than the ship of the movie!

about 3 years ago

Inside the Great Firewall of China's Tor Blocking

Tracy Reed Re:And you say Chinese can't innovate (160 comments)

Or they paid some round-eye to implement this for them. They certainly have the resources.

about 3 years ago

Carbonite Privacy Breach Leads To Spam

Tracy Reed Don't provide a "suppression list" of addresses! (134 comments)

Only provide a list of HASHES of email addresses you don't want to send to. And don't store a list of addresses to suppress yourself. Store a list of hashes. It is the only way to guarantee those people will never be emailed again. I've worked with companies who had emailing operations for their customers and on at least two occasions they accidentally emailed the "do not email" list. Had they been only storing hashes this would have been impossible.

more than 3 years ago



Linsuit? Lawspire? Or: When distros end badly

Tracy Reed Tracy Reed writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Tracy Reed writes "Remember Linspire? That quirky distro who thought it was ok to run everything as root? And Michael Robertson, the founder of MP3.com and then founder of Linspire? Whatever happened to those guys? It turns out that Linspire was purchased by Xandros under what some found to be suspicious circumstances and then Michael Robertson was sued by shareholders over the mess and then when a former employee of Linspire's started blogging about it Michael Robertson sued the employee to shut him up, according to the employee who was sued. That's a whole lot of commotion over a failed distro!"
Link to Original Source

MS censors comments on Singularity blog

Tracy Reed Tracy Reed writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Tracy Reed writes "I found out about Singularity via programming.reddit.com a day before it appeared on slashdot. I was the second post on the singularity site. Right after the current first post: "I'm glad Singularity has been released. When I first read about the project a year or so ago, I wondered what would become of it." I said that this isn't open source and that this is why I prefer Free Software and that the confusion of Free as in freedom vs free as in cost is better than the confusion over open source you can't actually do anything with. They have deleted my post. Bastards. The current second post which says "Please do not worry about the "free software" demands. I'm very pleased to see the source of the (hopefully) next windows kernel." was in reply to my post about free software. Sleezy. Just sleezy. And this is why I don't do business with them."

Tracy Reed Tracy Reed writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Tracy Reed writes "According to this article from the BBC, Intel has designed and begun marketing it's own low-cost laptop targeted at education in developing countries. "Chip-maker Intel 'should be ashamed of itself' for efforts to undermine the $100 laptop initiative, according to its founder Nicholas Negroponte.""

Tracy Reed Tracy Reed writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Tracy Reed writes "Intel is helping the Vietnamese Communist party. They are helping them to use Open Source software. Is the Free World now ok with our major corporations helping communists? I am glad they are using open source software but a MySQL database running on a Linux box containing a list of names of people to spy on, oppress, and execute makes me sick. Let's just hope they use it for good and not evil."


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