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Ask Slashdot: Life Beyond the WRT54G Series?

TrancePhreak Re:+1 for this Post (427 comments)

You can configure it offline, but it will always try to go online first... And when you are in online mode, it often errors or disconnects.

about a month ago

Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

TrancePhreak Re:Keyboards (225 comments)

Chrome devices have Flash support built-in, but they do not support Java or Silverlight. If you need Java, Silverlight, or other plug-in support, there are virtualization and remoting options you can use for Chrome devices

about 2 months ago

AT&T Charges $750 For One Minute of International Data Roaming

TrancePhreak Re: 50MB = 750$ (321 comments)

I got around this for a while by using WiFi calling. They were also one of the first to have the shared home towers.

about 3 months ago

$200 For a Bound Textbook That You Can't Keep?

TrancePhreak Re:You'd think that a law publisher would (252 comments)

You'd think that a law publisher would have bothered to research the law.

Not if it's a Slashdot law book! ;)

about 4 months ago

The Upcoming Windows 8.1 Apocalypse

TrancePhreak Re:Abandonware? (293 comments)

Windows 8.0 will still receive updates. Only Windows 8.1 pre-update will not.

about 4 months ago

Valve Sponsors Work To Greatly Speed-Up Linux OpenGL Game Load Times

TrancePhreak Re:Valve competing with Microsoft (202 comments)

Nobody really uses OpenGL on consoles. They use lower-level APIs that are much better suited and faster. DirectX on the XBox is also very different from the desktop version.

about 4 months ago

Report: 99 Percent of New Mobile Threats Target Android

TrancePhreak Re:Market Share (269 comments)

Completely agree. I came to the same conclusion after thinking about it some more. There is one caveat tho, a very small amount of extra trust is gained in that you originally installed the new store via the Google Play store.

about 4 months ago

The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For the Future

TrancePhreak Re:A possum playing possum (270 comments)

Then why are they really trying to block other smartphones from being sold? What you mention is only part of the puzzle. They don't want to make phones everyone wants, but they want to be the only ones people can buy at the same time. They're not mutually exclusive things.

about 5 months ago

The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For the Future

TrancePhreak Re:A possum playing possum (270 comments)

No matter how powerful Apple becomes, they have not shown an interest in parlaying that power into becoming a market monopolizer.

I think their lawsuits show that this is not the case.

about 5 months ago

Google Chrome Flaw Sets Your PC's Mic Live

TrancePhreak Re:Kinect also listening? (152 comments)

As far as I could tell, the browser gets no data from the Kinect other than for navigation.

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Linux For Grandma?

TrancePhreak Re:Do you really need to change to Linux? (287 comments)

something like 70% of Windows 7 malware also runs on XP

You use that word... I don't think it means what you think it means. Also, the big fat goto fail fiasco shows you how much less secure OSX is than everyone thought. Just because it's based on something doesn't mean it hasn't been tainted by those that change it.

about 6 months ago

Google Won't Enable Chrome Video Acceleration Because of Linux GPU Bugs

TrancePhreak Re:Linux drivers are fine (295 comments)

You mean like this?

I've used FF/Chrome side by side on Linux... you FF people are fooling yourselves. It is by far the clunkiest, slowest, least responsive browser out of the big 3.

about 6 months ago

"Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

TrancePhreak Re:Change (742 comments)

Like the other poster, I coded heavily for hours on end with no such issues you mentioned. Sounds like some serious PEBKAC. I remember installing Red Hat 5 and having to reinstall often because I had screwed up a driver trying to get it to work. Linux sound systems are still a big clusterfuck even today.

about 7 months ago

"Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

TrancePhreak Re:Change (742 comments)

Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint were all really good products in the 90s. IE was even a top product for a period of time.

about 7 months ago

Satya Nadella Named Microsoft CEO

TrancePhreak Re:Doomed (293 comments)

if Apple locks you out of something, its for your own good

Such bias, so kool-aid, very rose colored glasses

about 7 months ago

Microsoft Paying for Positive Xbox One Coverage on YouTube

TrancePhreak Re:Standard operating procedure for Microsoft. (128 comments)

Better than the fake encryption Sony uses on your CC details. People are oblivious to what gaming "reviews" have been for the past decade.

about 8 months ago

Standardized Laptop Charger Approved By IEC

TrancePhreak nothx.jpg (289 comments)

Apple's magsafe always falls out for me. If they are the pinnacle of design then that tech is not worth it.

about 9 months ago


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