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Amazon, Google Cave To Apple, Drop In-App Buttons

TrekCycling Why is iPhone so valuable? Apps or platform? (307 comments)

Apple is pushing people in so many directions that someday soon they will find out the answer to this question. Do the apps being on iPhone give Apple power or does Apple owning the iPhone give them power over the apps? In the early days of the iPhone it struggled as simply an iPod with a ton of bugs and lacking features other smartphones had. The creativity of app developers started to create value on the iPhone. Apple's walled garden, on the other hand, has provided app developers a safe place where they are guaranteed to make money on the customers who sign up. But something has to give. I hope it's that Microsoft or Google catch up enough that their offerings become more enticing. Every day Apple becomes more and more demanding of controlling revenue streams is a day they dig their future grave.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Cuts Vista Price In 70 Countries

TrekCycling Re:This is aimed at power users... (257 comments)

I think there is something else going on with that demographic you mentioned earlier that's also germane. If that power user demographic played games they're not gaming as often on a PC. Their kid is playing a DS (tons of those have been sold), they're playing a 360 or a Wii. That demographic (I say that because my friends and I are in it) are largely buying cheap computers and running Ubuntu and then using the money we might have spent on Vista and a new graphics card on a new video game system.

In fact, you could make a pretty solid argument that Microsoft's success with the XBox has severely undercut the PC market. Take out a large chunk of gamers who are no longer upgrading their PCs to play the latest game and you're left with a few enthusiasts and everyone else is running a computer that's "just good enough". Vista is completely unnecessary. Oh, and they did a good job with XP, honestly. Good enough that most people seemingly see no reason to switch. Even if it's given to them.

more than 6 years ago


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