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Under The Surface Of The BSA Anti-Piracy Campaign

Tricolor Paulista Re:Is this how you want it to happen? (292 comments)

  1. At least more people will try it....

That's exactly the point!

Although being scared into OpenSource or FreeSoftware is not the best of worlds, it isn't a better or worse way of trying it! It's simply another chance we are given to demonstrate its model works.

If people will stay with it, probably they'll do so based in the experience they get, not because of external threats. If they leave it, it'll be because of its flaws, not of its cost.

Yes, I know nowadays everybody wants to cut their expenditure, but to businesses things are quite simpler: either the software works, even if in a fashion, or it doesn't. No reduced price tag can compensate failure to deliver the goods, IMHO.

more than 13 years ago


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