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Apple Posts $18B Quarterly Profit, the Highest By Any Company, Ever

TrollstonButterbeans It is hard to know what to think (33 comments)

Apple arguably makes the best phones and when using Android phones you notice little things here and there that aren't quite a nice, but these are rather rare and mostly insignificant.

It feels strange that Apple is making such a profit with a rather smallish that may be 12% of the market and no particularly eye-popping new products since the Steve Jobs era, just a series of well-engineered refinements.

Then again, certain shoe and apparel companies do this and have done this for decades. Seems odd to see this in technology sector that historically has been very market-share, volume and dominance oriented. However historically, this was the method employed since the early days of Apple (premium pricing).

46 minutes ago

EFF Unveils Plan For Ending Mass Surveillance

TrollstonButterbeans Good Luck! You'll Need It! (259 comments)

Good Luck! You'll Need It!

And what I mean by this --- the average Joe likes to post all his stuff on Facebook. He knows his communications aren't private and he doesn't care.

You aren't going to make him care either.

And is this a worthy cause? Cheap/free services depend on a revenue stream from something and exploiting the user ("You are the product") is not a horrible trade-off for the wide availability of cheap/free services.

How is a company going to support end-to-end encryption for free and still make money selling your information and metadata to third parties?

Keep in mind that means Google too. Or are you going to come up with a plan for Google to not be able to read your emails? Because if Google can read your emails, the government can.


Davos 2015: Less Innovation, More Regulation, More Unrest. Run Away!

TrollstonButterbeans Big Myth #1 (320 comments)

The rich and powerful run the world. They don't. They react to the world just like everyone else. These guys all have to react to the free market to keep their money. They aren't in the driver's seats and they never were.

And they do not even control their own assets, those are managed by other people. And when they go to enact their ideas it often ends up like Virgin Galactic.

Davos is a solipsist beauty show.

I'm not introducing a class-warfare argument, I'm dismissing the idea of class entirely as a component of change.

Smart phones, YouTube, Amber Alerts, standardized tests, vaccines, real-time communications, drunk driving laws, civil rights (or whatever your random list of important things in the last 50 years) --- name one that came from a wealthy pompous guy? Maybe some BECAME wealthy pompous guys as a RESULT, but they were not wealthy pompous guys at the time.


How Do We Know the Timeline of the Universe?

TrollstonButterbeans We Really Don't (151 comments)

"The history of the Universe happened in a well-known order: inflation ends, matter wins out over antimatter, the electroweak symmetry breaks, antimatter annihilates away, atomic nuclei form, then neutral atoms, stars, galaxies"

This is the comic book version of what happened.

We do not know that it happened in that manner. This is the popular version of what our current guesswork is and no more.

It should not be taken as "canon" or "real" any more than 2001 The Space Odyssey intro with apes inventing the use of bones as tools.

Because "science" --- the one with hypothesis, testing, reproduction of results is different than the speculation one --- which is very often quite wrong. If you want a recent example, there were many theories about the surface of Titan before we landed a probe there. They were quite wrong. So were a great many of the prevaling theories about Mars before we send probes there.

Early Universe ideas? Not fact. Not "well-known". Guesses.

Humans have made bad models from guesswork fit perfectly in the past, there were very orderly models of the geocentric model of the universe that accounted for the movement of Venus and Jupiter, etc quite well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G...

2 days ago

Doomsday Clock Moved Two Minutes Forward, To 23:57

TrollstonButterbeans ^^Winner (215 comments)

The risk of nuclear war was very real during the Cold war. Today, those countries are trading partners and run in a far more responsive manner, Russia is a democracy.

The idea of the Doomsday clock being closer than the cold war is silly.

Take the clock, put it in the trash. Disband the committee. Perhaps the symbol helped awareness during the Cold war but this is just a joke now.

3 days ago

Google Plans Major Play In Wireless Partnering With Sprint and T-Mobile

TrollstonButterbeans Who What Where When Why (101 comments)

Those are the 5 questions any article is supposed to answer.

And it does not say why?

about a week ago

Tracking Down How Many (Or How Few) People Actively Use Google+

TrollstonButterbeans Google Plus Defined Itself As a Hazard (209 comments)

Google Plus started life as a hazard.

The thing shoved in your face that might volunteer your private information on YouTube or elsewhere should you click the wrong button.

Or the unwanted question when using Gmail.

After negative momentum, no one listens.

about a week ago

What Will Google Glass 2.0 Need To Actually Succeed?

TrollstonButterbeans Nothing Say Killjoy Like Obvivious Face Camera Guy (324 comments)

And then you have questions about obvious face camera guy:
1) Is he a dork that likes those kind of things?
2) Is he insurgent disruptive attention whore that likes the problems caused by his presence?
3) Is he an idiot that "Thinks Differently" in way you do not particularly care for?

The product is socially flawed to begin with, and ahead of its time like the idea of touchscreens in the 1990s.

The technology is not here yet to do this conspicuously. Give it 15 years and then it will be done right.

about a week ago

Silverlight Exploits Up, Java Exploits Down, Says Cisco

TrollstonButterbeans Re:Silverlight isn't long for this world (55 comments)

Chrome does as of November as someone else pointed out, so problem solved. IE11 (gross) supported it only on Windows 8. Firefox appears to not support it.

about a week ago

Silverlight Exploits Up, Java Exploits Down, Says Cisco

TrollstonButterbeans That is not bad (55 comments)

If a product requires a CD, the CD is almost sure to be crap.

Bad = Helping someone setup their Linksys router and discovering that since Belkin bought them (Belkin is remarkably inept, I think only 2 of their products ever worked for me and one of those was a cord!), the router setup web page ( actually requires a very recent browser -- which precludes configuration using a mobile phone or iPad for no good reason --- and provides no way to NOT require a username and password to use the wireless.

And to use the router setup page at you must install the CD! Hello incompetence! How does that work for Linux? Belkin is the worst.

Corporations have special skills to sabotage their own products.

about a week ago

Silverlight Exploits Up, Java Exploits Down, Says Cisco

TrollstonButterbeans Silverlight isn't long for this world (55 comments)

If Windows 7 supported HTML5 video for Netflix, Silverlight would be retired.

about a week ago

A State-By-State Guide To Restrictive Community Broadband Laws

TrollstonButterbeans Sure (160 comments)

That is a gray area of sorts.

If I were to identify something I am not happy with, it is the government approving all these mergers so we are in a situation with few providers.

The government got "us" into this situation by bad practices, I don't see more bad ideas getting us out of the situation --- it is passing the buck.

But I did misinterpret what you were advocating.

about a week ago

A State-By-State Guide To Restrictive Community Broadband Laws

TrollstonButterbeans Suckage Waiting To Happen (160 comments)

What if state or municipalities built their own cell phone network in the 1990s or in 2005? Wouldn't it be crap today?

And we are talking about wired internet here mostly, is that how it works in the future? I don't think so.

Wireless is the future, the same way that phones, while not replacing the desktop entirely, are your computer "on the road" and for a fair percentage of people their only "computer".

And wouldn't municipality internet be a patchwork quilt with varying degrees of quality, just like the patchwork quilt of laws that are in the way and blocking this idea?

I do not see this working out. There may and will be a few bright spots, but those will be the exceptions.

This is a "the grass is greener" wish because companies like Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner are terrible -- but it does not mean municipalities would be any good at it whatsoever.

about a week ago

Iran Forced To Cancel Its Space Program

TrollstonButterbeans Want Is An Active Thing, Want Vs Wish (141 comments)

People say they want X, Y or Z. But it isn't what people "say they want" (you can say anything) but are they pursuing it?

It is how you spend your time and what you pursue. If you have a stated goal and aren't pursuing it it isn't a "want", it is a "wish".

People that want something often end up getting it. The metric of whether someone wants something is if they are doing something about it.

Most people "wish" for things and sit on the sidelines.

about a week ago

New Collaborative Project Wants to Systematize Complex Problem Solving Online

TrollstonButterbeans Terrible Design, Doomed To Fail ... (42 comments)

Site requires a log-in, is difficult to navigate, doesn't look very fun or interesting.

And has a "Copyright blah blah Consulting" remarkably visible on the page without scrolling, reminding you that unlike Wikipedia which is a non-profit, that you are contributing to someone's interest and ownership. Nothing wrong with that, but is marketing and perception fail immediately --- tone deaf.

Regardless of the supposed license, unless you can download the database then the license is irrelevant --- and it has some nice -- "Yeah CC 4.0 for user contributed stuff" whatever that means ---and you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Crowd sourcing projects that succeed tend to be sincere in want to promote a common good (which may happen to be very profitable privately --- take Wikia which is the flip side of Wikipedia).

about two weeks ago


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