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Games: Sony Confirms PSPGo Gone; New Consoles Expected 2014

Turiko Re:play together (116 comments)

There's no MMO's on consoles afaik, with the exception of final fantasy (which is turn-based..). Quickly switching between 10 or more skills isn't very easy when you don't even have that many buttons.

more than 3 years ago

Linux 2.6.38 Released

Turiko Re:Switched back to Windows 7 (159 comments)

I've had the opposite happen quite often with older pc's - drivers for windows xp that should work are buggy, no drivers for 7. Put on ubuntu, it works :).

more than 3 years ago

Book Piracy — Less DRM, More Data

Turiko Re:Here's my contribution (304 comments)

Thanks for that. Though very short, it was interesting. :)

more than 3 years ago

Review: Halo: Reach

Turiko Re:Halo is About Multi-Player (191 comments)

If you want to play a game 25 years from now, you should buy it on an open system. Unless the xbox360 completely gets cracked and emulated in that time, only pc games will still work, if popular enough.

about 4 years ago

Belgian ISP Claims One Customer Downloads 2.7TB

Turiko Re:so what? (276 comments)

Actually, this ISP isn't looking for a way to put back draconian limits - the limits were only removed last february IIRC. Before that , i believe it was 80 GB per month. They're using this to show off their service :P

more than 4 years ago

Belgian ISP Claims One Customer Downloads 2.7TB

Turiko Re:Well... (276 comments)

Actually, the bandwidth counted by the ISP's here in belgium add download and upload, and that's what they show as your volume. That way, it's a bit easier to reach crazy amounts... perhaps he's seeding a few hundred torrents? :P

more than 4 years ago

The Awful Anti-Pirate System That Will Probably Work

Turiko Re:Sweet spot (1027 comments)

Xfire works too. It has out-fo-game server browsing, but ingame this isn't really needed. It has community features and can also look after your game updates for you. Except that it isn't DRM, it's just a tool to give some new features.

more than 4 years ago

Game Industry Vets On DRM

Turiko Re:Crack when there is no DRM? (372 comments)

Maybe this is only for a select number of games and i have been unlucky, but i have about 20 or so games that i ripped, mounted, installed and then couldn't launch it without the actual cd in.

more than 4 years ago

Interview With the Founder of a Video Game Rehab Clinic

Turiko Re:How I beat my own addiction (59 comments)

See, you're one of the people that are playing games for the wrong reason. I play games to have fun, you play games to escape from reality. You're likely way better of reading books or watching movies.

more than 4 years ago

Genre Wars — the Downside of the RPG Takeover

Turiko Re:WTF? (248 comments)

okay, i'll look back at what games were awesome the past years.

I have played, in the past 5 years: unreal tournament 2004, unreal tournament 3, overlord, doom 3, SPORE, warhammer 40k - dawn of war 2, gears of war, team fortress 2, blacksite: area 51, frontlines: fuel of war, fallout 3, prototype, oblivion, COD4, EVE online and a bunch of MMORPG's.

i put this list together with my xfire profile. What games were good in the last 6 or so years that i played? I went out and bought most of the good games. Some were simply crap (spore), others were weak and unfinished (fallout 3). In the end, only very few games are actually worth a damn.

Compared to about 8-9 years ago, every game i bought was fun. Quake 3, mechwarrior, emperor: battle for dune, ......

I honestly can't find a game older then 6-7 years that isn't still fun, and wasn't good for the time it as released. I never sold any games yet either, so it's not like i'm subjectively filtering stuff out.

I think nostalgia is unimportant here. The big companies now want to cater to the mass. The mass has a poor taste, because there's so many people (duh). So it's impossible to make a game everyone likes, yet so many companies try. Even good developers like blizzard have mostly stopped developing good games. Sure, starcraft 2 and diablo 3 are in development, but how long have they been and how long will they will?
In the meantime, they recently started talking about a new expansion, and oh look, it's almost here already. Which of the games has priority then? The cash cow.

There just ARE less good games out there then there used to be. That's because gaming is mainstream, and "easier to develop for" (with profit). So, companies that shouldn't make games, and they fail. Look at flagship studios for an example, they developed hellgate: london.

more than 4 years ago

Modern Warfare 2 Surpasses $1 Billion Mark; Dedicated Servers What?

Turiko Re:Stop pretending your platform is superior. (258 comments)

Actually, PC gaming is superior for as long as the xbox/ps3 system isn't put onto it. If you play a decent COD4 server, you'll find that any hackers, cheaters, etc. will be handled with very fast.

Compare that to MW2, and because of the system (which is broken by design on any open gaming system), the game is a lot less enjoyable.

Also, i don't know where you read it, but i haven't seen anyone blaming the game for these issues - only IW and their server system. I also saw a few people saying MW2 hardly adds onto COD4, but still, that has nothing to do with the PC gaming experience.

more than 4 years ago

France Tells Its Citizens To Abandon IE, Others Disagree

Turiko Re:Locks and burglars (406 comments)

I think a burglar wouldn't be able to do a whole lot if he blows up explosives or fires a shotgun. Usually, they DON'T want to be noticed ;).

more than 4 years ago

Wii Hardware Upgrade Won't Happen Soon

Turiko Re:Tapped out, eh? (325 comments)

metacritic allows people to vote if they want to - in the end, only fanboys or assholes end up doing so. It's hardly a fair rating system.

more than 4 years ago

Are Complex Games Doomed To Have Buggy Releases?

Turiko Re:Mass (D)Effect (362 comments)

This is still the same. I'll take my machine for an example: it runs fine with any new game, crysis on maximum, and does benchmarks well. When playing mass effect i regularly had crashes, and fallout 3 was unplayable due to random crashes without error, straight to desktop.

Since this one computer has and still is used to play a lot of other and sometimes more intensive games, i wouldn't like the developer to point at my hardware as the fault. That's just them covering their asses.

mass effect had its issues resolved after a few patches, but fallout 3 is still the same. As a developer you need to look at issues, even if you think they're hardware-specific.

more than 4 years ago

Malware Found Hidden In Screensaver On Gnome-Look

Turiko Re:Not more safe (611 comments)

You're forgetting one major thing. As a linux user, all you need to do to install software is open your OS' packet manager. You don't need to download anything on any site, wich completely wipes away the source of malware. Together with firefox and noscript, there isn't ANY malware that can get on your computer.

Sure, it relies on the user not downloading any programs from the internet. But since they can diwbload whatever program they want without searching for it, this will make them more likely to go there rather then some malicious site.

If windows has such a packet manager, it'd be about as safe as linux. Of cource, linux has other features that helps fend off malware, but if none can get on it doesn't matter.

more than 4 years ago

Saboteur Launch Plagued By Problems With ATI Cards

Turiko Re:This is where consoles win (230 comments)

Look at games about five years ago: the games are well-made (mostly) and if there are expansion packs, it's actually more content.

Now look at more modern games, fallout 3 being a prime example. You oay €60 for about 6 hours of gameplay, and then you need to buy extra packs to get what the game was supposed to be.

Basically, every game's idea is just broken into parts before you even buy it. THAT has only started since the xbox marketplace and its alternatives became popular.

more than 4 years ago

Saboteur Launch Plagued By Problems With ATI Cards

Turiko Re:This is where consoles win (230 comments)

DLC's came from PC's, but they used to be in fact expansions. Now games are thought up, developed, and then things are taken off and sold later as DLC. That idea originates from the console market.

more than 4 years ago

Japan Eyes Solar Station In Space

Turiko Re:Good luck with that... (247 comments)

Actually, putting everything in space IS a good idea, if implemented in a large enough scale. Sooner or later, you will have bought so many double panels that it'd be cheaper to put half of them into space. As to space debris and things; they might be expensive to overcome, but how much is land worth? If you need to do it on a large scale, you'll end up using at least the size of a city.

more than 4 years ago

Malware Can Download Child Porn To Your Computer

Turiko new? (586 comments)

how is this anything new? A completely unprotected system can be infected and then do whatever any other computer can.

more than 4 years ago

John Carmack Says No Dedicated Servers For Rage

Turiko mistake (162 comments)

I'm really not sure about this. Carmack has done a lot of great things, but i still think this is a very big mistake. Unless the game has nothing to form communities around (no deathmatch, capture the flag, anything), anyone who buys this game essentially gets no multiplayer. The pings will be way up, with loads of cheaters and hackers on. After all, it's easy to hack your local files and then click "host".

more than 4 years ago


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