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Libraries Asked To Destroy Reports, Databases

Tyler-Durden255 Re:The Constitution is not a suicide pact! (675 comments)

As far as these matrerials being "on loan" it is my understanding that surveys produced with public money by a government agency are not copyrightable (or not supposed to be) and that the information contained therein is public domain.

By asking libraries to destroy these materals the agency asking for destruction is asserting there athority over the librarian and library (that they might not actually have) and attempting to withdraw some information from the public domain. That is they are taking something away from us that they had forced us to pay for already.

As far as "too much information" allowing terrorists to know where the U.S.S Cole is docked, that's jsut laughable. It's a fucking big ship! how the fuck are you going to hide it? put everyone under house arrest and higher snbipers to take out anyone near a port who is not authorized to work there that day?

more than 13 years ago


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