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ACM Blames the PC For Driving Women Away From Computer Science

Tyr07 Equal opportunity doesn't mean equal result. (329 comments)

Equal opportunity doesn't mean equal result.

You may have the same options as anyone else, you may not get the same results. Upbringing, interests, what you do in your spare time, how your particular mind works, and what's important to you.

Working with computers doesn't put you at the height of the social food chain. I find that many women are very concerned with this. Its been my experience.
Not all the women I've seen / met / know are like this, but statistically in my life they are worried about it.

Don't blame men because some women wants to take a selfie instead of take an info tech job and interests.
You know why they have that geek image for men in the IT field? Because they're focused on what they love vs being super socially popular and having a fantastic image for everyone to be jealous about, and they don't care to show that.
Some men, anyway, not all.

But you get my point. And you know what else? It's changing. More and more, women are figuring out they really can be interested in these things and let their life passion be in that field.

It's not all our fault these days though.

about a week ago

TechCentral Scams Call Center Scammers

Tyr07 Priceless, me too. (249 comments)

I've had them call my parents before and sadly my mother let them on. My parents of course, had me setup my own remote connection to the PC long before so that I can help with technical problems easily. So the scammer happened to actively be on the computer system still, as I was called after the call ended with the scammer, as they were trying to get money from my parents, which most definitely not about to occur. Anyway, I connected in and naturally the scammer didn't disconnect. We exchanged a few words of bravado while he tried to tell me he had more control of the system than I did. As to which I ensured I got the last word in before dropping his ass into oblivion, because, yeah, no. I think not. His shitty little service were one of those if you move the mouse he loses control, and my remote program didn't have that functionality. I assure you fun ensued prior to me disconnecting him. Wish these folks were local, I'd like to do bad things to them.

about a week ago

Fighting the Flu May Hurt Those Around You

Tyr07 A lot of things we do hurt the people around us (351 comments)

Okay, fighting the flu may spread it. So does taking public transportation and being around people in general. Also whenever I buy gas I increase the demand for it assisting in rising costs for others Same thing when I purchase groceries too, what about those poor families? I should buy less groceries so prices may go down a bit. My gas and electric bills have the same effect. When I heat my house it increases a demand for these utilities which means my neighbors Will potentially have to pay more as well due to increase in demand. If it's not dramatically affecting people, I'm going to do things to help me survive, and other people will be affected, just as they affect me

about 7 months ago

US Federal Judge Rules Suspicionless Border Searches of Laptops Constitutional

Tyr07 Solution (462 comments)

Step 1 - Bitlocker etc. Encrypt your drive. They will not spend the resources decrypting it, and cannot force you to give up passwords to things without a court order. Step 2 - Pay for a server located in a country that you trust (as much as possible anyway) and sync or store files there. Accessing things you need when you need them instead of always carrying them around. If step 2 is an issue for you due to wanting access to content while without internet, see step 1. Now if you are actually doing something terrible and have incriminating files on your computer, if they really want them, encryption won't do it. But depending what it is I believe these people should be caught. However encrypting your drive and putting on a password will be enough to stave off random searches for no reason of normal crap Like family photos etc, it won't be enough for them to put in the resources to get access to it..

about 8 months ago

Omate TrueSmart Watch Stands Alone — No Phone Required

Tyr07 Re:You summed up why smart watches are dumb (167 comments)

I summed up why I would want one. I personally don't want and or need a smart phone.

Maybe for you, you shouldn't get a stand alone one if you were going to get two data plans, and just one phone with a smart watch addon
Or not get one at all, since I don't think it works for you. You probably need to check your facebook every five minutes to make sure everyone
still thinks you're cool.

. I also said for those who did need a smart phone, the screen on your wrist could be handy to see if you even want to answer a call etc, without pulling
out your phone. The rest of us who only need to really use it for communication and display light information it's great.

1 year,6 days

Could a Grace Hopper Get Hired In Today's Silicon Valley?

Tyr07 Right..balance and all (608 comments)

So...we're all focused on the power jobs. The money makers, the prestige. Everyone pretends it's about fairness and equality.

It's, it's really not. It's just finding more ways personally to gain an advantage by your gender. Regardless of what side of the fence you're on.

When's the last time a fem group went after a construction company and demanded more female pipe layers? More female ditch diggers?
More females in hard labor? Or Sewage jobs? Garbage disposal? Security guards? Street Cleaners? Truck Drivers? Roofers? Welders?

This has absolutely nothing to do with equality. It's just a regular human (Notice that the word human encompasses humans, regardless of gender?) power grab and using any means shamelessly.
The worst part for me is that even though I know exactly what this is, I can't be against it, because there still is women with high potential or proven skills that have been ignored.

So although I believe the stated motives are crap, in the end I do think it addresses some problems for equality as a side effect.

Gentlemen, please do your best to not discriminate, so we can stop having special interest groups (Encompassing groups beyond feminists) muck around for
power grabs unfairly and oppressing people not part of that special interest group in the name of equality. it shames human kind to let it continue.

1 year,7 days

Omate TrueSmart Watch Stands Alone — No Phone Required

Tyr07 Re:Glass and Smart Watches (167 comments)

I don't need a giant screen for simple text messages. If it's a large conversation worth that would be very difficult to type on one single small screen, I'd just call the person. I don't intend to write an email from it.

Yes, I was imaging using a blue tooth device paired to it. I did think this through, you may not have.
Ever use a speaker phone before? If it's an important quick call, it can be handy, ideally not used in areas where having a conversation
on the phone where 3rd parties can hear the conversation is an issue. Say you're just out walking and buddy calls you. You can
just pick it up, have a quick chat, where are you, oh, I'm here walking over to X store or whatever. Alright, meet you there.

Personally I'd rather hold my arm up like looking at the time for a few seconds than a phone to my ear.
Obviously for more private conversations you'd want to use your blue tooth device and be somewhere you're not disturbing people.
Plus I think it would be quite convenient for reading quick text messages.

What's also nice is that you can pair it with a phone if you need a bigger device for extended text messaging and other features.
The real boon is having a display on your arm that is easy to look at, instead of digging your phone out to see who is calling or texting.

My personal experience with my phone in my pocket or a case is it falling out, into water, or just on concrete. Getting scratched and damaged
Or just pressure from being in pockets damaging the touch screen etc.

Honestly until I saw this, my next phone was going to be as old styled as possible, hopefully no touch screen etc.
My current phone is touch screen and it's going, but it doesn't do smart phone stuff, doesn't run android etc
Means I don't facebook or do data from it, I charge it once every week or two weeks, I text and phone from it, and it works good.

So maybe not for everyone, but for me, a functional stand alone watch phone would be great.

1 year,7 days

Omate TrueSmart Watch Stands Alone — No Phone Required

Tyr07 Glass and Smart Watches (167 comments)

I've wanted something like this since I was a kid. Something incredibly useful, portable, does many functions, even phone calls, from a watch? Hell yeah I'll buy one. Someone mentioned heat and games. I don't want to play games on it. I want to text, make phone calls, maybe pictures / video, and get information on it. Like news or directions. It shouldn't heat up too much with that barring the video. Technology has been useful, and it has been convenient for the task it's replacing/performing. However it is rarely convenient to carry with you all the time. Priceless.

1 year,7 days

The Greatest Keyboard Shortcut Ever

Tyr07 Ignore other commenters, this was very useful (506 comments)

I didn't know about this! I've been the IT career for most of my career life!

I tried it today and it blew my mind! I first went around showing all my co-workers this. They were super amazed and thought I was extra smart!
They told my manager how incredibly smart I am and I gained +1 to salary! Thank you Slashdot!

Now all the cute blondes at work worship me to! Knowing this has made me more attractive and successful, and gets me laid!

Please post more articles like this, a few more and I will be the CEO of a major corporation by being the super office hero guy.

1 year,8 days

My ISP...

Tyr07 Re:Missing option (290 comments)

Actually you're speaking of the response time. AKA ping. That's how fast you can get the water through. Bandwidth, is how MUCH water you can get through in the same amount of time. You request a single bit of data. It takes maybe 50 MS to get to you. You request 1000 bits of data, if your connection has enough bandwidth, it sends all 1000 bits in 50 MS. Ping / Response time - How fast the water / river is moving. Bandwidth - How wide the river is / how much water is moving that fast.

1 year,9 days

Ask Slashdot: How To Diagnose Traffic Throttling and Work Around It?

Tyr07 Re:NSA (251 comments)

Okay. NYC was purely an arbitary example. I do not know where the NSA would route connections, should they decide or are able to route connections. It's entirely possible that it could be in space, and that was sub-optimal as you were not trying to communicate with a server located in space. And I didn't say all VPN's. I said, traffic from an IP address. It's possible that he is actually being targeted. Maybe they don't really care, and are just looking because someone used that IP previously or who knows. Also lots of thinks are technically possible. Viruses, botnets etc, can do a lot.

1 year,9 days

Comcast Allegedly Confirms That Prenda Planted Porn Torrents

Tyr07 Re:Doesn't work that way (175 comments)

This is guess work though. There are content that is sent out freely. Such as porn - There is plenty of free porn on the internet, from different providers of porn. Some videos are restricted to their site only, others are released for promotional reasons. There is no way for the average citizen to know if these are content that is permitted to be hosted by anyone (Often including a banner for that site)) or if you're watching it without permission / authorization. Therefore porn being uploaded doesn't automatically come with the gumption that it's illegal and you have a decent understanding that these particular files are copyrighted and not authorized to be distributed. If you're about to say 'Well, you may be allowed to watch, but not distribute' - You made an error when using a peer protocol which sole purpose is to have multiple peers distribute content, which you should of been well aware that the method this distribution platform uses relies on other users distributing pieces as they download it actively. \

1 year,9 days

Ask Slashdot: How To Diagnose Traffic Throttling and Work Around It?

Tyr07 Re:NSA (251 comments)

Actually that's not entirely true. You're basing it on an entirely technical stand point of 'If I have control over this device, do I need it to slow down the internet as a side effect of me capturing their packets' The answer is no. The issue is when a targets traffic is not routed through the most ideal pathway and through devices you do not control to capture packets. Or the device itself does not have the ability to do it. An example would be a major node where a ton of traffic goes through, it may not be practical for routing reasons for it to sift and record a specific IP's traffic, or all etc. What you might be able to do, is route that specific IP's traffic somewhere else, which then records the packet and forwards it onto it's destination. Man in the middle attack. The problem you run into is that your network path is no longer optimal, which leaves you getting latency issues. Although not directly due to the recording of the packets, but due to the altered pathway to direct your traffic. If a recording server is in new york, and you live in california, and connect to a california service, you may notice a delay if it gets routed to new york first.

1 year,9 days

Comcast Allegedly Confirms That Prenda Planted Porn Torrents

Tyr07 Re:Doesn't work that way (175 comments)

I don't think your analogy is quite right for the gas fire one.

By uploading the actual bit torrent file, that is your permission file. People are unable to download the torrent without that torrent file.
So when you uploaded that file linking it your files, you permitted the connection to download files.

Given the nature of the torrent protocol, you cannot say that I used bittorrent for the purpose of a direct download to users who
directly connected to me only without understanding that during the process due to the nature of bittorrent that
other users would also receive parts of that file from other users.

1 year,13 days

New Zealand Court Orders Facebook Disclosure To Employer

Tyr07 Re:Its obvious (243 comments)

Well, you ought to read the article.

Gina Kensington was sacked by Air New Zealand earlier this year following a dispute over sick leave she took to care for her sister.

Factual statements we have is that they disputed her sick leave. She was let go. She disputed the firing.

What I said is just a likely scenario as to what may have triggered the dispute. It's entirely possible they just said we're not going to take your word for it, you need to provide us with proof that you were caring for your sick sister and she may not have.

The decision to fire her may not have come from someone simply saying she went on vacation.
It's entirely possible that they only doubted her word and asked for proof after someone said something. Then when she failed to provide
proof is when they let her go.

1 year,13 days

Comcast Allegedly Confirms That Prenda Planted Porn Torrents

Tyr07 Re:Doesn't work that way (175 comments)

Actually no I go to another country to purchase the same item licensed in Canada for more money which is cheaper in the US. The laws we are required to follow, even if the object is only licensed in the US is that we have to pay taxes on purchases depending on our stay.

The laws you're speaking off are for resale purposes, importing for the sake of selling.
You may not be licensed to distribute that product in another country However you may purchase personal possessions in other countries and bring them home.
This is why there is such a huge issue over hardware and license rights, people telling you how you can use the product you purchased.

Licenses for software correspond to the laws of the country of origin and the laws the respected citizens must follow. E.G If you're a US citizen, and your product is licensed in the US, you may purchase it and use it in other countries. The purchase is considered to be done in the US following US laws and taxes given that you're a US citizen.

While visiting the US you're also allowed to purchase software not as a US citizen and make use of the software outside of the country. The sale still happened in the US and governed by US laws.

If you live in the UK or other countries, in order to purchase software you often need a US address with credit card or it has to be set for international follow the rules correctly.

1 year,13 days

Comcast Allegedly Confirms That Prenda Planted Porn Torrents

Tyr07 Re:Doesn't work that way (175 comments)

The issue is that there are legit files torrented. PB has been host to them, as the promo bay and so fourth. So since the only distinction between illegally downloading and distributed copyrighted content without authorization is when people without authorization upload the content, then other people download the content and continue to distribute it.

So if an authorized person uploaded content to other users, those users didn't do anything wrong. You can't actively upload files to people and then turn around, sue them saying you're not allowed. If they permitted that then it's not a crime, it's a new business model, and I'll get right on suing you for reading this content without approval or authorization even though I posted it online to slash dot you're not authorized to view it.

Make sense when I put it that way?

1 year,13 days

Comcast Allegedly Confirms That Prenda Planted Porn Torrents

Tyr07 Re:Doesn't work that way (175 comments)

You may not understand how a torrent works.

In order to "upload the files" there is no passively seeing who downloads them.
Downloading a .torrent file itself isn't illegal.

The torrent file links you to someone who has the files in question, and that person actively uploads them to you.

So what has happened is the copyright holder posted a link to their files on one of their computers, and actively uploaded the files to several users, who in turn uploaded them to more users.

Prenda directly uploaded their copyrighted material to users who requested it. This is not a passive function.
This would be the same if you walked into a store, and the owner pulled a book off the shelf, walked out side and handed it to a stranger.
Said nothing, and walked back inside. Then phoned the police and said you didn't have permission to have that book from their store.

Prenda, should they have done this, circumvented all password and user functions to protect their content, and uploaded it freely to those who requested it.
It would be like if you fell on a webpage looking for content, and it started playing in the video box, then they sued you for not signing in / paying for their content.

1 year,13 days

New Zealand Court Orders Facebook Disclosure To Employer

Tyr07 Re:Its obvious (243 comments)

You've clearly never had a problem at work or been caught for something you said etc,and asked, 'Who told you that?'

They won't tell you. It's common practice to protect people so they're not discouraged from mentioning anything.
On top of that, who is someone vs the company? The company isn't a life form. (Metaphorically maybe) but that means
someone in that office, said I think you're doing this. You're fired.

She claims she wasn't. So they said prove it. Back to my previous winning statement?

1 year,14 days



Is it time to redefine all gender based rolls?

Tyr07 Tyr07 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Tyr07 (2300912) writes "Transgender women are now permitted to run in the miss universe pagent, being hailed as a victory against discrimination. Does this mean then we're discriminating against all men who don't pay for an expensive procedure? Should we change the definition of women? Do genetics even matter?
It's starting to sound like we can say whatever we feel like and that's what we are now."

Link to Original Source


Tyr07 has no journal entries.

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