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Why Is Science Behind a Paywall?

Un pobre guey Worse than a paywall (210 comments)

Worse than a paywall is the preposterous but ever more popular meme that lots of science should be secret so that terrorists can't get a hold of it and do blah blah blah. It is pure horseshit, but it will almost certainly gain enough political currency to be put into practice. For those of you foolish enough to take the contrary position, please note that scientific information has always been easily available in academic libraries. Making it secret would change the way science has been done for about 2 centuries or so. Also few, if any at all, recent terrorist attacks were informed by sophisticated scientific inputs. It is, in point of fact, pure unadulterated horseshit.

about a year ago

Hanford Nuclear Waste Vitrification Plant "Too Dangerous"

Un pobre guey Re:Nuclear tech is like communism. (292 comments)

Or that old claim that you'll only see the true benefits when the entire world is locked in.

about a year ago

Hanford Nuclear Waste Vitrification Plant "Too Dangerous"

Un pobre guey What is your friggin' problem?! (292 comments)

How many times do I have to tell you! It's safe god dammit nuclear power is safe! It's the safest, and cleanest of them all! Jesus H. Christ, you'd think we were talking about friggin'

plutonium or something...

Oh, wait...

about a year ago

Is Google Glass Too Nerdy For the Mainstream?

Un pobre guey It's the Segway fanboys who are irrational (533 comments)

'If we were all riding around on Segways now, cities would probably be better places to live compared to the car-infested streets we still endure. But that transformation hasn't happened. And it won’t. Why? Because Segways are lame. They’re too rational. They fail to acknowledge all the irrational reasons people love their cars.'"

Only a complete dork could make such a moronic comment. Everyone riding around in Segways would:

  • Abolish what little physical exercise many people get. This would significantly exacerbate an already monstrous health crisis in the U.S.
  • Require vast and expensive changes to the public thoroughfare to accommodate such a huge shift in traffic patterns.
  • Demonstrate just how irrational and gullible people can be. It is little more than idiotic fashionista fanboyism. There is nothing rational about moving from cars to Segways.
  • Overload the electrical grid and require enormous investments there as well. Who will pay for all of this?
  • Require the fools who buy them to move back to their cars after they realize the utter impracticality of commuting via Segway.

about a year ago

2014: Planetary Resources To Launch Their First Satellites

Un pobre guey Good God, man! GOOD GOD! (76 comments)

Some talk has been made of selling what are uncommon terrestrial minerals like gold and platinum, refined on orbit and deorbited at great expense as a business plan, but frankly that's absurd.

Are you crazy? Are you aware that this isSlashdot? That is pure unmitigated heresy around here! We don't want facts or lucid, rational arguments! We wan t space opera full of hot female astronauts!

about a year ago

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cleanup May Take More Than 40 Years

Un pobre guey Lies! Lies! ALL LIES! (218 comments)

Lies! It's clean, I tell you, it's clean! Get it through your thick stone cranium: Nuclear power is the cleanest of them all!


about a year ago

The 'Linux Inside' Stigma

Un pobre guey No! No! It can't be! (366 comments)

You mean there's already a linux desktop and they forgot to have a year of the linux desktop? What a bunch of party-poopers!

1 year,12 days

NASA Asteroid Capture Mission To Be Proposed In 2014 Budget

Un pobre guey Re:Let Me Get This Straight Dept. (106 comments)

Naturally, you get modded down. These people are suckers for aerospace industry lobbyists.

1 year,15 days

NASA Asteroid Capture Mission To Be Proposed In 2014 Budget

Un pobre guey Let Me Get This Straight Dept. (106 comments)

So we will spend a reasonable amount of money to send a robot out someplace to fetch an asteroid and put it into lunar orbit so that some bozos can go check it out in person at much greater expense? Why not have the robot do everything for a lot less money? Could it be (just speculating here) that the $100M project is a distraction from the manned project that will, as usual, channel huge amounts of money for yet another pointless human presence?

Aerospace pork will never end. Their lobbying is just too strong, and hordes of fanboys still believe a human has to be out there or it isn't exciting enough.

1 year,19 days

CIA To Hand Over Drone Program To Pentagon?

Un pobre guey Brilliant, Holmes, brilliant! (142 comments)

This could lead to increased transparency for the program and stricter requirements for drone strikes.

  1. We're supposed to believe that the agency chartered for secret activities will give up its secret drone program and not continue subsequent drone attacks in secret.
  2. DoD, home of DIA, will for some reason not keep the formerly secret CIA drone program secret within the DIA. They will be transparent about it.
  3. It came out in The Daily Beast, so it must be true. These highly secretive organizations are now being open, honest, and accoutable to the general public.

1 year,28 days

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Stay Fit At Work?

Un pobre guey Do at least a little (635 comments)

Every morning between the time you get up and the time you go to work do 25 sit-ups, 20 pushups, and 25 standing toe-touchings. If you can do that much yet, work up to it over a period of months. Every weekend, go on at least one 5 mile walk, preferably two. If 5 miles is too much, work up to it gradually. If you don't move yourself to do it, nobody will. Think about migrating to a plant based diet, at least a few days a week. Don't look at it as a belief system, philosophy, religion, doctrine, spiritual path, etc. It's just food. Go plant-based a few days a week and figure out what foods you like or don't like and take it from there. Again, you have to drive it.

about a year ago

Astronomers Probe Mysterious Gas In Titan's Atmosphere

Un pobre guey Re:Is it sentient? (104 comments)

we've found silicon based flora in our own deep oceans

Citation needed. There are no silicon-based life forms known to man.

about a year ago

Astronomers Probe Mysterious Gas In Titan's Atmosphere

Un pobre guey No spectrograph? (104 comments)

They don't have an emission spectrum that can be analyzed?

about a year ago

EU To Vote On Proposal That Could Ban All Online Pornography

Un pobre guey Re:So, what about gay porn ? (853 comments)

What if they rinse it off a bit beforehand?

about a year ago

EU To Vote On Proposal That Could Ban All Online Pornography

Un pobre guey What's the algorithm? (853 comments)

The EU should first hold a public contest with a large monetary reward to develop an algorithm that can reliably and objectively distinguish between porn and not-porn. Good luck, though.

about a year ago

Is Code.org Too Soulless To Make an Impact?

Un pobre guey Re:Lol (384 comments)

Not to mention the beautiful expressiveness and readability of things like:

(and (or (= (string-length "hello world") (string->number "11"))
(string=? "hello world" "good morning"))
(>= (+ (string-length "hello world") 60) 80))

Especially for the average 9th grader.

about a year ago

Future Fighters Won't Need Ejection Seats

Un pobre guey Scott... (622 comments)

"Is it time to stop spending billions on obsolete aircraft?"

You just don't get it, do you? The point isn't the weapons system, it's the expenditure.

about a year ago

How Sequestration Will Affect Federal Research Agencies

Un pobre guey Shock Doctrine (277 comments)

The "sequestration" cuts are $85B out of $3.6T, or ~2.4 %. This has motivated politicians from both parties, and loud-mouthed political actors of all stripes, to make wild claims about terrible consequences if the cuts were to be made. The implicit claim is that cutting 2.4% across the board would result in an "unready, hollow force", 9% unemployment, and all sorts of other horrific things (which I'm sure you've heard of by now).

Is it even true? From cutting a measly 2.4% of future spending? Or is it yet another shock doctrine exercise to distract us from other things we should be paying attention to instead? There's a book, BTW.

  • How did we get de-industrialized over the past 40 years? Was there an upside for someone, and if so, who?
  • Why does petroleum cost over $100/bbl when there is no shortage, demand has been decreasing since 2008, and it costs a small fraction of that to produce?
  • Who supports "Al Qaeda"? (Hint)
  • Why is wealth distribution becoming more and more polarized?
  • Do wealthy companies, individuals, and organizations control the world's governments through (surprisingly affordable) "lobbying"?
  • What will you retire on?
  • How will climate change affect you over your lifetime?
  • Where will your potable water come from 20 years from now?
  • Why do we continue to eat such a massively unhealthy diet? What fraction of "out of control" medical care costs are directly attributable to that?
  • Will your job or a job like it still exist in 2025? What will you be doing then?
  • Why did we invade Iraq? Why are we still in Afghanistan? Why are we rattling our sabers at Iran if our "allies" in the middle east are by far the greatest financiers of terrorism?


about a year ago

Large Corporations Displacing Aging IT Workers With H-1B Visa Workers

Un pobre guey Ah, corporate America... (617 comments)

... the Workers' Paradise.

about a year ago



Recession, Tech Kill Middle-Class Jobs

Un pobre guey Un pobre guey writes  |  about a year ago

Un pobre guey (593801) writes ""To understand the impact technology is having on middle-class jobs in developed countries, the AP analyzed employment data from 20 countries; tracked changes in hiring by industry, pay and task; compared job losses and gains during recessions and expansions over the past four decades; and interviewed economists, technology experts, robot manufacturers, software developers, entrepreneurs and people in the labor force who ranged from CEOs to the unemployed." In the comments, the usual bad-government-is-at-fault and don't-worry-it's-like-the-Industrial-Revolution memes are dutifully repeated. But what if this time it's different? What if delegating everything to machines is a radical and fundamental new change in the course of human history?"
Link to Original Source

A whole new ball game, and we're not in it

Un pobre guey Un pobre guey writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Un pobre guey writes "Ah yes, the old "bad jobs are replaced by really good jobs" argument: FTA: "Government officials and industry executives argue that even if factories are automated, they still are a valuable source of jobs. If the United States does not compete for advanced manufacturing in industries like consumer electronics, it could lose product engineering and design as well. Moreover, robotics executives argue that even though blue-collar jobs will be lost, more efficient manufacturing will create skilled jobs in designing, operating and servicing the assembly lines, as well as significant numbers of other kinds of jobs in the communities where factories are." Is it true, or are we desperately pretending that this will all turn out fine, as it sort of did after the Industrial Revolution? What is the net change in number of jobs? Will displaced workers find replacement jobs?"
Link to Original Source

Should developers support Windows Phone 8?

Un pobre guey Un pobre guey writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Un pobre guey (593801) writes "Why should you develop apps for Windows 8? Well, the hype and flogging are apparently in full swing. From TFA: "To be clear, Windows Phone 8 is not a slam dunk. Some, such as IDC, believe Windows Phone will eclipse iOS by 2016. Others though believe the trajectories of Android and iOS can't be slowed in the next few years. Nonetheless, I think a bet on Windows Phone 8 is justifiable, even wise, since anyone who purchases a new Windows Phone 8 device likely will want to load it with the latest and greatest apps.""
Link to Original Source

End of Amazon Associates in California?

Un pobre guey Un pobre guey writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Un pobre guey (593801) writes "The Amazon Associates Program, wherein average folks set up websites to promote Amazon.com sales for a small cut of sales, will end this September unless California desists from its plan to charge sales tax on purchases from Amazon.com originating from Californian-owned websites. Will this be the death knell of sales tax-free internet shopping?"
Link to Original Source

Actual Citizens to Decide if Pot Should be Legal

Un pobre guey Un pobre guey writes  |  about 4 years ago

Un pobre guey (593801) writes "California's voters will have a chance in November to end the drug trafficking business once and for all, or at least the illegal trade in marijuana. The San Francisco Chronicle, among others, reports 'If passed, California would have the most comprehensive laws on legal marijuana in the entire world, advocates say. Opponents are confident they will easily defeat the measure.' Good idea or bad?"
Link to Original Source

Report: Carriers aren't cashing in on iPhone hype

Un pobre guey Un pobre guey writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Un pobre guey (593801) writes "In an upcoming report from the Strand Consult consulting firm, it is claimed that the iPhone hasn't really been that much of a moneymaker for the telcos that have been subsidizing it. From the referenced article: ''According to the research we have conducted on the operators, not one of these have increased their market share, revenue or their earnings as a result of introducing the iPhone,' the Copenhagen-based firm said. 'On the contrary, some operators have sent out profit warnings because of the iPhone.' Contrary to popular hype, it concludes ''If you examine the number of iPhones sold by AT&T in the [United States] to customers from other operators, and compare the figure to their churn and the development of their customer base over time, it is again not possible to see any iPhone effect,' the report said. 'At the end of the day, the iPhone has such a small share of the American market and the amount of voice and data traffic it is generating is simply not enough to change any of the total market figures.'' Is the iPhone all it's cracked up to be?"

CA first with open source textbooks statewide

Un pobre guey Un pobre guey writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Un pobre guey (593801) writes "The Great (and practically bankrupt) State of California will be the first U.S. state to adopt open source textbooks statewide. From the article: 'A total of 16 digital textbooks were extensively reviewed, with ten ultimately selected after determining that each met at least 90 percent of California's standards. Four of these texts met 100 percent of the state standards, including three submitted by Palo Alto's CK-12 Foundation, a local non-profit specializing in developing digital textbooks for education.

View the list of all reviewed digital textbooks and review reports here.'"

The Mercury News, L.A. Times, and the S.F. Chronicle also weigh in. It seems, however, that there aren't enough computers in California schools to make good use of them."

Obama Starts Executing Finance Executives

Un pobre guey Un pobre guey writes  |  about 5 years ago

Un pobre guey (593801) writes "Evidently the dismissal of Rick Waggoner from GM was a trial balloon. U.S. President Barack Obama today personally executed Jamie Dimon, 53, up to now CEO of notoriously illiquid J.P. Morgan, and Kenneth Lewis, erstwhile CEO of zombie institution Bank of America. Obama used an antique 9mm Beretta automatic he received recently as a private gift from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. 'It grieves me deeply that a standing President of the United States must engage in such drastic action in order to convince wealthy and influential business executives that destroying the US economy in order to receive a year end bonus is undesirable behavior,' said the president moments after the executions. 'Nevertheless, I shall immediately cap the ass of any individual who insists on betraying our nation and our people in order to enrich and aggrandize themselves.' The executions took place in quick succession as the victims stood on stage with the president at a press conference in London just one day before the scheduled G20 meeting"

95% of Music Downloads are Illegal

Un pobre guey Un pobre guey writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Un pobre guey (593801) writes "An International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) press release claims that 95% of music file downloads in 2008, an estimated 40 billion files, were illegal. Oddly enough, digital music sales are up: 'The digital music business internationally saw a sixth year of expansion in 2008, growing by an estimated 25 per cent to US$3.7 billion in trade value. Digital platforms now account for around 20 per cent of recorded music sales, up from 15 per cent in 2007. Recorded music is at the forefront of the online and mobile revolution, generating more revenue in percentage terms through digital platforms than the newspaper (4%), magazine (1%) and film industries (4%) combined... Despite these developments, the music sector is still overshadowed by the huge amount of unlicensed music distributed online. Collating separate studies in 16 countries over a three-year period, IFPI estimates over 40 billion files were illegally file-shared in 2008, giving a piracy rate of around 95 per cent.' Have at it, Slashdotters."
Link to Original Source

Protest on Wall Street Thursday Afternoon

Un pobre guey Un pobre guey writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Un pobre guey (593801) writes "Naomi Klein has a post on her site helping promote No Bailout for Wall Street — Protest on Wall Street on Thursday September 25 2008. From the blurb: "This week the White House is going to try to push through the biggest robbery in world history with nary a stitch of debate to bail out the Wall Street bastards who created this economic apocalypse in the first place. This is the financial equivalent of September 11. They think, just like with the Patriot Act, they can use the shock to force through the 'therapy,' and we'll just roll over!... It's socialism for the rich and dog-eat-dog capitalism for the rest of us." Strong stuff. How bad is it? Is it truly cataclysmic, as the scuttlebutt has it, or are we being robbed blind? Is it both?"


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