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Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

UnknownSoldier Long live the HP48SX and HP48GX ! (657 comments)

64-bit CPU with Ultra-Low Power (runs off 3 AAA batteries)

HP preceeded ARM by years but like everything else they do, don't know how to market it.


Student Records Kids Who Bully Him, Then Gets Threatened With Wiretapping Charge

UnknownSoldier Re:Rewarding the bullies... (790 comments)

> So we need to shift the blame on movies, computer games, music, you name it.

This has been going for on for at least the past 100 years. Americans historically love to play the blame game. Some made up bullshit excuse instead of finding & treating the root problem. One small set (or sect/group/cult) of society tries to blame an inanimate object for all of society's woes and spreads their propaganda to anyone who will listen.

Every "next technology" is always scapegoated.

1900 Film
1910 ???
1920 Prohibition (Alcohol), Phonographs
1930 Jazz, Movies
1940 Radio
1950 Dancing
1960 Psychedelic Drugs, Sex
1970 Rock n Roll, Movies (again)
1980 MTV, DnD, Heavy Metal
1990 Computer Games
2000 ???
2010 Guns

As they say in Japan/China:

    "The nail that sticks up gets pounded down"

Shoot the messenger instead of listening to the message! Sarcasm: Yeah let's ignore the problem hoping it will go away!

What a sad, dysfunctional, and completely fucked up society we live in.

First Contact is coming 2024

3 days ago

The Security of Popular Programming Languages

UnknownSoldier Re:Subtle attack against C/C++ (188 comments)

> C++11 is awesome and has brought it back to modern day relevancy. I

There is that old joke ...

There are 2 problems with C++

1. Its design
2. Its implementation

C++ started out as an awesome C with classes extension! Every C++ programmer should read these 2 classics:

* The Design and Evolution of C++
* Modern C++ Design

Today C++ is an over-engineered design-by-committee that unnecessary includes everything and the kitchen sink (translation: clusterfuck). Basic problems of idiotic archaic baggage such as "long long", lack of a proper binary literal (which took years; over-engineered user literals*), macros that aren't type safe, no standardized name mangling nor run-time functionality to query a mangled function name, etc.

C++ when used sparingly can be a great tool. A balance between the simplicity of C and the power of C++ abstraction is ideal.

* http://stackoverflow.com/quest...

4 days ago

Ideas for protesting Ballmer's graduation speech?

UnknownSoldier Saracasm is one of the best ways to poke fun (2 comments)

Make fun of Ballmer's lack of intelligence:


"if 'Linux is a cancer' then it is funny that Android is a "failure" by it being on 1 billion devices"

"As of September 2013, one billion Android devices have been activated."


* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A...

Microsoft doesn't know what the fuck they are doing with UI. Who the hell puts a Menu in all UPPERCASE ?? Apparently they never got the memo that we stopped reading books in all uppercase ...

about a week ago

The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For the Future

UnknownSoldier Re:Good for devs. (270 comments)

The running joke is that Microsoft's three letter technology acronyms are always hyped as the latest and greatest until the next one in ~3-5 years.


about a week ago

Mathematical Proof That the Cosmos Could Have Formed Spontaneously From Nothing

UnknownSoldier Re:If you make this a proof of God... (595 comments)

> You have no idea what the Programmer's motive and design goal is.


The sole reason any of the universes exist is to teach consciousness about relationships.

about a week ago

Nat Geo Writer: Science Is Running Out of "Great" Things To Discover

UnknownSoldier Re:I think he's right... (292 comments)

Interesting. You wouldn't happen to remember who the speaker was by chance?

I've heard his show only a few times years ago. Too negative, circumstantial evidence, and full on nonsense conspiracy theories for my liking.


about a week ago

Nat Geo Writer: Science Is Running Out of "Great" Things To Discover

UnknownSoldier Re:I think he's right... (292 comments)

I've never played Sid Meir's "Alpha Centauri". Sorry.

about a week ago

Nat Geo Writer: Science Is Running Out of "Great" Things To Discover

UnknownSoldier Re:I think he's right... (292 comments)

* Strong Galactic Force
* Weak Galactic Force

Science will discover them once we can see Quantum Energy and the flow back and forth between black holes and white holes.

about a week ago

93 Harvard Faculty Members Call On the University To Divest From Fossil Fuels

UnknownSoldier Re:Especially solar cells and carbon fiber windmil (214 comments)

Geo-Thermal and Ocean Waves are better non-polluting infinite renewable sources of energy.
First Contact is coming 2024.

about two weeks ago

Nat Geo Writer: Science Is Running Out of "Great" Things To Discover

UnknownSoldier Re:I think he's right... (292 comments)

There are many things that Science doesn't have a clue about:

* The 2 missing fundamental forces
* White Holes
* Actual Intelligence (not that joke that passes for Artificial Ignorance)
* Bi-Location
* Teleportation
* Mineral Consciousness
* Plant Consciousness
* Animal Consciousness
* Time Travel
* The true purpose of dreams
* The Soul
* What happens before life
* What happens after death

At least these stupid troll articles will finally end in 2024 when we no longer have to worry about this crap.

about two weeks ago

How Cochlear Implants Are Being Blamed For Killing Deaf Culture

UnknownSoldier Re:Let it die (509 comments)

Why does someone else's free will over ride his???

It doesn't apply to drinking yourself to death, to smoking yourself to death, why cancer??

about two weeks ago

How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

UnknownSoldier Re:Knowledge (1037 comments)

If you spent less time flapping your lips and more time listening to you mind and body you might actually develop a relationship with your higher self. But since you apparently already know all the answers on how to communicate with your sub-conscious there is no point in having a constructive dialog.

about two weeks ago

Elite Violinists Can't Distinguish Between a Stradivarius and a Modern Violin

UnknownSoldier Re:Modern audiophiles are no different. (469 comments)

he also said: or below 60Hz. which got cut-off in my reply.

Kurzweil's Singularity is a nerd's wet dream. 2024 will show what nonsense it is.

about two weeks ago

Elite Violinists Can't Distinguish Between a Stradivarius and a Modern Violin

UnknownSoldier Re:Modern audiophiles are no different. (469 comments)

> I'm claiming that nobody really cares about anything below about 100Hz.
> there is extremely limited material out there

Do you even understand what a spectrum waterfall graph is?? Gee, even timestamps are listed ...

* http://www.avsforum.com/t/7554...
* http://www.avsforum.com/t/1333...

Sound frequencies below 20 Hz is omni-directional -- in layman's terms that means you will feel it more then hear it.

Oh look at that, even modern movies such as Wall-E have "deep bass"

Basically you don't know what the hell you are talking about.

about two weeks ago

How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

UnknownSoldier Re:Knowledge (1037 comments)

> Then why do most the religious/atheists people try to push their ideology

FTFY. Not everyone has an agenda.

Insecure people are insecure. Fundamentalism / Zealotry knows no bounds -- be it fundamental theism, or fundamental atheism.

Those that do, are doing it because they think they are trying to "save" you.

about two weeks ago

How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

UnknownSoldier Re:Knowledge (1037 comments)

There is only _one_ path to The Source / God / All-That-Is / etc.

The path YOU take.

Along the way you may discover things that work, and things that don't work for you.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.

If a particular path (theism/atheism) doesn't work for you, find a different one.

All roads lead back to Know Thyself

about two weeks ago

It's Time To Bring Pseudoscience Into the Science Classroom

UnknownSoldier Re:Issues with this... (470 comments)

> Now we only have to find out what human consciousness actually is.

Sadly, Science will never understand that. It is too close minded to deserve the truth.

about two weeks ago

How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

UnknownSoldier Re:Knowledge (1037 comments)

> Either take it literally everywhere, or don't take it literally anywhere

When are you going to outgrow simplistic dualistic thinking??

The bible was written in a three-fold manner simultaneously:

* The literal,
* The allegorical,
* The spiritual,

If you are unable to understand the higher two, then I would humbly suggest starting with the literal exoteric until you are able to grasp the deeper esoteric. ALL "holy scriptures" are written to convey a deeper truth if you would stop tossing out the baby with the bath water.

As Rabbi Simeon said

"If a man looks upon the Torah as merely a book presenting narratives and everyday matters, alas for him! Such a torah, one treating with everyday concerns, and indeed a more excellent one, we too, even we, could compile. More than that, in the possession of the rulers of the world there are books of even greater merit, and these we could emulate if we wished to compile some such torah. But the Torah, in all of its words, holds supernal truths and sublime secrets.

"See how precisely balanced are the upper and the lower worlds. Israel here below is balanced by the angels on high, concerning whom it stands written: "who makest thy angels into winds" (Psalms 104:4). For when the angels descend to the earth they don earthly garments, else they could neither abide in the world, nor could it bear to have them. But if this is so with the angels, then how much more so it must be with the Torah: the Torah it was that created the angels and created all the worlds and through Torah are all sustained. The world could not endure the Torah if she had not garbed herself in the garments of this world. (temple of Solomon, and within us)

"Thus the tales related in the Torah are simply her outer garments, and woe to the man who regards that outer garb as the Torah itself, for such a man will be deprived of portion in the next world. Thus David said:" Open Thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy law" (Psalms 119:18), that is to say, the things that are underneath. See now. The most visible part of a man are the clothes that he has on, and they who lack understanding, when they look at the man, are apt not to see more in him than these clothes. In reality, however, it is the body of the man that constitutes the pride of his clothes, and his soul constitutes the pride of his body.

"So it is with the Torah. Its narrations which relate to the things of the worlds constitute the garments which clothe the body of the Torah; and that body is composed of the Torah's precepts, gufey-torah (bodies, major principles). People without understanding see only the narrations, the garment; those somewhat more penetrating see also the body. But the truly wise, those who serve the most high King and stood on mount Sinai, pierce all the way through to the soul, to the true Torah which is the root principle of all. These same will in the future be vouchsafed to penetrate to the very soul of the soul of the Torah.

"See now how it is like this in the highest world, with garment, body, soul and super-soul. The outer garments are the heavens and all therein, the body is the Community of Israel and it is the recipient of the soul, that is 'the Glory of Israel'; and the soul of the soul is the Ancient Holy One. All of these are conjoined one within the other.

"Woe to the sinners who look upon the Torah as simply tales pertaining to things of the world, seeing thus only the outer garment. But the righteous whose gaze penetrates to the very Torah, happy are they. Just as wine must be in a jar to keep, so the Torah must also be contained in an outer garment. That garment is made up of the tales and stories; but we, we are bound to penetrate beyond."

"By 2024 the Fermi Paradox will be shown to be incomplete. "

about two weeks ago



Quantum Levivation

UnknownSoldier UnknownSoldier writes  |  more than 2 years ago

UnknownSoldier (67820) writes "Wired reports that researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered you can "lock" a magnetic field into place with a semiconductor. They have a very cool demonstration of a frozen puck and some of the neat things you can do with it while its orientation remains locked but its location is movable. Might someday we see high speed trains that will be "impossible" to tip over or a new generation of batteries with this technology?"
Link to Original Source


UnknownSoldier has no journal entries.

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