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Moon Mining Race Under Way

Unkyjar Re:Don't we need the moon? (150 comments)

But it's the only way we can be free of werewolves, and the imminent threat of Goku.

about 2 years ago

Most Doctors Don't Think Patients Need Full Access To Med Records

Unkyjar Half the Arguments here are pointless... (659 comments)

At this time you can request your full medical records from your doctor or hospital. The law is that they must be provided to you, end of discussion.

about 2 years ago

Stratfor Hacker Could Be Sentenced to Life, Says Judge

Unkyjar Re:Nullified (388 comments)

You do realize that majority of people receiving government "handouts" are old people who had been paying into the system for longer than you've been alive?

more than 2 years ago

Atlantic Hurricane Season 30 Percent Stronger Than Normal

Unkyjar Re:Sure it is (448 comments)

Thank you. I was hoping someone would point this out. Had I mod points, they would be yours.

more than 2 years ago

Is Non-Prescription ADHD Medication Use Ever Ethical?

Unkyjar Re:How widespread? (487 comments)

Adderal and Ritalin just give you a boost of energy (like a couple shots of espresso) and causes you to focus on things better. If that is studying, you find yourself studying for an hour or two without realizing it or taking a break. Unfortunately it also leads to you focusing on things like reorganizing your photograph folder or CD's. Usually you take a pill for studying, and crush and snort a pill if you want a pick me up for partying.

Negative side effects usually were similar to that of too much caffeine added with it being a real rough drug for your kidneys (don't take if you are prone to kidney stones.)

I never noticed any memory enhancement. Though I suppose when you give things your full attention as you do under the drug, you can't help but remember them better than things you aren't giving your full attention to.

more than 2 years ago

Overconfidence May Be a Result of Social Politeness

Unkyjar Politeness leads to Overconfidence? (263 comments)

If that were really the case, then I suppose the Japanese must be most overconfident society that has ever existed.

more than 2 years ago

Existing Solar Tech Could Power Entire US, Says NREL

Unkyjar Re:Cloudy days (589 comments)

I dunno, the Andasol Solar Power Station in Spain is up and running, but it doesn't get many cloudy days. But there are several other towers of this kind elsewhere. We might already have the data you're looking for, but my interest wanes in digging it up.


From what I read the molten salt idea was originally paired with nuclear energy, here's an old paper on the properties of those types of molten salt reactors, maybe you can extrapolate from there?


more than 2 years ago

Washington, D.C. Police Affirm Citizens' Right To Record Police Officers

Unkyjar Re:Loophole (210 comments)

It's legal for a police dog to walk around the outside of your vehicle and smell, for example.

This is not legal. You must give consent to a search by police dog. If you do not give consent, any evidence found as a consequence of the search is not admissible.

about 2 years ago

Discovery Channel Telescope Snaps Inaugural Pictures

Unkyjar Re:so... (66 comments)

What taxpayer money was wasted? This telescope was entirely privately funded. Heck, even the summary comments on that:

Discovery Channel teamed up with Lowell Observatory and embarked upon a $53 million adventure: the fifth largest telescope in the United States funded entirely without state or federal money

more than 2 years ago

McDonald's Denies Prof's Claim Staff Attacked Him For Wearing Digital Glasses

Unkyjar Re:Yeah... (627 comments)

It was a play on words or what one calls a bad pun. When he stated that Rodney King was armed, with two of 'em he was using armed as the alternate meaning for the word, like "the many-armed goddess Shiva".

A bad pun, but clearly a pun.

more than 2 years ago


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