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What's The Perfect Balance For a Budget Laptop?

UrgleHoth Re:4 hours commuting a day... (375 comments)

There have been a lot of comments to the parent post, some of which ask why would anyone commute 4 hours a day to get to work. Here is one reason why: I live and work outside of Boston and drive to work, which takes me between 30-40 minutes each way, depending on traffic. As an exercise, I checked out the MBTA (mass transit around here) to see if I could take mass transit to work. I could do this, BUT the best I could do is a little over two hours each way (a combination of bus, subway and train). I live less than 20 miles from work, but no direct mass transit routes between home town and work town. Were I to not be able to drive (for whatever reason), I have a fall-back to take mass transit. It would suck, but if I can't find a comparable job in my home town, then I might stick with it.

more than 6 years ago


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