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'Google Buses' Are Bad For Cities, Says New York MTA Official

VEGETA_GT Is this guy living in realiaty (606 comments)

I have to spend 2 hr's getting down town to a switch site today. I will be doing this for over a week and its a waste. I am even using public transit as driving here would take even longer. Now outside the city (Toronto) I can drive around a lot better. I agree the public transit is better in the city but overall i hate coming into the city. This is why I love even out side of the bedroom city/suburban areas. Moving out of the main city has MANY advantages such as easier communities that make people HAPPY.

about 7 months ago

Snowden Spoofed Top Officials' Identity To Mine NSA Secrets

VEGETA_GT This real or spoofed Data (743 comments)

I keep seeing the Us government keep putting out new revelations of how he did things to try and make him look worse and worse. In all honesty, I get the feeling at least some of what they are saying is pure BS in a smear campaign. Its just the feeling I get and am interested if others are right.

And as others have stated, for him to get all this data so easily (nothing shown shows any real hardships in gathering data) to me says these NSA systems may be very open to attack. As there security measures seam rather lax. I get the feeling there idea of security is a armed guard standing over the server watching for hackers.

my 2 cents plus 2 more

1 year,22 days

Russia Proposes Banning Foul Language On the Internet

VEGETA_GT Re:Obligartory (239 comments)

In Soviet Russia, o just bend over and take it, you are in Russia sucker.

about a year ago

Increased Carbon Emissions Creating Giant Crabs

VEGETA_GT Re:celebrate! (203 comments)

Depends, do these super-sized Alaska King Crab legs taste better or worse. Very important question. Also will my crab claw cracker need to be upgraded Ie MORE POWER

about a year and a half ago

TSA's mm-Wave Body Scanner Breaks Diabetic Teen's $10K Insulin Pump

VEGETA_GT pacemakers ?? (811 comments)

This can be considered scary if devices you can not remove could be affected. IE pacemakers, screw with that and you could kill the person. But then take items like a advanced artificial arm with loads of electronics getting fried by these scanners. These types of devices are expensive and usually customized to the person. So yes better training needed and the pat down should be some what realistic for someone who just cant do through the device.

more than 2 years ago

Training an Immune System To Kill Cancer: a Universal Strategy

VEGETA_GT Re:Not convinced... (201 comments)

Don't Panic all, I have read the “The Zombie Survival Guide” so I will survive. The rest of you are screwed, but I will live. So long suckers, but remember, Don’t Panic

more than 2 years ago

Hard Drive Makers Slash Warranties

VEGETA_GT Re:Well this is disturbing. (445 comments)

honestly the 5 year warranty of some drives greatly affects which drive I buy. I am usually Seagate fan but if a Samsung has better warranty I will buy that instead. I remember when I found one time the drives form Segate I wanted were only 3 year so I bought WD and Samsung at the time. So if WD and Seagate drop their warranty period and other makers keep higher warranty then my cash goes to the bigger warranty. If you don't stand by your product then I have no reason to either.

Jeebus. I think I could actually forgive the misspelling of Seagate (at least you were consistent), but your grammar/homophone abuse kills me: where/were, there/their, buy/by.

I once had a coworker that largely taught himself English from books, newspapers and TV in his home country before moving to the USA. Very smart guy, but made English mistakes like this due to a lack of formal English education (which is difficult to correct as an adult)

This post was quite intelligible despite the grammar/spelling errors, so cut him some slack, you don't know his native language.

Native language is Canadian, I mean English. Never been the best at it either. But this is what happens when I type fast and get back to my job.

more than 2 years ago

Hard Drive Makers Slash Warranties

VEGETA_GT Re:Well this is disturbing. (445 comments)

honestly the 5 year warranty of some drives greatly affects which drive I buy. I am usually segate fan but if a Samsung has better warranty I will buy that instead. I remember when I found one time the drives form Segate I wanted where only 3 year so I bought WD and Samsung at the time. So if WD and Segate drop there warranty period and other makers keep higher warranty then my cash goes to the bigger warranty. If you don't stand buy your product then I have no reason to either.

more than 2 years ago

GPS Tracking Without a Warrant Declared Legal

VEGETA_GT Re:Sauce for the goose (926 comments)

My question is, if I find a device on one of my motorcycles or car, is it legal for me to remove said strange device. One of those times I like being in Canada

about 4 years ago

Steve Jobs Publishes Some "Thoughts On Flash"

VEGETA_GT Re:What's the saying about hypocrisy? (944 comments)

I agree

its one control freak company (apple) not liking that another control freak company (adobe) will not release control of its protocols. sorry but the fact apple is the same in that it is very closed sourced. Hell apple expects you to give up control of even organizing your own music to its applications. Them not liking another control freak company is just funny. He makes valid points but those points can be turned back on apple.

more than 4 years ago

iPad Will Beat Netbooks With "Magic"

VEGETA_GT Re:Sorry Netbook wins still (1010 comments)

Thanks for making my point, ipad is not a computer, there for it can't be considered a netbook replacement. Don't get me wrong ipad has its uses but its a over-sized iphone (I say iphone as ipad will take a sim and can be used on cell network for data, so closer to iphone the itouch). I agree it could be a nice toy but apply is trying to say it will replace a netbook, but again there are many reasons why I can't see that ever happening, only some listed above.

more than 4 years ago

iPad Will Beat Netbooks With "Magic"

VEGETA_GT Re:Sorry Netbook wins still (1010 comments)

Choice is good, and many may like a ipad, but lets be honest, its not a netbook replacement. they may say it is but it can't be as a netbook is a standard linux/windows based toy while the ipad or the up and coming smiler products with andriod software are not full out systems. some will liek the netbook for what it is, and it may be all many need, but it can't be considered a netbook replacement.

more than 4 years ago

iPad Will Beat Netbooks With "Magic"

VEGETA_GT Sorry Netbook wins still (1010 comments)

NetBook > ipad

1: netbook has actual keyboard
2: netbook is a actual pc Ie it runs windows or linux
3: netbook can multi task
4: nebook can be had for as cheep as 200$
5: netbook can close to protect screen.

I can keep going but sorry netbook is a real system, the ipad is just a oversized iphone.

more than 4 years ago

IPhone 3.1 Update Disables Tethering

VEGETA_GT Re:Let me be the first to say (684 comments)

um don't just blame AT&T shoot apple to. Apple is the ONLY cell maker who can walk in and say this is how you will deal with our product or you don't get it. Apple has much more control over how AT&T deals with the iphone then most think. Everything AT&T dose is effectively approved by apple so hey apple could turn around and say thats dumb change it but they don't. I am no AT&T lover but lets face it its not all there fault Apple has a LOT to do with it

about 5 years ago

Oracle To Sell Sun's Hardware Business To HP?

VEGETA_GT Talked to Sun guys yestorday (76 comments)

Not official but they where under the impression that sun would as a hole be run as sun a Oracle company idea as a hole. some software goes to Oracle but rest stays one whole company. Thats what was submitted to EU and DOJ so selling off would possibly be a deal breaker. Now this is just what they heard internaly so never know but still to be honest I don't see them selling it.

about 5 years ago

Ireland's Largest ISP Settles With Record Industry

VEGETA_GT Re:A comparison (222 comments)

This is where I like to point out there are also loads of false positives. Great example is me, over past few months I have gotten 3 letter saying I have downloaded movies on the eDonkey network, even listing the specific movies. Fine except I am the only one in my house who uses eDonkey and I know for a fact that I did not download that content they specified especially since 10 feet form the computer are at least 2 of the 3 dvds for the content specified. now in Canada they really don't do anything else, Rogers just forwards on the e mails and that's about it.

so with all these 3 strikes and you are out crap, I would not not have net access for actually not only not downloading content but for buying the DVD's. There are so many simple ways of avoiding these things of laying blame on others like spoofing ip's and then there are ways around it liek encription and proxies. so really when will they stop this kind of crap and find better ways to deal with the issues, Like servers set up for blanked non DRM subscriptions where I can download all I want for a monthly fee or some other method that would work. And get over the fact no matter what you do downloading content is not going away, you are just making people come up with new solutions to your issues and there are more people trying to get around the issues then make them. O and ya don't forget we still see record sales of dvd's/movies and music is growing online downloading in leaps and bounds so you can't tell me you are not making cash.

SCO is finely dyeing off why cant the RIAA and equivalent news

more than 5 years ago

3 Cups of Coffee Increases Hallucinations

VEGETA_GT What dose this mean (628 comments)

That 1/2 of Slashdot members where Hallucinating by 9 am this morning :)

more than 5 years ago

Tech Companies That Won't Survive 2009

VEGETA_GT Re:I wish (385 comments)

I want CA to go away, dam there freaking Directory server system. Maybe my companey will get the Sun Directory server if CA folds, atleast there support for it is GOOD.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Extends XP To May 2009 For OEMs

VEGETA_GT Re:New security process (605 comments)

This is the M$ idea that users are dumb so they must be protected. ITs a far cry from the Unix idea where a root user with a few key strokes can del everything on the hard drive including the OS. I am a unix guy, work on servers all day and night idea so I am not dumb enough to do a lost that some in my family such as my sister would do with admin access. The M$ idea is to save people from themselves but its generalizing when a admin has to deal with the same thing a basic business user needs to which is where the security model fails.

And With Vista I will admit its not a bad system, but it has nothing really usefull over XP, IE if you have XP and it works don't bother upgrading, if buying a new system (that has decent ram and cpu as Vista is a hog compared to XP) then get vista and be done with it. The annoyances Vista brings counteract some of the new features to the point I put it about equal to XP overall.

I am personally skipping Vista as I still have valid XP licenses for mys system, but am actually waiting for Windows 7 hopping they fix a lot as if they do I will be looking at upgrading to a 64 bit windows 7 on my main gaming pc. I am not a M$ fan but I give M$ credit where its due and XP and win2000 where good systems, Vista it exists no better or worse and not a upgrade from previous systems but not a downgrade either. I am hoping Windows 7 fixes the Vista stuff.

more than 5 years ago

Abit To Close Its Doors Forever On Dec. 31, 2008

VEGETA_GT Re:Sad News (195 comments)

I agree, I use to buy only ASUS and ABIT boards. Recommended them both constantly, owned other abit products and nothing has ever failed, heck the board in the box my brother is using is abit even. Only this year I bought a montherboard that was not abit or asus, went to EVGA for a high end board that had the new nvidia chipset as the asus offering was 100$ more, sure it had built in water fooling but bt no good to me. So EVGA is my new abit, its a sad day tho still

more than 5 years ago



M$ extends warrenty to 3 years on xbox 360

VEGETA_GT VEGETA_GT writes  |  more than 7 years ago

VEGETA_GT writes "M$ extending the xbox 360 warranty to 3 years and its retroactive so all current models including the original batches that where some what prone to overheating are covered. M$ expects to spend more than $1 billion to repair widespread hardware problems in its Xbox 360 video game console after a large number of them broke down"
Link to Original Source


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