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Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr Released

VGPowerlord Re:Code names (173 comments)

I completely agree with this. I'm do not use Ubuntu regularly, but sometimes I have to help people who do. I do not know the names by hearth, I guess I can just do cat /etc/issue and get it? Nope! There is only says the version number. Ok, no problem, I'll google the number. No way, in the support forums everybody just uses the code name. Finally I have to check on wikipedia whatever name version 12.04 has.

At least for Ubuntu, checking /etc/apt/source.list will give you one of the words in the version you're running... for instance, I can tell my test game server box is running "precise" and typing "precise ubuntu" into Google tells me it's Precise Pangolin.

Which happens to be the 12.04 release.

2 days ago

Interviews: Jonathan Coulton Answers Your Questions

VGPowerlord I wouldn't say "only" song (36 comments)

Well, here we are again.
It's always such a pleasure.
Remember when you tried to kill me twice?

Oh how we laughed and laughed,
except I wasn't laughing,
under the circumstances I've been shockingly nice.

You want your freedom take it?
That's what I'm counting on.
I used to want you dead, but
Now I only want you gone.

She was a lot like you
Maybe not quite as heavy
Now little Caroline is in here too

One day they woke me up
So I could live forever
It's such as shame the same will never happen to you.

You've got your short sad life left
That's what I'm counting on.
I'll let you get right to it
Now I only want you gone.

Goodbye my only friend.
Oh... did you think I meant you?
That would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Well you have been replaced
I don't need anyone now
When I delete you maybe I'll stop feeling so sad

Go make some new disaster
That's what I'm counting on.
You're someone else's problem
Now I only want you gone....

Now I only want you gone....

Now I only want you... gone....

about two weeks ago

Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

VGPowerlord Re:I have a 1996 Taurus (650 comments)

Should Ford be waived from issuing a recall on a 19-year-old car purchased in 1995 if a safety defect is revealed?

Comparing a physical device costing tens of thousands of dollars whose defects can cost the lives of the user versus a piece of software costing $100 or less whose defects cause inconvenience to the user totally makes sense!!!!!111

about two weeks ago

Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

VGPowerlord Re:Complete access and indefinite support for free (650 comments)

But two swing out of the realm of opinion, you compare Windows XP to "OpenSource darlings like firefox" whose long-term support is measured in "months, not years". This is a bad comparison. A better comparison would be Ubuntu LTS which includes firefox and whose support is measured in years not months. However Canonical having only a fraction of a percent of the marketshare that Windows XP does, is not making a business model in supporting releases for over 14 years.

As a direct comparison, Windows XP is OVER TWELVE YEARS OLD now and has not one, not even two, but three major versions newer available to the public. In Ubuntu terms, Windows XP is the equivalent of Ubuntu 06.04 LTS (12.04 being the current LTS as 14.04 has yet to be released) and should be treated accordingly.

about two weeks ago

MariaDB 10 Released, Now With NoSQL Support

VGPowerlord Re:NoSQL is just a vague term (103 comments)

NoSQL means the same thing it always means, "ACID is hard, so we don't do it."

By that definition, MySQL is the original NoSQL database.

about three weeks ago

Firefox 29 Beta Arrives With UI Overhaul And CSS3 Variables

VGPowerlord Re:New UI? (256 comments)

> *cough* Slashdot...

I invented new curse words for Beta. DM me for a list... ... when Slashdot implements DMs. :-)

You enter a room. There is a large, blue contraption that looks like a large rectangle with legs, but the top is rounded across one plane. ...wait, not that kind of DM?

Also, my description of a US Post Box sucks.

about a month ago

Portal 2 Incompatible With SELinux

VGPowerlord Re: oh my god!! (212 comments)

But how would you get such a rule installed? Steam is not using the standard package format of the underlying distribution and I don't even think it run as root*. So it can't just disable a SELinux rule.

*I may be wrong. But there should be no reason for Steam to run as root.

Have you tried downloading Steam for Linux? It's shipped as a deb file.

about a month and a half ago

Portal 2 Incompatible With SELinux

VGPowerlord Re:why does a decoder need execheap? (212 comments)

Unless they are targeting some ancient (read: probably not still supported by the kernel or loader and therefore moot) ABI which uses text-segment relocations, I really don't get what they could possibly be doing to require this.

Source uses text relocation. We already ran into this problem with the Linux srcds (Source Dedicated Server) where you'd have to chcon -t texrel_shlib_t bin/libtier0_srv.so (or libtier0.so depending on the game).

Actually, you can likely chcon -t texrel_shlib_t bin/libtier0.so to fix Portal 2, too, but I can't guarantee it.

about a month and a half ago

FLOSS Codecs Emerge Victorious In Wikimedia Vote

VGPowerlord Re:Gif Licensing. Look it up. (235 comments)

Two things that are being glosses over here:

The first is that PNG is a superior image format to GIF... GIF is a 256-color image format, which made sense in the late 80s when it was created due to VGA being the standard back then.

When PNG came out in 1995, SVGA was the current video standard and GIF was already looking obsolete.

The second thing that needs to be mentioned is that H.264 (which is the real loser in Wikimedia's vote here) is controlled by a consortium and not just a single entity. So unlike Unisys, which could arbitrarily change royalty prices, the MPEG LA doesn't have nearly the freedom to do that.

about 2 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

VGPowerlord Re:Why? (2219 comments)

You're running ~340 web browser tabs and you think it's the web sites that are the problem?

about 2 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

VGPowerlord Re:READY OR NOT IS NOT THE ISSUE!!! (2219 comments)

2) I use the Classic Discussion system, and not the one that was reworked the last time the site had a modernization.

Actually, I'm glad my account wasn't one of those forced into the new beta to see what horrible new discussion system they introduced in the beta seeing as how the last change to the discussion system made it an unreadable mess.

Pro-tip to Slashdot UI designers: I don't want to have to click on the title of every discussion post to read it.

about 2 months ago

Virtual Boss Keeps Workers On a Short Leash

VGPowerlord Re:In otherwards (664 comments)

I don't know, it sounds a bit like this one, too, except with businesses instead of government.

about 3 months ago

Schiller Says Apple Is the Last PC Maker From the Mac Era, Forgets About HP

VGPowerlord Re:Oh (474 comments)

The MSX is of particular note, as it's the platform (MSX2) where the Metal Gear videogame franchise started. Unfortunately, most people are more familiar with the later NES port. It was a pretty terrible port with much more primitive graphics and lots of important stuff removed, like, say, the actual metal gear the game is named after.

Incidentally, you can get the English versions of the two MSX games with Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (it's on Disc 2), the Metal Gear HD Collection, or the Metal Gear Legacy Collection. I know they're in the MGS3 game menus in the HD Collection, I'm not sure about the Legacy Collection.

I think the fact that English-speaking audiences didn't get to play the real Metal Gear or play its sequel at all is why those games were included.

about 3 months ago

Wikimedia Community Debates H.264 Support On Wikipedia Sites.

VGPowerlord Re:Stand their ground (247 comments)

Right now, there is NO advantage to WebM or VP8 over h.264. The only reason to choose it is purely philosophical, especially since it's inferiority.

Sure there is. One has had hardware decoding in nearly all graphics processors released in the last decade and the other hasn't.

In fact, considering h.264 has been the de facto accelerated video codec in graphics processors since 2005ish, why are we even having this debate in 2014?

about 3 months ago

Oracle Seeking Community Feedback on Java 8 EE Plans

VGPowerlord Re:realworld suggestions for Java 8 (109 comments)

LOTS of companies license JavaEE from Oracle, in the form of OAS and Weblogic licenses.

That would be why I said "in their right mind." :P

about 3 months ago

Oracle Seeking Community Feedback on Java 8 EE Plans

VGPowerlord Lets cut old stuff = No businesses will upgrade (109 comments)

Since JavaEE is a server application standard, cutting old stuff means that you can no longer run apps that still use said older features on a newer JavaEE server. So, expect everyone to continue using the crusty, old versions of JBoss (for example) or to have the server manufacturers outright ignore Oracle's changes to JavaEE 8.

about 3 months ago

Oracle Seeking Community Feedback on Java 8 EE Plans

VGPowerlord Re:realworld suggestions for Java 8 (109 comments)

I know this is a parody, but...

1. budget performance: by reducing expenditures on support contracts and Oracle licensing fees my budget has stopped looking like a Syrian casualty report.

That sounds suspiciously like a complaint about Oracle's database product, not Java. No one in their right mind actually licenses Java stuff from Oracle, which is why Oracle constantly has shit-fits about it.

about 3 months ago

Bill Gates Plays Secret Santa To Reddit User

VGPowerlord Re:Turd Polishing (118 comments)

The creation of ASP to disrupt PHP.

You do know ASP was introduced in 1996, before PHP became popular? That was during the PHP/FI 1.0 days, which were followed by PHP/FI 2.0 before it became PHP 3 and started resembling the PHP we know today.

No, ASP was introduced to unseat Perl, which was the defacto language for CGI scripts at the time.

about 4 months ago

DRM Has Always Been a Horrible Idea

VGPowerlord Re:No Shit (281 comments)

I think you should do a bit of reading yourself. Your local laws set the rules. But any "local" laws that I know give you very, very little actual rights. Most of the rights that you get come from a license that you receive. The only rights that the law gives you for example in the USA: "If the seller gives you the right to install software on your computer, then you also have the right to copy it into memory to run it". Note the _if_. You may not have the right to install on your computer. And "if you have the right to install the software on your computer, then you have the right to make a backup". Again, the "if".

I'm so glad you decided to use the US as an example here.

Title 17 section 117 (part (a)(1) specifically) is worded quite broadly and gives you the right to make any copies as long as it's "an essential step in the utilization of the computer program in conjunction with a machine". Not anywhere in the text is a limit of one copy mentioned. Software requires installation to a hard drive or it won't run? Then that's an essential step and would be covered. Software needs to copy itself into RAM to run? Also an essential step. As much as I sometimes think Congress is stupid, by wording it vaguely and not specifying that it only applies to copies in RAM, they made it so it could be applied in this manner.

And excuse me, but I haven't run into any DRM that attempts to prevent backups. Take an eBook with DRM, copy it onto a CD, delete the original, copy the backup back to your computer, and it works. You mention broadcasts: No DRM. You mention copying music onto an iPod: Today, no DRM. Before: DRM allowed it.

You mean other than the DRM on DVDs/Blu-Ray which was explicitly introduced to prevent copying?

about 4 months ago



C64 Emulator Removed From App Store

VGPowerlord VGPowerlord writes  |  more than 4 years ago

R. Bemrose writes "Only one day after the C64 Emulator surfaced on the iPhone App Store, it has been pulled.

The Register notes that the BASIC interpreter was not removed, only hidden, and could still be accessed. Apple removed the application after finding this out.

The application has been resubmitted by its author, again claiming that the BASIC Interpreter has been removed. However, Apple's approvers will undoubtedly give the new version more scrutiny than before."

Hans Reiser found guilt of First Degree Murder

VGPowerlord VGPowerlord writes  |  more than 5 years ago

VGPowerlord (621254) writes "Wired is reporting that a jury found Hans Reiser guilty of murdering his wife Nina.

At this point, the sentence has not been determined, but Wired believes it will be anywhere from 25 years to life in prison.

What does this mean for ReiserFS and Namesys?"

Link to Original Source


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