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Online Parody Cartoon Targeted For Prosecution

Var1abl3 Re:Renton, Ahead of the Curve (327 comments)

As I understand it the guy who designed the S curve committed suicide shortly after it was done. It will always be a traffic jam because the State lacks the foresight to put in enough road to handle the load and growth that they allow. They want us all in a bus using the HOT lane or waisting gas (tax revenue for them) sitting in traffic!

more than 3 years ago

Online Parody Cartoon Targeted For Prosecution

Var1abl3 Home Sweet Home (327 comments)

Here Washington is a very Blue State (Liberal Progressive Democrat for YEARS now) and this kind of abuse of power is very prevalent. Heck even our State Governor (Queen Cristine) will not disclose information under our Freedom of Information Act based on "Executive Privilege" even tho the exemptions for disclosure under the LAW does not include "Executive Privilege" as a reason to deny a request for information from the State. Yet nothing is done..... We can not trust our cops in some cases to follow the laws, we can not trust or Courts to enforce the law and we can not trust or politicians to tell us the truth. Our Rights crumble as fast as the Dollar and our Citizens just want more cake and circus. Somewhere in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range a fiddler plays......

more than 3 years ago

CIA Expert Decries E-Voting Security

Var1abl3 Nothing new here (178 comments)

There is a good writeup on 8 people arrested here in the US for tampering with electronic votes.
"KY Election Officials Arrested, Charged With 'Changing Votes at E-Voting Machines'"
Give me a paper ballot and keep a paper trail.

more than 4 years ago

Alternative Uses For an Old Satellite Dish?

Var1abl3 Re:Solar Furnace FTW, (552 comments)

I was thinking the same thing. I remember reading about some guy who took a bunch of the disco ball mirrors and glued them to the dish and put a steam generator (coil of copper pipe basically) where the antenna was. He used the pressure to drive a steam turbine or engine and got a few KW of power, as long as the sun was shining and he continued to "steer" the dish to point at the sun all day. If I remember correctly he used a fluid that evaporated at a lower temp than water to help get more power from the heat.... but that was a while back and I have a memory leakage issue. Or do what we did and bury it for the base of a fountain/water feature. It made for a nice round dish to put the fountain in the middle of, but ours was an old solid style and not the mesh kind. Good luck!

more than 6 years ago



Obama's Birth Cert., Change you can Photoshop?

Var1abl3 Var1abl3 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Var1abl3 (1021413) writes "An interesting forensic report that looks at Barack Obama's Birth Certificate posted on the Daily Kos website and claimed to be real by Obama's is now ruled a forgery.


"There are two obvious scenarios used to create the image that can be ascertained from evidence. Either a real COLB was scanned into Photoshop and digitally edited or a real COLB was first scanned to obtain the graphic layout then blanked by soaking the document in solvent to remove the toner. After rescanning the blank page to a separate image the graphics from the previously obtained scan could then be easily applied to the blank scan after some editing and rebuilding. It would also explain why date stamp bleeds through the paper and the various bits of toner located around the image as well as the remnants of the previous location of a security border."

The images and details are quite interesting and very disturbing if the allegations are true.

So the question is why a forgery, is he really legally able to be The President of the United States or not? Natural born citizen or not? You decide 2008.....

So all you /.er's who are experts on images and forgery's please debunk this.... or corroborate."

Global Warming debunked by By Orson Scott Card

Var1abl3 Var1abl3 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Var1abl3 (1021413) writes "Man-made global warming or natural cycles?

I found this interesting article and thought that the /.ers may be interested.

From the article

Science isn't done by consensus. It's done by rigorous testing. When a hypothesis — or a computer model — fails to correspond to the actual real-world data, you throw them out

That's what the real climate scientists are doing. They have found, in recent years, a very close correspondence between global climate and variations in the amount of radiation the Earth receives from the Sun.

The light and heat we get varies depending on the distance and position of the Earth and the amount of radiation the Sun puts out. The Earth's distance and position seem to determine the big cycles — the Ice Ages — and the Sun's variations seem to determine the smaller climate cycles.

We have historical data indicating several global warm periods. There was one during the heyday of the Roman Empire; then there was a global cooling during the Dark Ages (beginning about 600 A.D.) The Medieval Warming kicked in about 950, followed by the Little Ice Age beginning about 1300.

The Little Ice Age ended in about 1860. You'll notice that most reports on our modern Global Warming set that as their base point, and leave out all prior warmings.

But those warm periods are real, as are the cool periods. Ice core samples from various places around the world back it up, as do ocean floor samples. In fact, the predictions based on the 1500-year (approximately) solar cycle are borne out everywhere.
I am interested in what you think of TFA. Check it out and leave your thoughts. All in a Good Cause By Orson Scott Card"


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