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DRM Broke Dragon Age: Origins For Days

VeNoM0619 Re:Only affected the PC version (214 comments)

Until the new PS4 is released and bricks your system with a patch (or makes it less functional).

Kind of like how my windows 98 system was slowly breaking more and more things with each "windows update" after windows xp got released (however, I am seeing few problems after the win 7 release so praise for that). How else would they force you to pay for the next thing? Obsolete their old product.

more than 2 years ago

Gamification — How Much of It Is Really New?

VeNoM0619 Re:Is there no escape... (95 comments)

It sounds like you weren't playing games for fun, but merely ego. If your only reason for playing the game was getting an uber sword, then I guess you were doing it wrong and games aren't for you anyways.

Please also note: not all games are RPGs, and not all games are WoW. Saying you were obsessed with gaming, but the only thing you played was WoW, doesn't truly mean you were a gamer, because that would mean you played games (plural).

more than 3 years ago

Nintendo 3DS Battery Is Quick To Die and Slow To Charge

VeNoM0619 Re:Ugh, here we go again (183 comments)

which was bulky as shit

So, you bought new technology, and are upset that it had improved a few years later?

You wouldn't get upset if you bought a quad core and found out that a 16 core came out in a year or 2. Yes, I understand that old technology just "sucks totally". You know what you are paying for, no reason to complain.

more than 3 years ago

US Ed Dept Demanding Principals Censor More

VeNoM0619 Re:Ludicrous (493 comments)

Schools are fucked up places. At no other time in my life have I been forced to surround myself with sociopaths, criminals, and the insane.

Of course, not until they are 18 do they go to the psych wards and prisons.

more than 3 years ago

Teenagers Jailed For Criminal Version of Facebook

VeNoM0619 Re:Link to TFA (122 comments)

"Southwark crown court was told how public-school-educated Webber, the son of a former Guernsey politician, was using an offshore bank account in Costa Rica to process funds from the frauds. After his initial arrest, Webber threatened on a forum to blow up the head of the police e-crimes unit in retaliation, and used his hacking skills to trace officers' addresses."

The entire article is a must read...

more than 3 years ago

Are You Sure SHA-1+Salt Is Enough For Passwords?

VeNoM0619 Re:News at 11 (409 comments)

Now, suppose the attacker has gained root and now knows the salt. How long will it take to generate a hashtable which can be looked up to find user passwords. TFA argues that this will now take only 33 days on a single machine using GPU computation. That's ~24 hours with less than 50 GPUs. Salt or not, these hashes are crackable in hours, not years.

This assumes it's "password+salt" -> MD5
Which, yes a hashtable (raindbow table) would be used to get all possible values for a reverse lookup to ALL logins.

Now assume you use the "one-time pad" type of method, ie, something unique per login.
"password+salt+(username)" or "password+salt+(usersignupdate/time)" some unique value that doesn't change, but is different between users, or just store a "randomkey" field that gets generated per user. Sure you could spend 33 hours to crack a password, but you would only get ONE password/login. No rainbowtable possible, no reverse lookup.

more than 3 years ago

DDoS Attacks Exceed 100 Gbps For First Time

VeNoM0619 Re:Interesting remark on IPv6 (62 comments)

In short:
Server is already dropping the client's packets regardless.
Server only needs to send a response to buzz off.
Router receives the buzz off request, and simply verifies that yes, client sent a packet to the server. Block him (possibly log it, and when there are too many blocks for that client shut them off), opposed to forwarding it on to 20+ other routers, and a server that would drop it regardless. All ISPs would benefit, so it should be a mutual deal.

Not all routers would be able to perform this due to UDP and different routes being taken, however the last mile routers (ISP basically) would be responsible.

more than 3 years ago

Professor Has Camera Surgically Implanted In the Back of His Head

VeNoM0619 Re:after readig TFA... (119 comments)

There's so much fail surrounding this idea that it's not even worthy of commenting on what all is wrong with it.

Please do, you're the only one who can RTFA.

more than 4 years ago

National Opt-Out Day Against Virtual Strip Searches

VeNoM0619 Re:The privacy/security scale tips again. (647 comments)

1) Subways can't be aimed at any building they want (WTC/Pentagon)
2) Subway bombings have been a common theme in movies, this idea isn't new. However some reason it is rare, possibly because:
3) Subways are uncommon all over America, while big cities certainly have them, most places don't sadly. So "no one is safe" fears cannot be introduced.

But because of #1, this analogy has flaws. It was a WTC bombing, and not a plane bombing. They went for the most "devastating" and largest of targets. Bombing a subway would merely kill hundreds, no falling towers.

A Hijacked plane is far scarier than a hijacked subway train.

more than 4 years ago

Toy Robots Can Guard Your Home

VeNoM0619 Re:This is just Ridiculous (151 comments)

"Batteries Not Included" movie reference? Very nice

more than 4 years ago

EPIC Files Lawsuit To Suspend Airport Body Scanner Use

VeNoM0619 Re:another Obama disappointment... (559 comments)

"Dude, you must have an embarrassingly small penis."

A response to that would be: "regardless of the size, I don't enjoy a guy looking at it, like you do."

more than 4 years ago

USB 'Dead Drops'

VeNoM0619 Re:Engineering aspects: (322 comments)

It will not take much wobbling of the laptop to create a large amount of shear stress on the usb stick leading to failure.

I just figured geeks could do everyone a favor and just stick gum in them/or water and rust them/paint/etc... Setting up a wifi storage is far more beneficial.

more than 4 years ago

Blizzard Announces Final Diablo 3 Class, PvP Arena Battles

VeNoM0619 Re:A shame I won't be playing it. (187 comments)

For all the people out there who haven't played Diablo II in a while, I suggest you patch to 1.13 and try it again. You can respec your stats and skills after completing the den of evil quest (once respec allowed per difficulty level). This is every bit as money as it sounds; it's way easier to power through normal difficulty and then respec to make your character more robust in nightmare and hell. Game on!

Yet, If i did this in patch 1.12 or earlier with my own cheat (Jamalla editor anyone?), under current TOS (SC2) I would be banned from playing.

Or perhaps any D2 mod I installed (like my favorite gem mod) I would be banned... D2 was only fun for the mods. Torchlight shows many aspects from mods, I am not sure if it was inspired from them or not though.

more than 4 years ago

Record-Breaking Galaxy Found In Deep Hubble Image

VeNoM0619 Re:Does it still exist? (196 comments)

Poetic and awe-inspiring...

The closer we get to it, the quicker it dies.

more than 4 years ago

Game Publishers Using Stealth P2P Clients

VeNoM0619 Re:Theft of service (149 comments)

Who says I even clicked "I Agree"? I see no evidence.. It's just their program saying I clicked it and installing.

Who says I saw the EULA? It's a EULA.txt file most the time, which could get corrupted. You also assume my video driver displayed it correctly, and the scroll buttons were functioning correctly to allow me to view it all.

Perhaps I saw the EULA, perhaps I clicked it, but can you prove beyond reasonable doubt? Last I recall, this is why contracts require signatures. To prove you read/signed the attached document. All they have is a bit flipped saying *someone* did, which may not have even been me.

more than 4 years ago

Study Finds 0.3% of BitTorrent Files Definitely Legal

VeNoM0619 Re:Definitively 0.3 per cent (321 comments)

The total sample consisted of 1,000 torrent files—a random selection from the most active seeded files on the trackers they used.

So of the top 1,000 most popular torrents 3 were definitely legal?

91 were porn? I am surprised that there are 91 pornos that everyone wants. Seeing how there is TONS of the stuff. They would do better picking random torrents (not most active).

more than 4 years ago

New Speed Cameras Catch You From Space

VeNoM0619 Re:Speeding tickets are a scam. (351 comments)

God damnit, posting to remove redundant mod... meant to give +5 insightful...(hopefully some decade this modding system will get fixed)

Agree with you 100%, your word against theirs. Sometimes you can't even see the radar (uhh I turned it off, or some other lame excuse) they used. In my opinion, everything a cop does should be documented. No documentation, then innocent until proven guilty. Who came up with this "your word against theirs, I trust a cop more"?

more than 4 years ago

How Many Hours a Week Can You Program?

VeNoM0619 Re:Programming (547 comments)

Not always. It's the eureka methodology.

Because you are so far into the code, you end up looking at the results of the code and attempting to change the output (or start from the beginning changing input). Then when you come back from a sleep, refreshed, you find yourself re-working the entire code or starting it from the beginning instead of getting stuck at the end results.

Also, those 12-16 hours may help, but sometimes your logical side is absorbed in the 12-16, when you really need a burst of creativity instead. Dreams (daydreaming/relaxation) help inspire your creativity, so taking a break to "clear your head" can help.

more than 4 years ago

New Litigation Targets 20,000 BitTorrent-Using Downloaders

VeNoM0619 Re:Good thing (949 comments)

They claim to "obtain the ISP addresses of the infringers" as if that's a surefire way of establishing identity.

Not to mention it is a list of IP addresses obtained by them. Let me go in a USA chat room and get you a good list of IPs. Proof of you downloading is not required, since I mocked up my own data saying you did.

more than 4 years ago


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