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Disney Announces "One Star Wars Movie Per Year" Plan

Vecanti Shotgun approach, 20 movies a year (342 comments)

JJ Abrams? So we can expect at least a $200 million budget? Why not just break that into $10 million dollar chunks and get a bunch of people like Bruce Campbell to start filming and put out 20 Star Wars movies ever year. Sure most will suck ass but if we can get one gem it's better then getting the one guaranteed turd.

about 2 years ago

Interviews: Ask James Randi About Investigating the Truth

Vecanti Oblig. Dilbert... (386 comments)

If every test you perform comes out exactly as you predicted, that these people are all fakes...

Haven't you just proven that you are psychic?

about 2 years ago

NASA Plans To "Lasso" Asteroid and Turn It Into Space Station

Vecanti Re:illogical (200 comments)

"water which could be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen to make fuel" The energy to split apart hydrogen from oxygen in water always exceeds or equals the energy received by burning the hydrogen. Welcome to physics.

But when combined with solar and free water, then you are just basically talking about a "battery" or actually, more just a storage medium. If there is water or ice on the asteroid and they can use solar equipment to just sit up there and split it and store the Hydrogen and Oxygen that is.. I mean sure you could haul around heavy batteries and charge those, but being able to refuel with some 'free' Hydrogen and have extra stores of Oxygen in the middle space to breath would be a bonus.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Kills a Kickstarter Project - Updated

Vecanti Re:Dear Apple (471 comments)

Yeah, that must be it. I just have one question - if the female connector has 4 pins on both sides and the male connector has 4 pins on one side and a big honking metal shell on the other, then how do you avoid shorting out those 4 pins in the female connector with the shell of the male connector?

Picture the connector like a palindrome. Like RacEcaR.

+-+ Would be 2 pins and no shorting



No matter matter which way you plug it you have 5 pins connecting and nothing shorting.

more than 2 years ago

ARM-Based Chromebooks Ready To Battle Windows 8, Tablets

Vecanti Re:"Solution" in search of problem. (230 comments)

I don't know about this device specifically, but at work in the lunch room we have a long row (20 machines?) of Quad Core Dell Win7 machines that are locked down to only run IE at 1280x1024. I'm not sure something like this would be such a bad idea when you look at what a waste those machines are just to run a web browser.

more than 2 years ago

How the Inventors of Dragon Speech Recognition Technology Lost Everything

Vecanti Re:Ironic (606 comments)

Spend a night in jail? For DIRECTLY ruining peoples lives and costing them BILLIONS of dollars?

No, no... We need that space for the tweens filling their iPods with Katy Perry tunes from the evil PIRATE BAY!!

more than 2 years ago

Has the 3-D Hype Bubble Finally Popped?

Vecanti Re:Immersion, Immersion, Immersion (261 comments)

It's interesting that you mention B&W because to me, with ubiquitous high quality color systems, that is something that is similar to the current state of 3D: a gimmick. When used well, it can add to the atmosphere of a movie but if misused, it can detract from the experience.

For sure. I was just thinking about old B&W movies as well, like Casablanca and Maltese Falcon and how the lighting is so beautiful in b&w. Would be cool to see something just more simple, real and pure, (not CGI) combined with 3D. Or even something like, The Ninth Gate, again the movie might suck, but it had great cinematography and lighting. Not the type of movie you think about being released in 3D right now.

But, I always think 3D movies should give a feel more similar to a Holodeck, feeling more like you're there then just if you are watching plain 2D, as opposed to 3D being about swords and monsters jumping at me every few minutes. But I seem to be in the minority with the people I know. They're usually, like, "There was nothing 3D in that move expect "X" shooting toward you 1 time." and I'm, like ?? the whole thing was in 3D! It feels more like you're part of it than 2D. It just adds little bit. Of course, with so many mediocre movies coming out lately...

more than 2 years ago

Has the 3-D Hype Bubble Finally Popped?

Vecanti Immersion, Immersion, Immersion (261 comments)

3D has never, ever, improved a movie's story or characters, and never will.

"To me 3D should be about making it feel like you are IN the movie, not that the movie is coming OUT at you."

Pirates of the Caribbean 4. No, I didn't like the movie.

However, the only thing that made me glad I spent money seeing it in 3D was I think was the "first" time I actually saw GOOD 3D cinematography. A few scenes at least. One of the scenes was when they were in the hull of the ship plotting a mutiny. The scene looked like all lit in with natural candle light. In the scene there was round table with just 1 candle in the middle.

And in the scene there was nothing flying out of the screen! No explosions with shrapnel shooting at you in 3D. It was just a beautiful scene. It was filmed in a small space with beautiful lighting, but in 3D you FELT like you were there. Something that watching it in 2D doesn't give you.

There were other things in that movie as well like in the light house, where again it wasn't 3D SHOOTING out crap at you, but you could see all the beauty of the gears and working of the insides of the lighthouse and you just get immersed. Which was nice since the story sucked.

What I would love to see if a beautifully filmed "3D Black and White" movie, something Schindler's List-esque in it's cinematography. To me 3D should be about making it feel like you are IN the movie, not that the movie is coming OUT at you. Unfortunately, movie makers seem to only use to make it look like Spider-Man is shooting is Spider Wad at you or something lame and gimmicky like that.

more than 2 years ago

AT&T Expects Data-Only Phone Plans Within 2 Years

Vecanti You mean "Bring it Back"? (97 comments)

AT&T used to have something like a data only cellphone/plan. The OGO. It was like $14.95 a month, unlimited text messaging, IM with like MSN, AOL, and Yahoo messenger, and unlimited Email. There was no web browsing, but for email and messaging data it was unlimited and SMS was unlimited. It was great deal back then. Always hoped they'd bring back an updated OGO.


more than 2 years ago

Star Wars Conceptual Artist Ralph McQuarrie Dies at 82

Vecanti Dwayne Johnson = Han Solo? (65 comments)

He's not retiring.

I'd bet anything is working on recasting and re-filming the Original trilogy all together. Staring The Rock!

more than 2 years ago

Apple Intends To 'Digitally Destroy' Textbook Publishing

Vecanti Re:Don't we already have that? (396 comments)

Aren't most e-readers able to display PDF files?

Yes, but the experience sucks. For example, if the pdf was formatted with lines of text 18 cm wide, but you're viewing it on a reader with a 10 cm-wide screen, you're going to have to scroll back and forth with every line you read -- or resize it so small that the font becomes illegible.

What? I have a Sony Pocket e-reader and PDF ebooks reflow just fine. I have a bunch of PDF ebooks I never bothered to convert to epub or native format because they work fine. You can't tell you're even reading a PDF.

about 3 years ago

MAME Running In Chrome

Vecanti Re:Is Google trying to fragment web? (165 comments)


You really want to return to the days when sites required a specific browser to let you in?

The biggest problem was that it was not just one specific browser but it was one specific browser on one specific platform.

Well, it sounds like currently you have to be on Chrome AND on x86? Is that correct?

about 3 years ago

Crysis 2 Most Pirated Game of 2011

Vecanti Re:News Flash (383 comments)

That's correct. 20 years ago, the battle was over "copy protection", which invariably made it hard for the legitimate purchaser to install and use the software. They battle has moved to "DRM" (same thing, slightly more encompassing), but it's the same battle 20 years later.

I still have dozens of boxes of original Amiga disks that I have saved. I also have 'Pirate' copies of almost all those same floppies. Why? Because it was a similar thing back then. "Copy Protection" that didn't let you make a backup of your disks (or HD install it). For you young'uns, back then playing from you 'original' floppies was taboo.

So if you bought a game back then, after you bought it, if it was copy protected you'd usually find a pirate copy as to not have to use your original disks. There were advantages to the pirate versions too sometimes, like they were cracked to allow cheats or let you install them to a harddrive when the original wouldn't.

It doesn't take one to figure out why a lot of people started skipping the purchasing part and just went to the downloading part. In someways they were 'trained' by the software companies themselves to pirate.

Software companies knew that the view in the market place was never to use your original disks. People felt uncomfortable using their original floppies. But software companies didn't care. So much so that "entire" legitimate industries grew, for just this reason, that offered special hardware to duplicate disks regardless of copy protection as well as lots of software to try to do the same.

about 3 years ago

3-Way Price War On Black Friday: iPad, Nook, and Kindle

Vecanti $79 Kindle with "Special Offers" (230 comments)

I notice there are two types of Kindles. Those that say Kindle and those that say, Kindle "with Special Offers". The $79 is with special offers. My understanding is that it will display ads for the entire life of the device for the cost saving over the normal price, is this true? It's a $109 without special offers.

The Nook is $79 with no ads.

I have no interest in either, but I wonder how many people are going to be WTF!? this christmas with their Kindle's as they didn't notice the "Special Offers" thing.

more than 3 years ago

Hyperion Promises An AmigaOS Netbook

Vecanti Re:Possible options for Amiga (258 comments)

How is being a single-user OS good? When I first got XP and was showing it to my wife, she actually liked the fact that every member of the family could have different accounts and profiles, so that aspect of NT (and Linux, BSD and the other unixes) has by now more or less come to be accepted.

I like that last word. Acceptance. Just because it has become accept doesn't mean it's good. How is being single user good? Well, it's not good for everyone for sure. But for me it's my computer. Why did I need all the over head that comes with "multiuser". No registry, no software "installing". Program is in folder. I want to back up a program, I copy the folder. I want to backup the OS. I just copy it.

I think it is ridiculous that you need "Special Software" to back up your OS on Windows. or that is it almost impossible to back up a program in Windows with out reinstalling it. (Sure there are some programs that are an exceptions)
But a lot of that has to do with it installing 1000s of keys in the registry in case multiple people might use the software.

more than 3 years ago

Hyperion Promises An AmigaOS Netbook

Vecanti Re:Is AmigaOS still that different/revolutionary? (258 comments)

The "OS", not the computer system (hardware) still brings a lot of things to the table. Though it many ways (software) it is behind.

What drives the interest for me (not a daily OS for me or anything anymore) is the simplicity of the OS.

The concept is this. A Single User OS.

The entire OS is not "installed". It's simply in some folders. Commands in the Commands folder, Libraries in the Libraries folder, Drivers in the Drivers, etc.
The entire start up process is a Text file, that you can easily look at and modify.

How is this good?
It's easy to control your OS. Want to back up you OS? Just copy it to a thumb drive. Heck run it from a thumb drive. Run it from a network drive. There is no registry for software. All software is separate from the OS, like "Portable Apps".

Why is this bad? Probably bad for security if it ever did get popular. Harder for companies to use DRM.

more than 3 years ago

Why Computer Voices Are Mostly Female

Vecanti Re:Hmmm, nope. (276 comments)

Who is JEJ? I Googled it and got a zillion hits, but nothing obvious.

JEJ? The voice of "Darth Vader".

Oh yes. Very soothing!

But hey, maybe that works for a library.

Patron:"I swear! I'll pay my late fees by the end of the week!"
Automated Voice:"I hope so for your sake, the Head Librarian is not as forgiving as I am."

Reminds me of Conan the Librarian. :)

more than 3 years ago


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