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Reviews Of AMD Duron 'Morgan' 1GHz

Vector Inspector Re:Gamers want low heat/ noise too!! (117 comments)

Fans aren't the only option. You could use water cooling or peltier devices to cool your system. Much quieter. Or you could put a layer of sound-proofing foam in your case. Either way, choosing you CPU on the basis of heat output isn't the only option anymore.

more than 13 years ago


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Splish Splash I've Writing a Journal Entry

Vector Inspector Vector Inspector writes  |  more than 13 years ago

Yeah... I have no life.

I've been working. Medium sized cable manufacturer.

Tech department.

I spend most of my time marvelling at how bad Red Hat is.

I should have installed Slack.

But I didn't (still don't) have a Slack 8 CD handy.

Buyin' a new box soon. T-Bird 950 is what I've budgeted (this is Canada, I can't afford much more. Still holyshitthatsfast to me).

School starts next Tuesday.

I spend just as much time doing school (6 hours plus homework which I may have to actually start doing), but I don't get paid. Hell's bells!

I set commenting on here so someone may be inticed to troll for me. Please, feel perfectly free.

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