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Imparting Malware Resistance With a Randomizing Compiler

Vegemite This isn't new (125 comments)

I can't see how Franz's idea is materially different from "Randomized instruction set emulation" by Barrantes, Ackley, Forrest, and Stefanovic (2005).

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Package Redirection Service For Shipping to Australia?

Vegemite Why buy from the USA? (206 comments)

I have lived in Aussie for the last 8 years and am grateful every time I leave the doctor's office without having to fill out one stinking form. This is a wonderful country. Support the Australia economy where you can. There are some good online bookstores like Booktopia. If you can't find any joy there, try the Bookdepository and Abesbooks in the UK (owned by Amazon?) They have low shipping costs. There is a large online electronics industry here. Maybe it won't be quite as cheap as buying from the US, but if you have a problem with the order, it won't take months of overseas troubleshooting to figure out. Australian ebay will give you access to the China markets.

about a year ago

Mozilla Plan Seeks To Debug Scientific Code

Vegemite The Horror (115 comments)

You must be joking. Many scientific papers out there have results based on prototype or proof of concept software written by naive grad students for their advisors. These are largely uncommented hacks with little, if any, sanity checks. To sell these prototypes commercially, I have had to cleanup after some of these grads. I take great sadistic pleasure in throwing out two years of effort and rewriting it all from scratch in a couple of weeks.

about a year ago

Any NSA moles out there?

Vegemite Re:US based companies have no credibility left (3 comments)

I believe some US companies had offshored their crypto development even before the NSA revelations. Perhaps to avoid those national security letters but no doubt to avoid tangling crypto export laws. But you are essentially correct, the credibility is gone. There is no way to know if the hardware or software you have purchased has been given a backdoor.

about a year ago

Music While Programming?

Vegemite Re:Micromanagement (1019 comments)

For your boss to try to dictate how you work like this is a form of micromanagement which demonstrates distrust.

Yes, I agree it is micromanagement but not that it is motivated by distrust. From my experiences, I think it is a power trip which driving this. Some people seem to enjoy plying their subordinates with ridiculous decrees. While we are having this banal conversation, the boss is thinking up yet another way to make the ant hill boil with frustration. Giving this management person credibility is the worst thing you can do. Stand on your hind legs and demand respect.

more than 5 years ago

Who Should Be the First US Copyright Czar?

Vegemite You have it all wrong (389 comments)

Richard Stallman should be the first (and last) copyright czar!

more than 6 years ago



Any NSA moles out there?

Vegemite Vegemite writes  |  about a year ago

Vegemite (609048) writes "With all the fuss about Snowden I recognize there are many former employees of the NSA and how these ongoing revelations are going to affect them. The only former NSA employee I met was about the same time I was putting together a crypto library to test verilog code and subsequently the security chip for my employer. Access to the code base was universal. Heck, we're all on the same team, right? Now, this former NSA person would not have willingly given out a menu selection from the NSA cafeteria nor one reason for leaving his former employer. It seems to me that while this may be ordinary behavior for a former NSA employee, it also cultivates an air of suspicion. Considering the beligerant nature of the NSA towards our privacy, it seems only natural to suspect they have planted a few moles in selected security positions. If I were producing any cryptographic hardware or software products, all former NSA employees would be re-investigated just to save my company's credibility."


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