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Facebook Apologizes To Drag Queens Over "Real Name" Rule

Velex Re:Reverse discrimination is still discrimination (280 comments)

Ah, it's been a while, Green Site!

Why are facebook apologising to all LGBTs and not just Drag Queens?

Ok, there's a great deal of confusion I see here. It's a question of use-case.

Drag queens are performing artists. See Rue Paul or Pandora Boxx, neither of which iirc use HRT or intend to transition to adopting their performing identities as their own 24/7. Companies get FB pages, so why shouldn't their performing identities get FB pages in addition to their own personal pages?

I find it odd that FB is apologizing to drag queens or that they would even target drag queens. (I'd also like to add that one curious thing I read in Whipping Girl is that drag queens are often welcomed into the female restroom, but trans women are shunned from that place.)

In the case of trans men and women, if FB has targeted them (I haven't been), FB is clearly wrong and the apology is justified. Especially in the case of trans women, proceeding with a legal name change is a risk that can land one homeless in a gutter. I'd also like to add that in my personal experience that I'm gendered female by others quite often (just lucky I guess), however changing my real name without being able to go without a job for a year or two would be suicidal. Employers have this little habit of demanding documents that contain one's legal gender. If one's legal gender doesn't match with the gender of one's identity and the gender others assign to one, it's OMG fucking holy shit GTFO.

There's also the complication that a name change is not enough to get those documents to match one's lived gender. My state requires bottom surgery before the documents can be amended, although some clever trans women are able to get the gender on their driver's license changed at the DMV with a little social engineering (others aren't so lucky). Other states make it impossible to change those documents even with bottom surgery.

My friends know me by one name. My employer and clients know me by another. However, FB is not a network for professionals so instead I have a LinkedIn profile with one name and a FB profile I haven't touched in probably two years with another name (just a few more years and it'll be my real name), the one my friends know me as.

Why do drag queens get to have an alias and not straight people who wear straight peoples clothes.

What is straight peoples' clothes, exactly? Do homosexuals wear something different to the office? In my experience, gays and lesbians tend to dress just the same as their heterosexual peers.

Yes, I'm intentionally being obtuse. I hope I addressed the confusion about drag above. This is a question of identity.

I'd also like to give you something to think about. Currently I'm between genders, so it's all wibbly-wobbly. However, should I obtain bottom surgery after going full time as a woman, I will then be a heterosexual woman and indistinguishable from any other straight woman who cannot have children due to whatever medical problem.

Your head will asplode the day the procedure for a barren cisgendered woman to receive a transplanted uterus (I'm too lazy to find the link, but I believe the procedure involved transplanting her mother's uterus into her so that she could have children) is expanded to transgendered women.

If women wear trousers do they get to call themselves cross-dressers and get an alias?

Why would a cisgendered woman want to have a male identity? If this is a case of a trans man or somebody experimenting with presenting a male identity, then I would say it's justified.

I've met a few trans men, and the decision to undergo gender transition is an even bigger hurdle for them than trans women. There is no bottom surgery they can hope for, and they have to be absolutely certain before they expose their bodies to testosterone. Estrogen is easy, and its changes to the body can be hidden or even reversed. That's not true of testosterone.

The voice drops, facial hair develops, and it's all permanent. If there were a magic pill I could take that would change my brain from female to male, I might take it. My breasts can be easily removed, and the other changes will fade over time as testosterone becomes established in my body. A trans man does not have this option of an easy out once he makes the decision to transition .

If the pet cross-dresses can it have an alias?

It's been established that homosexuality and transgenderism exist in the animal kingdom, at least as far as mammals are concerned. However, I can't comprehend why somebody would make a FB profile for a pet, so I don't think I can advise on this one.

Why are facebook apologising to all LGBTs....

Coming back to this to summarize, I'm confused that FB didn't limit the apology to the transgendered or why they were even targeting drag queens. Drag queens are performing artists. If companies can have a FB profile, their performance should also clearly get a FB profile.

Let's also be more clear. The term "cross-dresser" can mean any number of things and is too vague to be useful.

At any rate, this all illustrates how brain-damaged a "real" name (I hope I've called the idea of a real name into question) policy is.

Gender transition isn't something where you just throw a switch and it's done in 5 minutes with liberal hounds chasing down anyone who doesn't recognize the new identity. There is a period of time--years and years--where one is in varying degrees of legal limbo, and free Obamacare sex changes are a delusion of Faux News. Not every trans woman is perceived as a woman as easily as I. Assume your ability to spot a "cross-dresser" is infallible and perform the Crocodile Dundee maneuver enough times, and eventually you'll grope a cisgendered female and find yourself in a world of shit while I go unquestioned.

about 4 months ago

Everything that has a beginning has an end

Velex Re:Wouldn't that be... (2 comments)

(slashcott doesn't begin until Monday)

Or is this just a case of the language not offering enough choices to cover all situations?

Pretty much. The character I have in mind would have begun transition already with some other characters already referring to him/her as "she." It's kind of the situation I'm in now; write what you know I guess, just as long as it doesn't turn into some kind of self-insert fantasy.

One of the things Goldsmith does in Genma's Daughter, which is a Ranma 1/2 fanfic, is to refer to Ranma as he or she depending on which form he/she's in but always as Ranma until he/she decides to lock the Juusenkyo curse and go full time living as a woman for a few weeks. At that point, the author begins referring to the character as Ranko. Not to give spoilers if you haven't read it, but there are only a few times when Ranko is in male form after that, and Goldsmith reliably refers to the character with the name "Ranko" and the pronoun "he."

In the non-fiction book Whipping Girl, Serano observes that pronouns are often a matter of presumption and contextual guessing that one has to make within the first few moments of meeting somebody. After all, we generally don't go around performing a "Crocodile Dundee" manuever to verify which body parts a stranger has between their legs before we decide whether to use "he" or "she" when referring to that person. Checking others' genitals would also lead to ambiguity in the case of trans women who have the female gender and a woman's name on their driver's license but have not yet undergone (or does not desire) surgery.

One might argue that the state of one's genitals is of utmost importance, which is one thing that feminists and right wing authoritarians can both agree upon. However, because we do not check others' genitals regularly, it becomes a moot point unless there's romance involved. The zombie flic Wild Zero presents one such situation.

As Serano also notes, sometimes we get it wrong. As an example, I used to work with a perfectly cisgendered man when I used to do fast food who would often be ma'amed when talking to customers over the drive-through speaker because he had a feminine way of speaking. Sometimes when I'm very tired, I'll get ma'amed by strangers who have only my appearance to go on when clearly presenting as male simply because when I'm tired, I forget to use masculine body language. So, it's not as straight-forward of a process as we'd like to imagine it is.

I feel that getting the language thing down would be one of the challenges of presenting something like that to a wider audience. One solution might be to write from first person, but it would be more interesting to use third person omniscient so I can use the same technique as Goldsmith. I feel that the way other characters use he or she can be an effective way to demonstrate what other characters think of the protagonist's gender---the narrator's choice of pronoun being dependent on whether the character is presenting as male or female---, and which particular name the narrator uses to refer to the protagonist can demonstrate the state of his/her own identity at that point in the story.

about a year ago

HealthCare.gov Can't Handle Appeals of Errors

Velex Re:And all that being said ... (208 comments)

It works, that's why. I believe given that [FUCK] BETA is going to happen, that we carefully question the validity of transphobia in greater discussions of gender.

On the one hand, there's Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs. The Silence of the Lambs is actually a good movie if you can accept the premise that Buffalo Bill is not actually a trans woman (evidence provided by the character Hannibal).

However, there's the powerful feminist lobby (that's made of cis women and trans women who are grovelling to cis women to have their status as women of some kind at least).

The idea is that trans women, fundamentally, are Buffalo Bill, however that doesn't hold water. But then here come the feminists who are saying that trans women are Buffalo Bill, but perhaps on a metaphysical sense. Nobody knows that to believe because most individuals have a "cis blind spot;" that is, they cannot separate their mental gender from their reproductive gender.

The bane of the American system is freeloaders. The argument is that nobody would hire a trans woman because she would be masturbating all the time. Therefore, a trans woman wouldn not be able to pay for her own cosmetic surgery. Therefore, any arguments that being a trans woman has any basis in physical reality are clearly attempts to create communism. Q. E. D.

All that, and FUCK BETA.

about a year ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

Velex *golf claps* (2219 comments)

Thank you. I sitll intend to participate in the slashcott next week, however. I believe that there is a political element at Dice that would not mind seeing the wretched hive of men's rights activism and anti-feminism that is Slashdot in mothballs.

Godspeed to those who are working on altslashdot.org. I'm afraid that Code.org and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have given orders from On High that the community that questions feminism at Slashdot must be disbanded.

I've encountered sexism many times in my life before. Usually the argument is that because I was assigned the male gender at birth, despite the physical gender of the wetware between my ears, THEREFORE I am sexist. Q. E. D.

I wished many, many times during my male adolescence thatI had been born female instead. None of those wishes came true. However, if any of them had, I suspect that my school's administration would not have attempted to threaten me with FBI incarceration because I wanted to have a computer club nor would they have attempted to paint me as a plagarist because my code was "too good" for somebody of my age back then.

More assigned males are speaking out against this problem. There is nothing you can do, Dice or Code.org. More and more of us are becoming aware that the feminist narrative is wrong-headed.

As much as I wish more cis women would go into programming, I am not their mistress or their Borg queen. I do not control their actions.

There needs to be a different approach.

about a year ago

Wozniak To Apple: Consider Building an Android Phone

Velex Re:Slashdot readership to Dice (249 comments)


I would be happy with [FUCK] BETA if it weren't for the superfluous sidebar that continues down the page to infinity and beyond, limiting space for comments and the various other layout issues. The font size is too big for another thing. Now I know I can hit ctrl+- a few times, but I mean, come on! I want comments to be the full width of my window, and I want to choose whether I want to see all comments when I'm moderating and whether I just want to browse at +1 or +2 depending on my attention span any particular day. In fact, I don't give a FUCK BETA whether a comment was modded up because it was funny, insightful, or interesting or whatever. All I care about is how many moderators thought the comment was noteworthy when I don't care to browse at 0 or -1.

FUCK BETA is like everything I hate about the mobile site brought to a desktop site. I even do "request desktop site" on my phone when browsing Slashdot because the mobile site is worthless. I once tried modding on the mobile site, and not a single mod ever took place! (Still had my mod points when I got home!)

We can argue about whether or not it's too AJAXy or whether JQuery is too onerous. All I want is the Slashdot I know and love for its threaded comment system and moderation/meta-moderation system. More power to Dice if they can realize a functional AJAXy vision of that in my opinion as long as it degrades gracefully for browsers such as elinks (yes, I actually do use elinks on occasion!) and screen readers, but FUCK BETA is not that.

about a year ago

Wozniak To Apple: Consider Building an Android Phone

Velex Re:first (249 comments)

Just voted it up.

about a year ago

Why Robot Trucks Could Be Headed To Afghanistan (And Everywhere Else)

Velex Re:Beta sucks (135 comments)

It seems from some of Soulskill's comments that this is a change that's being rammed through from the Higher Ups and the Powers That Be.

It'll be interesting to see how this will play out, and I'm glad to see that there are people already working on building a new "slashdot." I was thinking about doing some hacking on slashcode or coming up with something new entirely this weekend when I'll be more free, but it looks like the initiative is well underway by individuals with better experience at such things than I have.

Something occurred to me today while browsing through all the FUCK BETA comments. I might need to loosen my tinfoil, but who knows. The way things go will be telling. I mean, I like the freaking MS Office ribbon and I'm looking forward to Wayland! FUCKing BETA is just an absolute disaster, but maybe it's intentional.

We know that Dice is a backer of Code.org, and Code.org has been involved in some proposals one might use the euphemism "affirmative action" for, but I prefer to call it what it is: sexism and discrimination based on assigned gender at birth.

This place is one of the few places I know on the internet I can come and participate in discussions about alternate theories about why there are no cis women in programming and whether that's even a problem or not (and get properly downmodded when I cross the line into misogynistic ranting). Personally, I think it is, although others disagree. All of those discussions are completely contradictory to the narrative that Code.org and feminism would like us to believe: that lack of interest from cis women must needs imply some kind of sexism and oppression on the part of all assigned males.

Perhaps the higher ups at Dice think that if they torpedo this site with a horrible excuse for a redesign (it looks like something I would design! and I'll freely admit I'm a terrible graphic artist!), that opinions such as mine and others that run contrary to the feminist narrative that constructs gender as a dichotomy of rapists and victims would lose their soapbox.

Maybe my tinfoil is on too tight, but Dice seems to be demonstrating that in the face of falling revenues from this property, they're willing to have it commit seppuku.

Hopefully I'm wrong and if the boycott next week goes well, Dice will see the light. However, I believe there may be a political element present in Dice that wouldn't mind seeing Slashdot in mothballs.

about a year ago

Getting Young Women Interested In Open Source

Velex Re:I'm male but... (545 comments)

Replying instead of modding.

Try working in a nearly all female working environment. You will receive sexual harassment and be held accountable for the actions of others because you were assigned the same gender some other person was at birth. You'll hear all the same old jokes that "all men" are the butt of on a near daily basis, and you'll get as tired of them as feminists are of jokes about women drivers.

It took me a long time to learn to not act on the feeling of disgust that overcomes me when a woman is flirting with me and to also communicate to my co-workers that it was not acceptable to expect me to return the flirting.

Sexism and acting as a chauvenist pig are not things that are unique to any particular gender and are not things that being assigned the female gender at birth prevents one from engaging in.

about a year ago

Watch Bill Nye and Ken Ham Clash Over Creationism Live

Velex Re:Debate? (593 comments)

See what I did there?

Yes. You displayed a wonderfully forward-thinking application of the "one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself" version of the golden rule.

The dilemma is that religious fundamentalism and its various manifestations of Puritanism and Biblical literalism tend to work against that verson of the golden rule so we're left with "he who has the gold makes the rules" and "all tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" taking into consideration that money is speech. (The only problem I have with Citizens United is that I believe it's a misapplication of corporate personhood because a corporation is a legal construct and not natural. Therefore, a corporation has none of the examples of natural human rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights as natural rights, only privileges.)

Personally, I would be much more tolerant of religious fundamentalism and Puritanism if the limits of its intrusions into my personal life were a few crappy ice cream joints my money is no good at because I'm trans and some well-meaning witnessers that might walk by and strike up a conversation when I'm mowing the lawn. The US Constitution lays down a powerful framework for attempting to make that so. As is lamented in every NSA/DEA/FBI/Snowden thread, it seems that document doesn't mean as much as it did in that nostalgic yesteryear that never quite existed.

There's always a flux between authoritarianism and libertarianism (small L). The question I suppose is one of how to impede authoritarianism without violating the human rights of individual authoritarians. The problem is that authoritarianism by definition implies top-down enforced conformity, and the only solutions I can think of given the larger sociological picture are different top-down enforced conformities.

about a year ago

HealthCare.gov Can't Handle Appeals of Errors

Velex Re:And all that being said ... (208 comments)

can get a gender change with insurance

Ok, I'm going to call you out as a troll.

This has been seriously pissing me the fuck off. Where the hell do I sign up for one of these free Obamacare sex changes?

Is the right just misinformed and free phalloplasty and testosterone HRT are available and they assumed that assigned males would also be given free vaginoplasty and estrogen HRT?

I don't know and don't care. Unless that's the case, you are completely full of shit. At the very least it doesn't excuse this rhetoric that Obamacare is so evil that it's giving out free sex changes! My insurance won't even cover my meds because when estrogen and an anti-androgen are prescribed to an assigned male, it's cosmetic by definition, and no fucking insurance company will cover anything cosmetic.

Dipshits like you who want us all to believe that Obamacare is giving out free sex changes and the fact this bullshit works are telling. Transphobia is a better argument apparently against this train wreck of a law than logic, philosophy, and data about the 9,999 out of 10,000 (or 49,999 out of 50,000 depending on who you listen to) individuals who are not transgendered that are getting fucked by this law.

I'll admit, I was naive two years ago about how insurance companies were going to milk this. I knew it would be a hand-out to insurance companies, but from what I've been hearing, it's ridiculous. Nobody is giving out free sex changes you troll. You can't name one single actual insurance company that gives out free sex changes or any other cosmetic operation. Just die in a fire.

Two more things that will fucking blow your mind. First, not all trans people are liberal socialist commies. I vote Libertarian. I pay with my own cash for my meds, and I see no problem with that. Second, being trans is NOT a sexual fetish that revolves around scamming other people into paying for cosmetic surgery. This will blow your mind because there's a significant number of trans people who don't desire bottom surgery. Disclaimer: I'm not one of them.

I don't see why others should be forced to pay for a routine, daily medicine for me and a cosmetic surgery. I do however want to know why I have to pay for so much shit for so many of you straight folks so you can have your all important grandkids before your own kids are 20 like food stamps, free housing, birth control (that whoopies the Mother forgot to take the entire last month!), and the list goes on.

I give you free child support, give me this mythical free Obamacare sex change, and we'll be happy. No, I think it's better if you and your children starve because you couldn't afford birth control and condoms before having wild sex, and if I pay for my sex change with my own hard-earned cash. Get a damned job and be responsible if you want to have sex instead of having children you can't afford.

This law hasn't affected me personally one bit. It can't actually because as long as my employer even offers a health insurance benefit, I can't qualify for any subsidies. There is no insurance company that will cover a sex change. Well, the only concession I'll make is that perhaps one of those "platinum plans" might. Who knows, maybe. Except riddle me this: why would I get an "insurance" plan for the sole purpose of getting a sex change when the premiums would cost me more in a year than getting a sex change and implants?!

There are no fucking free Obamacare sex changes. You want to know why everything is falling apart in this country? It's idiots like you and the idiots who listen to you who are more concerned about somebody getting a free sex change and then going out and fucking a hot guy than you are about what's going on around you.

Pick a better argument.

I may not be much of anyone, but I'm getting sick of transphobia from the right. So much so that maybe it's time I give up even voting for Libertarians.

about a year ago

Map of Publicly-Funded Creationism Teaching

Velex Re:Texas Barely Registers (544 comments)

Well, that's what you and I think.

You should spend Thanksgiving with my ex-family. A typical Thanksgiving involved a debriefing about how my brother and I would go to hell if I we believed the differences in interpretation that my grandparents believed.

You get folks who believe themselves linguistic Biblical scholars. You get arguments based on whether that appearance of "is" comes from this Aramaic word or was later inserted by some monk by accident.

People get very serious about this and very emotional. I suppose that's what happens when one's been convinved that they'll go to hell and burn forever based on some nit-picky interpretation of the etymology of some word or whatever. Imagine meeting someone who can walk you through an argument that their god is mad at us because we don't practice racially-based slavery any more!

(From what I remember, it has something to do with how caucasians are the lost tribe of Isreal [insert scriptual evidence I never cared enough to memorize here] and because some guy got smashed drunk once in a tent and passed out without any clothes on.)

I don't know what the solution is. By the FSM, the country I live in will be a 3rd world country in 50 years because when the going gets rough, the tough turn to superstition, and there's nothing I can do about it.

about a year ago

Controversial Execution In Ohio Uses New Lethal Drug Combination

Velex Re:Why are we testing drugs on humans? (1038 comments)

Going way off topic here, but it was pretty harmful to me.

It's at best a cosmetic procedure. The troubling thing is that we perform this cosmetic procedure on patients who have no ability to report problems during healing. When something goes wrong, the patient has no way of knowing what's normal or not. I'm not the only person who went through a big chunk of their life thinking that something abnormal and utterly wrong was just a normal part of being a man. Hell, I didn't even know it had been done to me until I had already taken drastic measures to correct the physically painful problem I had that I had thought was a completely normal part of being a man.

And maybe it really is. I don't know. My doctor said that my female mind might have been interpreting something that should have felt pleasurable as intolerable pain. I'm not sure I entirely buy that. Despite the help he provided me, his idea of gender transition was Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've never heard another account like mine from another trans woman, and side effects that aren't cosmetic or don't revolve around sexual pleasure later in life simply aren't studied, so there's no evidence to support or refute his claim.

I feel sorry for my ex-parents. If they had just kept their hands off my dick, they might have had the grandkids they wanted so much. Well, shit happened, and now they'll never have grandkids.

"Mutilation" or not, the ethics are apalling. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the primary reason we do this to infants is to protect them from sexually transmitted diseases. How much sex does the typical infant have?

There's the UTI argument, but that barely holds any water. UTI is a routine condition that infants develop, and female infants have a higher rate of UTI. The way I see it, why can't we just accept that maybe male infants in their intact state just have a little higher rate of incidence of UTI than female infants? Why don't we research cosmetic surgeries to perform on female infants to bring their rate of incidence of UTI down in line with the rate of incidence for circumcised male infants?

If the evidence is to be believed, then it would be more ethical to perform the procedure on a child after 24 months. The foreskin is not fully developed until then, and many side effects such as skin bridges could be completely avoided if the procedure were performed after the foreskin had fully developed. It would also allow a better opportunity to administer local anesthesia, since any kind of anestesia is risky to perform on a newborn.

I don't see any kind of rationality surrounding the issue like what I proposed above. I mean, for FSM's sake, it's a cosmetic procedure at best. Nobody seriously believes that it's more effective at preventing transmission of STDs than a condom! Well, unless you're a victim of this practice in rural Africa. They do, and the results have been tragic. Relying on circumcision to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS/GRID and other STDs has led to widespread infection there. Clearly, circumcision is ineffective at controlling infection, regardless of the percentage point here or there that the AAP reported.

All I can figure is that the point of performing it on newborns is so that the patient never knows that he is missing a body part that is design to protect the glans from external irritation. The patient might protest and advocate against the practice if he were to be aware that before the body part was amputated, there was no pain or irritation, and afterwards there was. The patient might report more complications instead of beliving those complications are simply a part of being a man, and the rate of incidence recorded would probably increase.

Iirc the AAP currently reports that 1/500 circumcisions have complications. How much higher would that be if we preformed this procedure on 4 or 5 year olds the same way we wait until a child is about that age before removing their wisdom teeth? I don't know, and by performing this procedure on infants who come into consciousness never knowing what it's like to be intact with a foreskin protecting the glans from irritation, it's impossible to know.

Based on that, I believe we can call it a "mutilation" and even a form of child abuse. The fact is that if it were simply a procedure such as removing wisdom teeth that was based on medical wisdom, we would wait until the patient were old enough to report problems that would indicate follow-up care. It's a pet peeve of mine that anti-circumcision groups ("intactivists") throw around arguments based on some kind of sexual pleasure or somesuch. I would be happy just knowing life without genital pain.

1 year,8 days

Stop Trying To 'Innovate' Keyboards, You're Just Making Them Worse

Velex Re:Windows keys? (459 comments)

In Windows, win+R for the run box, win+D to go to the desktop, win+E for my computer. There are a few others, but those are the ones I use most frequently.

In Linux, it's much more useful. I have it set up as a 3rd level shift. I hacked together an XKB map that gives me greek letters; punctuation such as em and en dashes, typographical quotes, proper ellipsis, less than/greater than or equal to, etc; and arrows plus times and divide on my numpad. Combined with remapping capslock to the compose key, it makes for a versatile keyboard layout.

If one wanted, one could also map say some of the F keys (F1-F12) to things like volume up/down, play next track, pause, calculator, run, etc with 3rd level shift, but I haven't bothered.

On the topic of keyboards themselves, I'm loving my Unicomp black buckling spring USB keyboard. The trackball is wonky, though, and as far as I can tell the extra two mouse buttons are mystery buttons that do nothing (no middle click!), so I'd recommend skipping that to anyone who wants a decent 5 lb USB klacker. The thing in indestructable, and the tactile feedback from the buckling springs makes it a pleasure to type on, improving both speed and accuracy.

1 year,8 days

Tech's Gender and Race Gap Starts In High School

Velex Re:In other news (489 comments)

Thanks for the reply.

No other choice but to go back in the kitchen... that women would rather pole-dance than pursue a more dignified career because money is the only thing important to them... Your bias is showing.

Where can I meet this mythical womyn-born-womyn? I've observed what I've observed first-hand.

Hell, I've had girls (plural! multiple!) that my ex-boyfriend have dated that have offered to cook and clean for me if I'd let them move in! Every time I've said hell no, just move in if that's what you want to do. These womyn-born-womyn need higher aspirations. One who wanted to be an engineer before she learned she could dance on a pole and make good money just like her own Mother (I do have respect for the athleticism involved, but little else) I tried as best I could to tell to forget the cooking and cleaning and focus on taking classes. Well, last I heard about her, she had become a Mother, sights still set on retirement around 35. How can I blame her? Maybe I'd do the same things if I had been born with my reproductive system on the inside and had the opportunities and privileges that came with that.

Hell, I'd be happy if I even knew what life with intact genitals was like. You can't tell me womyn-born-womyn aren't privileged when it's illegal and gets us jerking our knees like there's no tomorrow at the suggestion of even poking a clitoris with a pin, but there's no recourse for all the physical pain circumcision left me with and there's no recourse for the discomfort I still suffer even after HRT eliminated the excrutiating pain that had me planning suicide.

lame misogynistic 4chan derogatory terms

There really are people who act as white knights and I know no better term for them outside of perhaps pro-feminist chauvenists or maybe just bigots. They believe that womyn-born-womyn are utterly blameless perpetual victims. That's an attitude that should be held in contempt, because it is at utter odds with gender equality. I mean, I'm a short person (fortunately for me given my other circumstances). No matter whether I have estrogen or testosterone in my system, most women are taller and objectively stronger than me.

Additionally, I've realized that the term "womyn-born-womyn" wasn't quite as well known as I had hoped. That term doesn't come from 4chan (unless somebody there picked up on the same hypocrisies that led me to start using it). It comes straight from the feminist movement. Feminists are extremely threatened by trans women (once one understands feminism is a religion and has nothing to do with gender equality, this is easy to account for), so they invented a term based on the term "womyn" to shame trans women with. It strikes me as a kind of no true Scotsman thing. After all, feminists who refer to themselves as womyn-born-womyn as a way of degrading and marginalizing trans women haven't had their genitals inspected Crocodile Dundee style. How else could anyone possibly know that the speaker herself never had a period or couldn't have children or had any number of other health conditions that would make her any different from this spiritual femaleness that we're supposed to believe is superior because it has a period and it can have children. Hell, if I wanted, after I get bottom surgery or otherwise if I were very careful, I probably could actually invade a feminist group, present myself as a womyn-born-womyn, and pull it off. I'm not a lesbian, so other "womyn-born-womyn" would have no reason to inspect my genitals. That feminists would draw a distinction and slander an entire group of people---trans women---based on the honesty of the individuals in that group by disclosing their past when discussing matters of gender, to me is utterly contemptable.

Then there's womyn-born-womyn who have manly features. You've seen one or two and so have I. I always wonder how often they're accused of being trans by a feminist while using a changing room or bathroom. They're not trans because they were assigned the female gender at birth and persumably have a period and can grow children inside themselves. The term womyn-born-womyn only, in an optimistic sense, implies the first one of those criteria. Every single other criterion based on objective fact or biological evidence is invalid next to the fortune of having been assigned the female gender on a piece of paper at birth. Even cases of botched circumcision resulting in genital amputation and raising the child as female (which never works, btw, too much of a statistical disparity I assume between being born trans and having a grusomely botched circumcision---if that had happened to me, my circumcision being botched just enough to be assigned the female gender at birth, I would have had a very happy life and probably never would have gone into IT) would qualify that child for the status of womyn-born-womyn in feminism despite having XY genetics and completely normal male anatomy at birth right up until botched circumcision.

I will be working on evidence shortly. The next time this comes up on /., it would probably be good to be less ranty and present evidence of why feminism is completely off its rocker when it comes to womyn-born-womyn (cis women) and IT careers.

Either that or I'll be pleasantly surprised to learn I'm wrong and have merely had bad experience after bad experience after bad experience after bad experience. I doubt that, though. It's more likely that it really is time to knock womyn-born-womyn down a few notches.

I believe in gender equality, not female hegemony, and sure as fuck not hegemony of individuals merely lucky enough to be assigned a gender on paper at birth.

1 year,12 days

Incandescent Bulbs Get a Reprieve

Velex Re:Good. Attics & closets waste $30 bulbs. Dim (767 comments)

I replaced nearly all incandescent bulbs in my house with bulbs similar to these from Lowe's the first few months after I bought it a few years ago. They cost a little under $3 per bulb, so you're off by an order of magnitude there.

They turn on instantly, and it wasn't difficult to get used to the color difference. Anymore, the color quality of incandescent looks odd to me.

My only real gripe is that when I started using CFLs, I learned that the equivalency rating to incandescents in power consumption just isn't right. A 13 watt CFL looks a hell of a lot dimmer than a 60 watt incandescent. Maybe it's just me. I've found 18 watt CFLs to be acceptable replacements for 60 watt incandescents.

You have a valid point about dimmers. That would be one application I'd probably keep incandescents for, but I don't have any dimmers in my house. If I were looking to purchase one, I'd seriously consider a CFL dimmer, but I haven't looked into how much more the upfront cost is.

That being said I don't need the federal government to get me to make decisions that will reduce my power bill, and I find it appalling that the federal government apparently has the power to prohibit the production of a product that does no more harm than eat a little over 3x as much power as a competing product.

What governments should be doing if they want to engage in market manipulation is subsidizing installation of solar panels for roofs. That would probably be more productive than forcing everyone who wants to keeps their incandescents to moving to a bulb that they're not happy with. Hell, it'd probably help the economy, too.

Another thing governments can do is investigate what we would need to build new fission power plants and move away from coal and natural gas. Perhaps some kind of anti-NIMBY legislation and some real critical thinking about how we safely build and operate fission reactors without allowing greed and bean counters from creating disasters.

A third alternative is stopping this nonsense with corn ethanol and promoting biodiesel. Petrolchemicals may be the best way to store energy, corn ethanol is not the best petrochemicals to use for that purpose, and maybe plants are the best way to harvest energy from the sun.

We're consuming energy at an increasing rate as a species, and we're only going to need more and more. That isn't a bad thing. The bad thing is being dependent on fossil fuels. Those are only renewable on scales measured in millions of years, which isn't of much utility to human progress.

Forcing people to use a bulb that, judging by comments here, even the thought of using causes visceral rage will probably be no more than a drop in the bucket compared the above.

At the end of the day, it's your power bill. It's not like you're somehow using incandescants and only being charged for the power consumption of CFLs. Hell, I'd bet certain individuals who seem to be physically incapable of turning a light off once they've left a room would see more of a savings from doing that than switching to CFLs.

1 year,12 days

Doctors Say Food Stamp Cuts Could Cause Higher Healthcare Costs

Velex Re:Math, do it. (1043 comments)

Except for the problem that being a single parent is 100% an individual choice for individuals born with their reproductive systems on the inside.

Why would somebody choose to have children they can't afford? Perhaps it's because we have so many entitlement systems that having a child guarantees a middle-class lifestyle, and perhaps another factor is how much we privilege Mothers.

1 year,14 days

Doctors Say Food Stamp Cuts Could Cause Higher Healthcare Costs

Velex Re:Math, do it. (1043 comments)

I should amend that. I'm still not sure if he even wanted sex. He wanted to have a stable mother for his children who could provide. In many ways, he was a very progressive man.

1 year,14 days

Doctors Say Food Stamp Cuts Could Cause Higher Healthcare Costs

Velex Re:Math, do it. (1043 comments)

Not only that, but I dated a guy once who wanted to use his EBT benefits to buy me food. There are always ways around the system to buy drugs. I don't think they're in common use, though. The guy I was dating didn't want alcohol or drugs (he wanted sex and oddly wanted me to be a mother for his children---but he couldn't see how a family court would have a field day with a trans woman caring for his children---I hope I did the best I could have for him by refusing). I'd like to see some real sociological research from the right wing before they presume that anybody using EBT is trading it for drugs. I think it's a canard.

1 year,14 days

Doctors Say Food Stamp Cuts Could Cause Higher Healthcare Costs

Velex Re:Math, do it. (1043 comments)

This, children, is what's known as the tragedy of the commons. Unfortunately, Americans see welfare as a lifestyle, not a tool.

1 year,14 days


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Everything that has a beginning has an end

Velex Velex writes  |  about a year ago

Well, here we are. We'll see how the slashcott goes.

I may be back on the 17th, but I intend to use the beta exclusively. If "classic's" days are numbered, then so be it. Maybe the beta will improve. If the things that kept me coming back since I registered this UID here over a decade ago are gone for good, then it's time to move on.

I've voiced my suspicions, and well, if Dice wanted to chase me away, they've succeeded, certainly for the next week, perhaps for good.

Everything that has a beginning has an end.

What's next? Kuro5hin? I remember some interesting times there before it became subscription, but perhaps a subscription is what's needed to prevent the fate that Slashdot is currently facing. AltSlashdot? If my suspicions are correct, that may be the new home for the community here.

Maybe I can see what's going on in the TF community (different from the trans community---these are individuals who are fascinated by magical transformations, and while I don't go for the deluge of pornography that that often innundates the topic of male to female magical transformations, occasionally I find diamonds in the rough such as Genma's Daughter and My Birthday as a Girl, not to mention many of Isobelle Nichole's captions) and make a goal of actually developing and publishing my fiction. The one vignette I did publish years ago got favorable reviews. At this point in my life, becoming an author may be the only way to make my TF wish come as true as it can in this world before I'm old. A novel would certainly be a better format to frame things I've been trying to say here that simply can't fit in even the biggest comment box.

Whether or not a novel with a protagonist who finds herself magically transformed would possibly appeal to a wider audience, who knows. The odds are better than playing the lottery at least. It's a big world, and I only need such a small fraction of its wealth to come my way to change my legal name, go full time living as a woman 24/7, and get the plastic surgery I desire. Maybe I would even be able to dye my hair at long last, perhaps an exotic color that would complete an image of a sexy hacker chick that could be my very own.

It's been great, folks. Best wishes.


hi there

Velex Velex writes  |  about a year ago

Those are some powerful words. "Hi there." Two of the most powerful words I've learned. It means, "I'm here." It means "I'm here with you." It means, "We're together in this moment." It doesn't mean anything more than that. Lovers use those words. Enemies use those words right before one of them kills the other. Still, though, there it is: "Hi there."

I meant to message a user called Lisa Lynx. She's a Google+ user. I feel like I'm an old man, like Gandalf or Dumbledore. At work, they keep comparing me to young men like Harry Potter. Actually, I got a scar on my forehead errily similar to Potter's, and I've regretted it ever since. Maybe I am young. Maybe I am old. I'm just here, in this moment, writing this, then I'll be gone.

Hi there.

I finally found a very rare Sailor Moon wallscroll. Actually, I don't know if it's rare at all. All I know is I've had trouble finding it. So, it's rare from my frame of reference, even if it's rather common and worthless from another frame of reference. Now. every night, the Shitennou watch over me as I sleep. Those folks, Kunzite, Malachite, Jeadite, Zoicite. and Nephryte (there were four of them so there must have been an error at some point, but that's how these things go). use to work for Mamoru, a spirit who was associate with this planet. The rest is apochrypha. The point is that people often get wallscrolls of characters they admire or are attracted to. For me, the Shitennou are both.

Whoever you are, Lisa Lynx... well, a sidenode. I'm not a man! I tried it once. It didn't work out. I much prefer being a woman. So please don't judge me by the gender they assigned me at birth.

Of course, I could never know what the other is like. I was drunk on IRC last morning (night, but I think it was morning). I've been taking sleeping pills for too long, and I decided to stop. It's been difficult. There was this person named Sacha, and she was of the XX type. I said something, then she said something, then both of us got frustrated at each other. So, I said, completely out of frustration, knowing that it couldn't happen, secretly wishing in my heart it /would/ happen only because it would harm her and be advantageous to me, that I'd take all her periods. So she, out of pure frustration (again, there was a a lot of frustration. often, when we use the words "hi there" and experience a moment with another, we can often meet based on our frustration, sometimes to hate each other, sometimes to solve the problem), so Sacha says, "You can have them!"

It was just as simple as that. At least, I've read a lot of stories where it was as simple as that.

It didn't happen at first, so I added a complication to it when I saw her later that morning. Since I'm quitting sleeping pills, I told her that I couldn't take her periods until I had natural, unaided sleep.

Well, I've had that. Unfortunately, I was unable to take her periods. I remain physiologically, except for the organ between my ears, male. I won't be having a period this month. Instead she will. I wonder if she was as hopeful as I was that I would be having a period next month intead of her.

The point is, Lisa Lynx, please help me. Your response to my comment was encouraging, but the discussion's been closed. Perhaps tomorrow I'll figure out this Google+ thing and find a way to contact you. I just wanted some record that what you had written me was encouraging. Thank you!

Well, it's time for me to conclude this. I don't know how to contact you or that you might even want me to contact you. Perhaps I'm another "all men" to an "all women." Who knows who those too idiots are, "all men" and "all women" always fighting, eh? I sure as hell don't. I'm sorry.

Well, blessed be. Until next time.



Velex Velex writes  |  more than 2 years ago

What a dream boat. His name was Xavier, and I was high. When I'm high, I tend to forget that I'm supposed to be a guy. Female instincts take over, and I'm putty in the hands of a man named Xavier who has a sexy Brazillian accent and an aura of strong, confident yet quiet and peaceful machismo.

I don't know why, but my whole life I've had crush after crush on people who are Latino or Hispanic or both. There have even been a few Hispanic girls I've liked, if I can admit to being a little naughty.

It was a bad day today, and I slipped into a parallel universe. It's your universe, where I'm just another female, a female who was interested in computer programming from a young age. I remember his modestness, Xavier's. He showed me his beautiful baby girl and his proud son. I am sure that in his heart he does not love me, but he loves his wife, the mother of those children.

She is a good woman. In that parallel universe I sometimes slip into by accident, there are good women just as there are good men.

A man is wild, though, and a man from your world can tell when a stranger from my bleak world slips through the dimensional membrane, just a half a mllimetre in the W direction and jump to the left. Let's do the time warp again. In my world, they shame people like me with the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

In your world, I become a young woman of about 29, and Xavier was a young man of about 32. His accent enthralled me and hypnotized me. His eyes were so strong, and the way he held me was irresistable.

It turned out that some of the network problems we were having were due to a badly configured Cisco switch. If he hadn't pulled my petite hacker waist, still a virgin's, up to his strong abdomen, we might not have found the problem. He put things together I was saying, and then we kissed passonitely.

I suppose no matter what side of the dimensional divide I'm on, I need a man, a strong man. Xavier was my strong man earlier today. He was so gentle and so strong. If he had wanted, and his fingers at least wanted as they found their way to the button on my slacks, I would have been his.

I am so weak, so weak in the hands of strong men who speak Portugese or Spanish as a first language and English as a second. It's my linguist instinct. I want to learn. I want, I want, I want more than learning. I yearn, and I desire.

Then my phone rang, and I was pulled, dragged across the dimensional membrane. Xavier was sitting on the other side of the room, but this was a different Xavier. I had a different body, back in the transgendered body again, I was. I answered the phone. A pregnant woman had slammed the side of my car with her SUV door.

I despaired. Xavier, don't you remember me, the cute girl you called Gwen when you held me in your arms and kissed me so passionently? Please, Xavier, save me from this hell.

Xavier was engrossed in an explanation of a VMWare environment to Alex, my co-worker in the other universe.

Will I ever meet the Xavier who kissed me so intensely, pulled me to him and kissed me?


while (!frist) { riposte(); }

Velex Velex writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Something is wrong. Apparently I'm in a different parallel universe from the rest of you.

None of you would like women from my universe. Not men, not lesbians, not even heterosexual cisgendered women. Well, we have lesbians here, but I hate to disappoint you guys who fantasize about 3-ways, but like the rest of the women here, they're obese.

One time I was in your universe briefly. I was on the bus. That was before I owned a car. There were two females with a healthy body weight making out for most of the ride.

I also slipped into your universe a few times when I was a trucker, not unlike that priest that that good writer in Maine wrote about a few times, sai Callahan. Once I slipped into your universe along I-5 up the west coast. I took a small break at a rest area in Washington state, and I was amazed that there was also a busload of nearly teenage girls there. They weren't obese, and they got along with each other and showed such intelligence. It reminded me of myself when I was that age. Except the next year, something horrible happened to me, and my transformation into a monster started.

I don't know what went wrong. There was some big kerfuffle about classical music and Newton's Principia Mathematica being like rape. In this universe, that resonated with a lot of women. They said, "Hey, this is hard. But look, all I have to do is proposition a guy for sex and he'll do anything for me, including hard stuff like math." It was as if Malibu Stacey (or I suppose in your universe they call those dolls Barbie) gained 300 lbs and came to life.

They even have this show over here called the Andy Griffith Show. In one of the episodes, the women of the town had an issue they were concerned about, and instead of making rational arguments, they just refused to put out. And that was good enough to win the men over to their cause. Nobody had any higher ideological thoughts than sex.

I have never understood it.

Am I already dead? Is this purgatory, some kind of purely psychological version of Silent Hill without the special effects every first Sunday of the month when the city tests their civil defence sirens? If I had died already and were in purgatory, I'd hope that purgatory would at least have a special effects budget. Maybe it doesn't. Maybe with the economic downturn, they had to scrap the idea of a "dark side" purgatory and maybe they told Pyramid Head that he'd have to make due with a kitchen knife.

I'm supposed to be like Pyramid Head, and in this purgatory, all the ladies love Pyramid Head. And I suppose Pyramid Head loves those bloated, obese monstrosities.

I didn't want to be a monster. I just kind of turned into one. I watched it happen, but I was powerless to stop it. At times, I even thought that becoming a monster like Pyramid Head would be fun. Maybe some day I'd see what Pyramid Head sees in ladies that weigh 2-3 times as much as he does. That day never came.

I'm supposed to have AIDS, but I can't even do that right. Most women get a disease called "diabetes," which they view as a venerable sign of old age and wisdom. Sometimes I wish I could get AIDS. It's supposed to be a holy edict from on high purging monsters like me from the world.



Velex Velex writes  |  more than 2 years ago


I just wanted to take credit for modding down a good handful of comments in that thread for being skeptical that outing someone in a country where Rick Santorum is a serious contender for a major political machine's presidential candidacy could be problematic.

The trouble with suicide is that it's easy to blame the victim. That's also the trouble when something bad happens because someone is expressing their homosexuality by doing something that's apparently so completely threatening to all of you like holding hands in public I modded down who pretend you have no problem with homosexuality, but it's just that you don't want it anywhere near you. You are afraid, and I don't know why because my experience in life has been completely different from yours. Only you in your heart of hearts can tell yourself why you find something like two guys holding hands in public or a guy talking about seeing a movie after work with his boyfriend so completely threatening that you'd suggest those things are just wrong and inappropriate.

Ok, put yourself in my shoes. Think about how the world looks to me. I can't tell you what the world looks like to a homosexual man, because I'm not a homosexual man, though. I was born with male genitals and a female brain. I don't know why, except for no other reason than biology is messy. I also like guys a lot more than girls, which is double-whammy because most girls like me are mostly lesbian. Do I want it to be that way? I don't know. It's just the way it is, and either I can fight it or I can accept it, because it's not changing.

Every day I have to listen to guys going on about their wives and girlfriends, and I have to listen to girls talking about their boyfriends and baby daddys and (on a blue moon) husbands. Apparently your instition of marriage is so broken that girls feel no compulsion in the slightest to get married before having children. I digress, though. I walk through a park and I see men-among-men holding hands with pretty girls.

This may be amazing to you, but I wish I didn't have to see and hear about everyone else's sex lives, either. Nobody has a problem with heterosexual cisgendered behavior. I just look the other way and maybe feel a little jealousy. Unless someone from a distance mistakes me as just another cisgendered girl with her boyfriend in a park, their ignorance will reduce me to my body parts and I'll be yet another one of those dirty homosexuals who should keep their sex lives and fetishes locked up in the bedroom. So, I just move on and let it go. Trying to get those people to confine their sex lives to their bedroom and not a hint of it anywhere else would be like beating back the tide.

It's not fair, but it's just the way it is. Maybe some day things could be different for another generation. That's why I'm not going to shut up about it.

Back to the suicide and hate crime issue.

It's super easy to say "look at me, I'm a big man and I wouldn't let something like that bother me. There must have been something wrong with him." Yeah, it's called being homosexual in a country that still believes that homosexuality is a mental illness that can be caught by being tempted into a wicked lifestyle and cured or prevented with sufficient virtue. Therefore, homosexuals are like suicides. They just simply lack some kind of virtue or character. Maybe their dads didn't make them mow the lawn and shovel the driveway enough when they were kids, right?

So, this is what it comes down to. I've been there before. Granted, it wasn't like that. It was just a stupid mistake of mine that outed me. I wasn't thinking at the time. When I first started HRT, it was an experiment, just a test. I was going to kill myself anyway, so I wasn't worried about if I developed a blood clot and had a fatal stroke on the 3rd day.

They'd just blame the liberals for killing their strong son and there'd be a lawsuit against the college, right? It's not like it could possibly be the fault of the people who failed to do the right thing and get me on estrogen and an androgen blocked when I was 10 so I might have a shot at living a full and somewhat normal life. Anyway, I digress yet again.

My plan was good and all. I just wanted so desperately to know what it felt like to be a girl, and I was fairly sure I was just going to kill myself anyway since I never could actually be a girl. HRT seemed close enough. They said my skin would get softer, I'd cry easier, and if I waited too long to kill myself, I'd start developing breasts like any other girl.

The only problem is that I forgot my credit card bill went to my parents' address as well as mine.

So, about a month later, they asked me if anything was wrong and why I'd made a purchase at a pharmacy.

Needing to come out before you're ready is hard. I was excommunicated from my family and informed that I was an abomination who'd been posessed by the devil and murdered their son. I guess I'm just spectacularly bad at killing myself.

That was a long time ago, though.

The point is all of you I modded down have no idea how much of an asshole you are. You've never been there, and you never will. You're lucky enough to be cisgendered and heterosexual. I wish I were lucky enough to make such insensitive comments without even realizing how much of an asshole I'm being, because I honestly wouldn't know if I were that lucky.

Maybe you should count your blessings before you open your mouth again.



Ahh, stupid broken slashdot. I guess I can't preview any changes I make. Posting anyway. If you're a grammar nazi or want to attack me over a typo then LALALALALA I can't hear you.

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