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Blizzard Sues Starcraft II Cheat Creators

Vermifax Doesn't suprise me. (252 comments)

Doesn't surprise me at all, they already won this same type of lawsuit against cheat programmers for World of Warcraft.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: System Administrator Vs Change Advisory Board

Vermifax Routine changes. (294 comments)

We got our CAB to agree to a certain class of routine changes that require minimum review. They don't need anymore detail than, Test servers updated on Tuesday, Production one week later per maintenance windows.

about 5 months ago

Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

Vermifax Re:really slashdot? (1633 comments)

The one thing I've learned over the years is:

If you every posted "not news for nerds" , or "not stuff that matters"

You're invariably wrong.

In this case you were wrong twice.

about 5 months ago

There Would Be No Iranian Nuclear Talks If Not For Fracking

Vermifax Re: Iran wants CHEAPER nuclear electricity (236 comments)

There has never been any indication that this is truth besides American and Israeli posturing. The UN inspectors said there is no nuclear weapons program and that Iran had complied fully with the NPT and their inspections.

about 10 months ago

US Postal Service To Make Sunday Deliveries For Amazon

Vermifax Re:So Saturday Bad, Sunday Good? (258 comments)

The senate refused them the ability to suspend saturday delivery.

And there is probably going to be a sunday delivery premium, either charged to the customer or absorbed by amazon.

about 10 months ago

US Postal Service To Make Sunday Deliveries For Amazon

Vermifax Re:Obligatory note: the USPS is intentionally brok (258 comments)

Well, while it was signed by a republican president and sponsored by a republican, it was cosponsored by 2 dems and a republican. It also passed house with a voice vote, and the senate with a unanimous vote.

This was a completely bipartisan bill that our whole government went in on.

Even the postal unions were for this (Why I have no idea).

about 10 months ago

Research Shows E-Cigs Might Be As Good For Quitting As Nicotine Patches

Vermifax Re:second hand e-smoke (314 comments)

Isn't that still tobacco though?

1 year,11 days

Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer: Build Your Own Pi-to-Go

Vermifax Re:Nice hobby project (97 comments)

The only thing that can reasonably be said about News for Nerds is that anyone who says "News for Nerds doesn't mean...."

Is always wrong.

about a year and a half ago

All of Nate Silver's State-Level Polling Predictions Proved True

Vermifax Re:Good for him (576 comments)

It exactly represents the vote of the people state by state. As it is supposed to.

about 2 years ago

The Shortage of Women In IT

Vermifax Errrr....Yeah I don't think so. (697 comments)

So basically she is upset that she has to compete with all the men owned companies instead of using federal money to underbid them because there isn't another female owned business that she could compete with to underbid the male owned companies.


more than 2 years ago

Apple Transfers Patents Through Shell Company To Sue All Phone Makers

Vermifax Time to change the law. (422 comments)

Who is all for making patents non transferable. No more of this here buy these patents from us and sue all the things.

more than 2 years ago

Can a Monkey Get a Copyright & Issue a Takedown?

Vermifax Re:HEY hey (335 comments)

And people say we monkey around....

more than 3 years ago

Take-Two Faces $20 Million Settlement For "Hot Coffee" Scandal

Vermifax What was so crazy about this...God of War.. (124 comments)

God of war 1 and 2 were both rated the same as GTA: SA in the US that is M for Mature.

God of war 1 and 2 both had sex minigames with nudity leading up to them that you didn't need to hack your system to view/play.

about 5 years ago

Alan Turing Apology Campaign Grows

Vermifax Re:To remind people that government is fallible (653 comments)

It does cost something, it costs time the government could have spent doing something to improve the lot of their citizens. Time sucked up in debate on whether to do it or not, time spent doing it, and the cost of the 'event' itself.

Regardless of whether they do it or not, its silly to think it costs nothing.

about 5 years ago

Alan Turing Apology Campaign Grows

Vermifax Re:just Turing? (653 comments)

"Apologizing for a past mis-deed is taking responsibility for doing something that is wrong. "

Yes and nobody should be taking responsibility for doing something they didn't do. For example the current British government.

about 5 years ago

Blizzard Confirms No LAN Support For Starcraft 2

Vermifax Re:I wouldn't have considered piracy (737 comments)

What makes you think they will constantly communicate back and forth. Game packets are going to be peer to peer with the players playing and never leave the LAN to hit the internet.

more than 5 years ago

Blizzard Confirms No LAN Support For Starcraft 2

Vermifax Re:Confusing Comparison: RTS vs RPG (737 comments)

Game packets are peer to peer, not going up your 2MB line. Calm down Nancy.

more than 5 years ago

Blizzard Confirms No LAN Support For Starcraft 2

Vermifax Re:Confusing Comparison: RTS vs RPG (737 comments)

Sure, if you have a fat enough pipe. Of course, then you still have to deal with lag issues,

I keep seeing people say things like this. This is not true. The majority of the packets will be peer to peer and never leave your Local area network. Only the talking to the servers would go out to the internet, and this will not be happening hardly at all during game play. Having to maintain a connection to will not lag your game for the people who are connected all on one router,

more than 5 years ago


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