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Goodbye, HD Component Video

Vexorian Yes, it will encourage piracy (469 comments)

You have to wonder, maybe the copyright cartel likes piracy? It would be the best explanation for all the pushes and pushes for making piracy easier while making using the legal thing harder.. I for one, think piracy benefits these guys, it gives them the best excuse for their movies/music/games not selling as well as their stock holders think they should.

more than 3 years ago

Google To Drop Support For H.264 In Chrome

Vexorian Re:A really nasty trick (765 comments)

You are right, "open standard" != "open source". It seems anyone and his cat seems to be able to turn any proprietary, royalty-requiring thing an open standard. But note that the H.264 "open standard" is one for how to reproduce H.264 video. Most mainstream formats have been standardized in how to open them. And just because something is an open standard, it has no relation with it having a legitimate right to becoming a web standard. Because the web, demands more than just being an open standard. By that logic, websites should all move from HTML markup to PDF, because PDF is an open standard.

So, Stop it with the "open standard" giberish. Neither webm or H.264 are web standards. H.264 is proprietary and requires royalties for implementation. That disqualifies it completely for the job of being a web standard. So we are in a standards war.

literally going to render hundreds of billions of dollars worth of tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes, etc. with H.264 hardware support obsolete.

Oh come on, that's an incredibly silly argument. Those tablets will still be able to play H.264, even in the web with a plugin, it just won't be usable with video, which means that you won't have to pay royalties to support HTML5, and that's great, isn't it?. The idea itself is also pretty bonkers. Why should those "millions" of tablets be immune to obsolescence? Technology marches on, and they are not entitled not to become obsolete.

The accusation that this "sucks for users " is ridiculous. It seems that they (all browser makers) are just taking a position in a war to see what format becomes the HTML5 standard. For some reason, google is being accused of being the devil for giving less choice where : a) Apple and Microsoft both support H.264 and NOT WebM in their browsers and b) Firefox and opera support WebM and not H.264.

You seem concerned that this will slow down transition from flash. Well, I got news , we do not want to transition from flash just for transition's sake. If we transition from flash, it better be to something better, and that includes concerns about royalties. It is clear that we all obediently adopting MS and Apple's defacto standard will benefit them, but making developers required to pay royalties to implement support for standard HTML5 is just lame. It is also incompatible with the GPL.

Your 'expert opinion' also misses the whole point. All software is probably patent-encumbered in one way or another. And that WebM may or may not be patent encumbered does not instantly turn it into an as undesirable candidate for web as H.264 already is. Case in point is, that WebM is royalty free and H.264 isn't.

Google may be manipulating the market for selfish reasons, but you are foolish to think that's not exactly what Apple and Microsoft are doing. And overall, Google's intentions with this are irrelevant in comparison to what this will accomplish. If Apple and Microsoft don't get away with H.264 it will make the web more open by default. WebM is an open source project and soon will be an open standard. And anyway, a triumvirate of the three best browsers is standing for it. Unlike the other two guys - known software patent bullies, with a story of liking closedness and ruining the web with defacto standards.

more than 3 years ago

Google Engineer Decries Complexity of Java, C++

Vexorian Re:Disappointing read. (878 comments)

I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter. Seriously.

about 4 years ago

Google Engineer Decries Complexity of Java, C++

Vexorian meh (878 comments)

I guess goog were hoping a lot more people to jump to the Go bandwagon just because they announced it. Yet it really didn't happen... I don't think bashing other languages is really going to improve on it.

Both c++ and Java have their strengths and uses. Java is IMHO HORRIBLY ANNOYING TO CODE IN, but that's actually its strength, it just won't let cowboys get away with doing the things they love to do. Sure, it has been lacking in things, but they update it around, the following update will have some very nice syntax for some data structures (it will get more complex).

The C's also have the advantage of being closer to the hardware, sure you don't need that most of the times, but when you do, they become a great tool in your box, really. It has improved a lot over the years (also known as getting more complex).

Interpreted languages cover for their downfalls when you don't need performance or want to do fancy things with paralel programming. Which is good. Python goes around also improving and getting more complex.

And there lies Go. Its main advantage over other langauges is exactly that. As it is basically undeveloped, it is much closer to what its creators originally wanted it to be. The thing is, that once it starts getting used, and users notice that for example it is pretty necessary for a compiled language to have say generics or exception handling... it will forcefully have to end getting modified and improved and thus it WILL become complex. I do not think that advertising it as "simpler" will work out as since it is a langauge that is intended to be used it is basically doomed to become more complex and thus this selling point will necessarily die. They should advertize it for its superior parallel computing and fast compiler speed, but simplicity... is just a bad idea.

about 4 years ago

Claimed Proof That UNIX Code Was Copied Into Linux

Vexorian Re:clutching at red straws on pdfs (578 comments)

Really? What's next, someone claiming copyright infringement based on using the letter i as a temporary variable?

I am afraid that chances are there is already a software patent for that.

about 4 years ago

Clickjacking Worm Exploits Facebook "Like" Feature

Vexorian Re:Advice (124 comments)

Are you aware of any IQ tests mine could take?

more than 4 years ago

Doctors Seeing a Rise In "Google-itis"

Vexorian Re:Doctors don't like informed patients (368 comments)

Ah really? Informed patients are one thing. But there are topics in which google is just an easy , easy way to get utterly, and catastrophically misinformed. Also, the disinformation is hard to distinguish for most people. Say you are a science geek that can at least recognize conspiracy bull from actual information, good for you. But what about the other people that don't enjoy of this benefit? Most of them just end up falling pray to complete BS.

This is the sort of things you can learn at "Google U" :

This is not "empowerment" it is the opposite, it moves people back to the dark ages in a way.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Accuses Google Docs of Data Infidelity

Vexorian Laughing out loud (178 comments)

Microsoft openly bragging about trying to enforce lock-in by making formats nearly impossible to implement! That's priceless.

Wake me up when I don't need a windows license to use MS' google docs alternative.

more than 4 years ago

Why Linux Is Not Attracting Young Developers

Vexorian Re:makefiles and pointers (742 comments)

Ok, this is a dejavu, but let me put it again: The article is about the kernel.- You will have to deal with C and pointers, and even ASM if you are coding the linux kernel (or any other kernel for that matter). Regarding apps, it is not just C++ anymore, things like python and Java are very suitable for development of linux applications and are already used extensively by young developers interested in such. There is also the travesty that is Mono and many other languages. There are a lot more options than C/C++ now.

more than 4 years ago

Why Linux Is Not Attracting Young Developers

Vexorian Re:Linux has lost its "elite" status. (742 comments)

It seems almost as if the slashdot post intentionally got a misleading title... Please note: The stuff about "Linux not attracting young developers" is about the Linux KERNEL. KERNEL. This got nothing to do about the remaining parts of the OS. So please don't bring bull about how windows7 is now stable and that's the reason developers don't make apps for linux anymore, because it is not true that young devs are less attracted now into making APPLICATIONS that run on linux-based systems. APPLICATIONS used in Linux-based OS are as healthy as ever if not more healthy. This is related to the KERNEL not being attractive to young developers anymore.

more than 4 years ago

Accidental Wii Suicide

Vexorian Re:Multiple faults (1343 comments)

5th, who makes a gun shaped controller for a Wii?! It's a platform mainly aimed at KIDS!!!

You mean KIDS now play with gun-shaped toys? Oh no!

more than 4 years ago

Accidental Wii Suicide

Vexorian Re:Unfortunate Comment (1343 comments)

Under that logic remote controllers are as dangerous. Blaming it to the wii is complete non-sense.

more than 4 years ago

The Value of BASIC As a First Programming Language

Vexorian Mootest point ever (548 comments)

Aren't there excellent programmers that started in any language? Heck, I started with mIRC scripts and even THAT was enough for me to develop logic... Whether there are excellent programmers that started with Basic or not, there would be no easy way they are 'excellent' because of BASIC and not despite that...

more than 4 years ago

Whatever Happened To Programming?

Vexorian Re:Programming == Cut & Paste (623 comments)

There's nothing you can earn with doing the "hard stuff" when it is already done correctly, unless you think real programmers are those who can constantly reinvent the wheel... Reusing wheels is not THE problem. I think the real problem is that there is another extreme. There are too many wheels and some times, programmers don't bother to stop and think whether it would sometimes be more convenient to invent a wheel when the only available wheels just do not fit with the rest of your car or are all square.

more than 4 years ago

A Balanced Look At Cellphone Radiation

Vexorian Re:Reasons I'm Not Reading This (171 comments)

It was way easier to skip it, just do it at the word "balanced". Reporters think balance is to give the same attention to both sides of the discussion. But scientific issues work differently, science requires you to be biased towards the theory that is actually supported by evidence. Using journalism's balance in science is the Arkansas school board approach...

more than 4 years ago

The Awful Anti-Pirate System That Will Probably Work

Vexorian errhm (1027 comments)

Hehe, you know a game that requires you to be connected 100% of the time to be played? WoW. You know what game has been in the the many piracy streets of my beloved La Paz Bolivia for years including expansions? WoW. I have stopped doing piracy when I grew up and just moved to open source, but I am fairy sure there are a lot of wow players in here that are not paying blizzard for the game. Then again, I have no idea how it works, most likely they are just using a pirate server...

It is naive to think the method described can work as well as the article claims, they assume it is actually hard to get rid of this form of DRM, but really.... Does the game use public key encryption? hack the game so that it does not use it!, simple! Or you thought they were gonna try to bruteforce the key? lol... my bet is that the pirates will get to play the game it even before the release date. (it is gonna be leaked, gratz!) Mean while, true costumers won't be able to play when internet goes down. Good work.

more than 3 years ago

Studies Find Harm From Cellular and Wi-Fi Signals

Vexorian Wow (474 comments)

Considering this:
The global average number of functioning cell phones per person is 0.6~... I am surprised 50% of all of us have not gotten cancer yet. In fact, countries like the US take the number to the extreme, with 1000 cell phones per person! With these numbers I can safely claim that there is not even a correlation between cell phone use and cancer :/

more than 4 years ago

Studies Find Harm From Cellular and Wi-Fi Signals

Vexorian Re:Anti-science groups fund studies too. (474 comments)

Also consider that just as there are companies with economical interests in cell phone signals being healthy there are also companies with interests in them being hazardous. The more reasons you have to sell those "protection" systems that you are supposed to use with your cell phone to protect you from the harmful signals, the better.

more than 4 years ago

Google Docs Replaces OpenOffice In Ubuntu Netbook Edition

Vexorian Re:A little heavy for a netbook (298 comments)

At least the ubuntu 9.10 version of OOO runs just fine on my aspire one D250, and it also ran fine on my old 701 4G ASUS eee.

more than 4 years ago



Only Novell can (legally) distribute moonlight.

Vexorian Vexorian writes  |  more than 6 years ago

vexorian (959249) writes "Although moonlight is said to be an open source project, but there's more than meets the eye. In reply to a blog by Matt Asay, Bruce Lowry of Novell's PR team issued a clarification

"You state in this piece that the only Linux Silverlight will run on is SUSE Linux Enterprise" ... "It's true that, under the terms of our agreements with Microsoft, only SUSE Linux Enterprise will be able to bundle Moonlight into the distribution. However, users of other distributions will be able to run Silverlight on those distributions, if they so desire."

Vexorian Vexorian writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Vexorian (959249) writes "Is there direct or indirect censorship in the media towards delicate but important topics? Project censored lists 25 stories that did not seem to get the required attention by the media: From the article: "Throughout 2005 and 2006, a large underground debate raged regarding the future of the Internet. More recently referred to as "network neutrality," the issue has become a tug of war with cable companies on the one hand and consumers and Internet service providers on the other. Yet despite important legislative proposals and Supreme Court decisions throughout 2005, the issue was almost completely ignored in the headlines until 2006.1 And, except for occasional coverage on CNBC's Kudlow & Kramer, mainstream television remains hands-off to this day"."


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