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RAID Trust Issues — Windows Or a Cheap Controller?

Vile Slime Re:You are asking the wrong question. (564 comments)

I had an Antec power supply fry my Asus M/B and the associated two SATA drives serving as a RAID 1 system.

What was interesting about it was that one of the Seagate drives literally caught fire. Yes, I said that correctly, the drive was burning with a visible flame.

What happened was I was booting the machine and I luckily had the cover off at the time. I noticed some flickering on one of the Seagate drives and my immediate thought was, "Huh, I don't remember there being a LED on that drive".

A moment later I looked down to investigate and literally there was a flame of about an inch in length exiting from the drives board.

Quickly I shut the power off and the flame went away.

Needless to say my entire RAID was gone. The machine was seldom used, but extremely important, and fortunately I had made a full acronis backup two weeks earlier. Thus, only perhaps 4 hours of work went missing.

Being the nice guy I am I decided to call Seagate to let them know that they had drives that can burst into flames. They practically called me a liar. They refused to entertain the idea that their drive had burst into flames. Now I'm not blaming Seagate for the problem, but it was their equipment that could have burned my house down.

BTW, the flame came from a Texas Instruments chip on the drive board.

I suspect the real culprit was the Antec power supply. BTW, my buddies and I have had really bad luck with Antec power supplies recently. I have had two $90 plus power supplies go bad while a buddy of mine had the same thing happen to an Antec within the last six months.

I've decided that I'm not gonna spend that sort of money for crappy quality.

more than 5 years ago


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