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DragonFlyBSD 3.6 Brings AMD/Intel Graphics Drivers & Better SMP Scaling

Vince6791 Huh (48 comments)

It's a fork of FreeBSD 4.8 from 2003. I ran the most recent freebsd and pc-bsd and both are rock solid. It was easier to install flash player on bsd than opensuse 13.1(it did not work even installing from the terminal). I ran linux open source applications just fine with no issue on pc-bsd 9.2.

about a year ago

Torvalds: Free OS X Is No Threat To Linux

Vince6791 Same ol same ol Microsoft. (314 comments)

Microsoft is a joke when it comes to licensing their products. Why couldn't they just release the Windows 8.1 pro for $99 3 license. Instead we get standard, pro, pro packs, family packs, upgrade 8.1 to 8.1 pro, etc.... Make it fucking simple for the regular joe. I can't blame people(not into gaming, adobe products, or windows development) for leaving MS for Linux which is $0 cost. Now, people complaining of issues when upgrading from 8 to 8.1. They should of allowed their customers who bought a windows 8 copy to download a full 8.1 ISO instead of the upgrade broken path. Shitheads. Corporations always ripping of their fucking customers, just ask Time Warner Cable.


1 year,17 hours

Firefox's Blocked-By-Default Java Isn't Going Down Well

Vince6791 Firefox is bloated trash (362 comments)

Regardless of changing the cache from 350 to 1mb, it still trashes my hard drive, slows down, freezes and crashes. On windows 8 it's a little bit more stable than windows 7 but still issues. I switched over to chrome and no software issues whats so ever. Only thing I hate about chrome is the font.

1 year,1 day

The Cost of the US Government Shutdown To Science

Vince6791 this government just wastes and they don't care (355 comments)

from 1990 to 2012 u.s government revenue a year was about 2 trillion(1990) to 3+ trillion 2012, about 40+ trillion in taxes for the past 23 years collected. And yet, we still can't have a universal healthcare system like Canada. Where did all the fucking money go to??? SS full of IOU's since government put their grabby hands in it to pay for other things. We don't need any more new fucking taxes on the books since money just disappears from the government so easily. I guess government does not care about pissing our hard earned money since it's not theirs to begin with. All the perks these government employees get especially the $400k a year pensions in California.

1 year,4 days

Ask Slashdot: Are We Witnessing the Decline of Ubuntu?

Vince6791 Linux, BLAH... Tired of it. (631 comments)

Linux fails compared to windows 7/8/8.1. Distro's are still too damn buggy and too many damn updates. It seems that the linux community releases buggy code and then patches it with other buggy code and this goes on and on and on and on..............runs in a loop. Is there any production code???? Well, it's free software so don't expect anything of quality.

I tried almost every distro and it's always some process that is crashing, gui parts like icons or taskbars disappearing, the whole OS crashing, samba not working, trying to detect other linux shares on the network does not work all the time, OS update manager permission denied have to go through cli, but than updates don't install look online for solutions for this fix, and this just keeps going and going. LINUX, TOO MANY PROBLEMS IT FEELS LIKE I'M BACK ON WINDOWS 98/ME.

Although, out of all linux distros, I like the Ubuntu the best. It's easier on the eyes and enjoyable to look at, but so many damn issues like the rest of distros.

To save you a headache, if you do serious work and gaming, windows 7 and windows 8 which go for $100 or $200 pro version are a better 5 year investment than any linux distro.

about a year ago

Middle-Click Paste? Not For Long

Vince6791 Re:GNOME: We don't want Microsoft to have all the (729 comments)

How is the metro interface screwed up? Windows 7 aero causes eye strain for me and found the favorites in the start menu is limited when it comes to adding items and its slow as well when expanding the control panel as a menu. Windows 8, I can add as may items to the metro as I want and resize them as well. The simple and transparent taskbar is a lot easier on the eyes than the aero and uses less resources. On my amd machine running windows 8, i don't get disk trashing like I do in windows 7 which brings my machine to a halt.

"Microsoft taking away the user interface elements that people were used to"

Except windows 95, 2000/xp, and windows 7 menu systems are different from one another.

about a year ago

NVIDIA Begins Releasing Documentation For Nouveau

Vince6791 don't know (147 comments)

Intel and AMD have their cpu architectures opened to the public, why not gpu architectures so the linux and bsd communities can develop better drivers for wayland and mir windowing systems, what are they hiding. Or at least Nvidia and AMD can build an opengl only gpu for the open source world(linux, bsd). Fucking corporations.

about a year ago

Hulu "Kicking Back Into Action" Says CEO, Adding New Content

Vince6791 All streaming service suck a$$ (169 comments)

All these streaming services suck ass. Netflix u.s sucks major balls, we get nothing but repeated old shit over and over again. I used an unblocker for chrome and got to see what Canada, Britain, Denmark netflix all have compared to U.S, guess what, better quality movies even though they have less selection. But, this is quality over u.s netflix quantity crap. Nothing to do with licensing, netflix claimed their u.s movie selection is based on customer demand, yeah like we like shitty, unheard of, b movies.

DVD's and bluerays are still relative.

about a year ago

Windows 8.1 RTM Trickling Out, With Start Menu and Boot-to-Desktop

Vince6791 windows 8.1, excellent OS (496 comments)

Windows 8.1 is just fast, intuitive, customizable, and a lot better than windows 7. Don't care for the old start menu, never really used it, never cared for it, plus the windows 7 menu does not scroll when it exceeds the icon limit in favorites. With the metro I can pin more than 50+ applications on a single screen without the need to scroll, although, the scrolling never really bothered me. Installing the 8.1 OS, apps, applications, configuring, and transferring files is just better and faster than 7.

Windows 8/8.1 I think is a lot more productive than xp/7. To some people the metro may look childish but it's definitely easier on the eyes and quicker accessing applications just by looking at the tile icons instead of squinting reading the icon text like in windows 7 start menu. Overall, windows 8.1 is excellent.

Linux, I still have beef with the linux being too internet dependent(not everyone has 24/7 perfect internet) when it comes to installing applications(store mines in storage for later installs), although I can install whatever i need and just use aptoncd(sometimes works) or relinux to make another distro. The linux DE's are still flaky although mate and cinnamon put windows7 menu to shame. Unity is fine just wish they would make it more like the metro where you can pin whatever applications you want into the dash.


about a year ago

Bradley Manning Convicted of Espionage, Acquitted of 'Aiding the Enemy'

Vince6791 All Governments go corrupt (529 comments)

Hypocrisy, so it's okay for the politicians in government to take your data(emails, cloud storage), wiretap your phone calls, etc.. without your permission or even a court order, but, when somebody does it to the government they throw a tantrum. Nobody is supposed to be above the law(constitution) and that's including those in all three branches of government.

When you rent an apartment, storage unit, garage, etc... law enforcement can't search without a warrant unless they hear someone in distress, and this applies to email, cloud storage, isp data, voiceip, etc... regardless of the companies policies which can't override the constitution. What NSA is doing is grabbing everybody's data and storing it and than they search through it and if they find anything suspicious they get a court order and use it against the suspect. This process is just wrong. The communists(not really commi's more like feudalism) were doing stupid shit like this to their sheeple, well except for the court order.

This war on terror was complete bullshit from the beginning, 911. I wouldn't be surprised if there are top secret files hidden away somewhere in DC stating how the u.s government started ww1, ww2, korean war, vietnam,etc... using spy's..

about a year ago

Microsoft Stock Drops 11% In a Day

Vince6791 Re:Metro UI (467 comments)

The 2 things i like about the windows 7 UI is the aero and icon combine on the taskbar, the menu sucks. the new xfce and also cinnamon have a better and intuitive menu UI than windows 7. Major problems with linux is that it's not on par with windows when it comes to professional applications, games, and stability which is a huge problem with linux on the desktop always bugging out, freezing, and crashing after installing updates or applications. Linux feels like windows 98.

And until we get full binary software(all dependencies included) installs I don't think people with horrible internet will ever change to linux.

about a year ago

Wine 1.6 Released With 10,000 Changes

Vince6791 linux on the desktop is dead (116 comments)

It's okay for light desktop users who don't care about window based software. Tried installing wine 1.6 on mint 15, ./tools/wineinstall, it failed kept asking for root privileges which I gave(sudo), and then it told me i can't run it as root. Then tried to ./configure --enable-wine64 which I got other errors so I just gave up. I wasted 30 minutes looking on the net for a fix but I just gave up. 32-bit version did not work either. I also tried the aptonCD to create a new iso which included 10 software installed on mint, it froze near the end. relinux does work.
I still don't like that linux software is in packages(dependency hell) and not a full install like .msi or .exe. If my internet goes bye bye and I'm redoing my machine I would be screwed, but with windows I have all my applications and drivers in .msi's and .exe's on HD storage and dvd's.

Every time I use linux it feels like I'm just wasting precious time, it's more of a toy than a professional desktop OS like windows xp/7 and even windows 8. Linux on the desktop died(brain dead) a long time ago and people just forgot to remove the life support.

about a year ago

America's Second-largest Employer Is a Temp Agency

Vince6791 Greed will kill us all (541 comments)

Some parts of the health care mandate like the penalty for not covering employees has been suspended until 2015 for all businesses, but, not the individual penalty(unconstitutional, regardless of judge dickhead Roberts pinhead judgement) for not having health insurance while earning something like $30k+ income. Yeah, that's where all our life savings is going towards the fucking monopolized(thanks to government) healthcare industry where hospitals,doctors, pharmaceuticals charge you whatever the fuck they want to until they clean you out.

about a year ago

Hands-On With Windows 8.1 Preview

Vince6791 This is only the preview version anyway (505 comments)

The win+pageUp or pageDown to move the metro between 2 screens no longer works. I can't grab the metro with the mouse and drag it to the other screen anymore as well.

When windows 8 starts up i get the metro on first screen but second screen is a blank solid color no more taskbar desktop, i have to hit desktop tile to get both desktop taskbar on both screens, and then i can get metro on one screen and taskbar on second.

When installing applications for the first time windows no longer automatically pins the main program to the metro you have to scroll down on second page of metro and look through all that mess to find your program and pin it to the 1st page metro.

I can't pin my shutdown and restart shortcuts to the metro anymore. The metro side scrolling with the mouse is sluggish compared to windows 8.

Labels in the metro are nice but haven't found a way yet to change the font's size, color, type. But, I think i have seen this option somewhere not 100% sure.

I kind of understand it now how people perceive windows 8 and 8.1 to be schizophrenic, we only need one GUI, but people should have the option to choose between the old start menu and the full metro gui.

The metro has to extend to the second or third monitor. It has to open any desktop applications in front of it. The left side corner is basically a taskbar anyway and should manage the old desktop apps as well.

I think it's going to be a long way before this type of OS matures and one of these GUI's will win the battle.

about a year ago

MS To Indie Devs: You Have a To Have a Publisher

Vince6791 turn linux or bsd into console, why not? (463 comments)

It would be nice if the gaming industry(or nvidia since they are not invited to the next gen party) came together with the open source community and develop a linux or bsd (single, just one that's it not hundreds) console distro, turning any pc into a console system with a xbox 360 or ps3 type UI to make things simple and friendly, no full linux OS desktop. Fuck directx. ps4 will be using a modified opengl anyway.

It's ridiculous that you still have to purchase a console dev kit(stiff requirements) these days especially when the hardware is not unique but off the shelf pc parts.

With the 24 hour activation requirement for the xbox one, I doubt it will sell well. Not sure about the ps4, they might also take this route.

about a year ago

One Week With GNOME 3 Classic

Vince6791 Re:sick of the old win 95 clone menus (169 comments)

Yes, all these linux drop menu's like gnome 2, kde, mate, cinnamon, etc... are all windows 95 clones. Name a OS gui that had this type of start button drop menu before windows 95. and yes I know pre-windows 95 applications themselves had drop menu's but this is about the OS gui itself.

about a year ago

What Keeps You On (or Off) Windows in 2013?

Vince6791 Re:Metro just looks beautiful (1215 comments)

Actually, my desktop is a dual monitor setup and i don't have any problems hitting the corners. I think once you get into a corner the mouse just stops feels like there is a small stub to activate the charm bar or that left side taskbar thing.

Wasn't talking about running the metro apps but the win32 applications in front of the metro.
I know Win32 and WinRT are two seperate api's, one for old desktop applications and other for metro. But I doubt it's hard for win32 applications like firefox, photoshop, visual studio, call of duty, etc.. to open and run in front of the metroUI just like you can use ModernMix to run metro apps on the taskbar ui desktop. Or MS could have found away to wrap the WinRT around the old win32 to open the desktop applications natively in the metro.

Probably windows 9 or 10 will be a full metro WinRT Operating system with no win32 compatibility.

about a year ago

What Keeps You On (or Off) Windows in 2013?

Vince6791 Metro just looks beautiful (1215 comments)

MS could had made metro UI the only and primary UI for windows 8 and rid the taskbar for good, but as usual those fucking idiots do a half ass job. FUCK HEADS. I don't think MS would of had any issue making metroUI open any win32 applications in the foreground. The metro UI left corners operate like a taskbar anyway so what was the point of the taskbar UI. It would of been nice as well to have the user add their own custom title labels for the grouped tiles. Also, tiles showing how many instances of firefox or any application for that matter opened. Why couldn't these shit heads just give the user 3 options; old windows 7 menu UI no metro, taskbar UI and metro, and lastly just metro UI.

In windows 7, I either pinned most used applications to the taskbar, desktop, or rocketdock. Even though you could pin in the windows 7 menu favorites I just never used it. I hate exiting the metro and going back into the old taskbar UI that's pretty much useless to me.

Linux needs to dump all those old 1990's looking DE's and just adopt the metro.

about a year ago

One Week With GNOME 3 Classic

Vince6791 sick of the old win 95 clone menus (169 comments)

I find windows 8 metro more intuitive, easy to manage, better looking than the old 95/xp/7/kde/xfce/mate/cinnamon/lxde start menus. Hopefully in the future, with windows 9, the metro will replace the old taskbar UI. Anyway, windows 8.1 will let you customize the metro a lot more which is a big plus. But, for now, I barely use the metro except for mail, youtube fm, gmaps, and opening applications that I use but not often like gimp, office 2010, blender, etc... the applications that I use so often are pinned to the taskbar.

Unity is kind of a mess, you still can't pin your programs to the dash like you can on metro. Linux needs to adopt the metro and just dump all those other 95 clone menu's which there are too many of anyway.

about a year ago

First Looks At Windows 8.1, Complete With 'Start' Button

Vince6791 Hopefully Metro will replace old UI's (800 comments)

The problem with windows 8 is that it did not go all the way and make the Metro the only and primary UI for the OS which means the Metro has to be customizable((((((change background wallpapers, label grouped tiles, sort tiles, scroll vertical as well, change tile icons to any shape or object,etc....)))))), run any type of application and more than 1 instant, of course extend to multiple monitors. Sick of the old taskbar and just want something simple like the Metro but with powerful features at the same time. I mean they are addressing some of the issues with windows 8 which we will see in 8.1, but hopefully the Metro will be the only UI for windows 9.

Sorry, but i'm just sick of looking at and using all these 1990's type 95/xp/7/kde UI's. We are moving towards touch screens and kinect type control which will replace the keyboard and mouse, this will actually help a lot of people who have carpel tunnel syndrome.

Or Microsoft could had just released sp2 for windows 7 and release a full working metro OS for those who want it.

about a year ago


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