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Wells Fargo Bank Sues Itself

Viper Daimao Re:You can Do that? (445 comments)

I believe Wells Fargo didn't even want to take the taxpayer money, but the Treasury made all the banks take money, so as not to indicate which ones really needed the money.

more than 5 years ago

WHO Investigates Claims That Swine Flu Resulted From Human Error

Viper Daimao Re:First plot! (249 comments)

Factcheck.org, agrees that 90%-95% is wrong too, though they say the actual number is probably higher than in the fox article.

more than 5 years ago

WHO Investigates Claims That Swine Flu Resulted From Human Error

Viper Daimao Re:First plot! (249 comments)

It could be worse: Randall Flagg could be traveling the countryside to gather his minions in Las Vegas.

But what if he is?

more than 5 years ago

New Food-Growth Product a Bit Hairy

Viper Daimao Re:So let me get this straight... (243 comments)

30% larger is still 30% more calories and nutrition. Some parts of the world would put more value on that than on the taste aspect.

more than 5 years ago

Next-Gen Nuclear Power Plant Breaks Ground In China

Viper Daimao Re:Fun with acronyms. (426 comments)

Are we calling CO2 pollution now? So the deaths from that pollution would be everyone who dies by suffocation?

more than 5 years ago

Long-Term Performance Analysis of Intel SSDs

Viper Daimao Re:Damn (95 comments)

Exactly. BSG and Joss Whedon's new show are on.

more than 5 years ago

GE Microbes Make Ersatz Crude Oil From Many Sources

Viper Daimao Re:Why talk (525 comments)

"if the process really worked they would be commercializing it"


âoeOur plan is to have a demonstration-scale plant operational by 2010 and, in parallel, weâ(TM)ll be working on the design and construction of a commercial-scale facility to open in 2011,â says Mr Pal, adding that if LS9 used Brazilian sugar cane as its feedstock, its fuel would probably cost about $50 a barrel.

more than 6 years ago



Viper Daimao Viper Daimao writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Viper Daimao (911947) writes "You can now vote for the fan-submitted line of dialogue to be spoken by Optimus Prime in Paramount's Transformers movie at the film's official website. Voting ends on October 23 and the winners will be announced by November 9.

Ten winners will have their winning line voiced and recorded by Peter Cullen, with first place becoming a line in the movie.

Which are your favorites? Any that should have made the list that didn't?"



Trouble with Frys Customer Service

Viper Daimao Viper Daimao writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I've been having some Frys customer service problems and want to see if you guys can give me some help on what to do next or who to contact to escalate this situation. I bought a Sharp 56DR650 DLP tv from Frys in Dec of 05. With it I purchased a 5 year service warranty. So around August of 06 it starts making this loud buzzing sound when it's on. I call the customer service place and they pass me to some repair place. I explain my problem to them and tell them I think it's the color wheel making the noise, they agree and say they'll call me back once they get the part to set up a time to come repair it. So two or three weeks go by and I am called back by the repair place saying they are still waiting for the part. I think ok, maybe there's a back order of the things.

So a few months more go by and I call back and they say they still don't have the part yet. I'm not pleased, but the TV is still working fine, just making an audible noise that I've almost tuned out by now. So I decide to wait. Well that brings us to about a month ago. I turn my tv on, only it doesn't come on! No noise, not nothing, just the power led blinking green then red. I call customer service at fry's to tell them that if they can't get the part, they need to come replace it. So the guy at fry's customer service has no idea what was going on with my request and says he's gonna put my information in a new ticket. I give him my info but he needs my serial number so I say I'll need to go back there and see it. He says no problem, that he'll call me back. Of course I am never called back. I manage to get the tv on by unplugging it and then plugging it back in and turning it on. This happens over half the time, but I it eventually turns on. I call again a week later and go through the whole process again, but have the serial number this time. They say they'll call me back with the time for their guys to come get it, and I'm never called back.

Now over a week ago, my tv refused to turn on at all. Same behavior, but no matter how many times I try I can't get it turned on. So they still have no idea about my situation and I speak to a manager. I speak to him and he takes down my info saying he'll call me back with a time for them to come and replace it. I of course never am called back. So I've called almost every day since. Each time it's an excuse about corporate holding up the paper work and that he'll call me back to update me. I've also been hung up on/disconnected every time I'm put on hold.

So I want to know who I can contact further for help resolving this matter and figured you'd be the people to ask. I can only find info for their CEO CFO and CIO's should I email them? Should I copy the state attorney general and the better business bureau on the email to them? Are there any important things I should or shouldn't say?

Thanks for any help you can provide me


Entertainment center choices

Viper Daimao Viper Daimao writes  |  more than 9 years ago

OK, I'll hopefully be able to find an apartment available to move into some time in Nov. I've got some money saved up and want to buy a big screen HD tv and set up a nice entertainment center. I'm not really looking at plasma tv's, but more towards DLP, LCD, or some other technology. I'll have about $5,000 saved up by the time I'm ready to start buying, so keep in mind my budget will be somewhere below that. So what kind of tv should I get? From where? What about speakers and stereo system? And how about the all important DVR? Do I get one from the cable or sat company? Buy a tivo? Build one myself?

So for anyone reading this, please leave me some comments about what you would recommend I buy.


Terrible Karma

Viper Daimao Viper Daimao writes  |  more than 9 years ago Ok, I somehow got terrible karma. This was based off of two posts that got modded down to -1, unfairly I think, but I am biased toward myself of course. Now all my posts start off at -1, meaning no one will see them on the article page. How can I get better karma if no one will see my posts to give me better karma? I guess I can wait till zeth gets some mod points and ask him to help.

Ok maybe I can see how the slashdot club was overrated, but still funny I thought. But the oil comment? There was no effort to flame or offer flamebait. I was being informative, the parent said peak oil was here, I pointed out alt sources of oil as yet untapped. Even the replies responded to it as though it were informative, not flamebait. oh well, bitching done.

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