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Microsoft Enters the Wearables Market With 'Band'

Viros Slashdot never disappoints (135 comments)

My first thought when I saw this was "Wow, this may actually be one of the first fitness wearables that I'm interested in, and it's cross-platform to boot!"

My second thought was "I wonder how Slashdot's going to shit all over this."

about a month ago

Microsoft Rumored To Integrate Android Apps

Viros Re:History repeating itself (189 comments)

I was actually referring to the Windows application compatibility feature in OS/2 that caused a lot of developers to skip out on a native OS/2 version of their programs since the Windows ones "just worked" on OS/2 as well.

about 9 months ago

Microsoft Rumored To Integrate Android Apps

Viros History repeating itself (189 comments)

So...they're basically going to do the same thing OS/2 did with Windows applications? How well did that work out for OS/2?

about 9 months ago

Microsoft Reports Record Revenue

Viros Re:Pro vs. RT (289 comments)

Windows 7 supports only the Win32 API; Windows RT 8 and Windows RT 8.1 support only the new WinRT API.

This isn't ENTIRELY true. RT does have the Win32 API, in the sense that code written in it will run if compiled for it. The example for this is Office 2013 that's installed on every Surface (non-pro). The issue is that non-WinRT stuff on RT needs a special signature on it that only Microsoft has right now. Current versions of Visual Studio include the ARM compiler and your Win32 code will execute on RT, it just throws an error saying it's not signed right. This distinction allowed things like this to happen: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/h...

about 10 months ago

Inside the War For Top Developer Talent

Viros Re:Rockstar (238 comments)

THIS! I was on the other side, interviewing countless developers at a previous (small) company. We got a new CTO sometime after I came on and so the hiring criteria changed accordingly. He had me conduct the technical interviews for many Java developer positions, and he sat in sometimes. There were many people I felt would be qualified for a mid-level or even entry-level position and recommended as such. EVERY SINGLE ONE got shot down because they were seeking Senior-level talent (and rockstar level at that) for far less than such talent is worth (at least 40% less).

At one point I talked to him about it and reminded him that he said I was the "best Java developer the company has ever had" in my annual review (he based some of this on what people who pre-dated him said about me). Based on his criteria, they wouldn't have hired me. After this, he STILL didn't change his hiring practices. It was so frustrating that it was one of the factors that contributed to my leaving the company.

about a year ago

Supreme Court To Weigh In On Warrantless GPS Tracking

Viros Re:Bad-ruling trifecta in play... (191 comments)

Actually, the game one puts the responsibility of regulating children INTO the hands of parents and OUT of the government. The ruling just prevented a law requiring the government to decide what can and can't be sold to minors with regards to violent video games. Now the responsibility is on the parents to actually pay attention to what their kids are playing and, if the kids bought something the parents don't want them playing, take it away.

more than 2 years ago

Rock, Paper, Shotgun Call For Worldwide Game Release Dates

Viros Re:promoting piracy (161 comments)

Dammit, didn't mean to post AC on that one...

more than 3 years ago

Multiple-Display Power Tools For Linux?

Viros Re:Issues I've had. (410 comments)

Maybe it made it to the front page because of posts like this that, instead of helping this guy out, simply show your "uber-l337" Linux knowledge and elitism and have left this guy in a position where he doesn't know about these DEs you speak of.

Instead of attacking someone who may not know what you know about Linux and calling it Microsoft FUD, how about you help the poor guy?

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Advice Against Nehalem Xeons Snuffed Out

Viros Re:What about for Windows 7? (154 comments)

I've got an i7 920 on my desktop and run Windows 7 for gaming/home use purposes and it works fine. Don't let the problems with the server software dissuade you from a very good processor for home and gaming use. The kind of stuff you're describing doing will never run into anything close to the problems from this article.

more than 4 years ago

What Are the Best First Steps For Becoming a Game Designer?

Viros Re:Quick advice (324 comments)

On the downside... everyone I've met from Digipen was crazy. I used to play Capture the flag (in real life) with some of them.

As a former student of Digipen, I can confirm this. They're all crazy, but typically smart as hell. Also, most (not all) of the students are just as socially inept as you would expect. Hell, we even had this one guy who was the perfect embodiment of the stereotypical geek. Even the professors called him a "creepy little gnome".

more than 5 years ago

Montana City Requires Workers' Internet Accounts

Viros Re:This can't be legal (836 comments)

Then this information should only become relevant if it indeed impacts job performance. There are many people who can go out and do things a boss might not like to hear about, but still not let it impact their job. Why should it be assumed things that COULD impact performance WILL impact performance?

For example, my grandfather was a pretty bad alcoholic yet it never caused him to miss a day of work or have any more of a negative impact than other typical reasons (not getting enough sleep, etc). FYI, the man was a chemist for 50+ years.

As for the department getting black eyes due to employee's personal lives, that's just a symptom of a halfway retarded society who lets one bad apple ruin the bunch, despite the fact each one is in a sealed plastic bag.

more than 5 years ago

Montana City Requires Workers' Internet Accounts

Viros This can't be legal (836 comments)

Why should workers have to supply personal information that isn't in any way relevant to the job? Why should workers give their bosses the means to invade on their personal lives? I realize there are cases (mainly national security type jobs) that may view these as compromising security, but then they should only require NDAs or, at worst, closing these accounts.

more than 5 years ago

The Future Might Be BIOS and Browsers

Viros Isn't this already done? (350 comments)

How is this any different from the SplashTop (or ExpressGate) interface used by companies like ASUS? It boots in seconds (usually less than 10 sec on my machine) and runs only a few apps, most of them web-based.

If this already exists, then why are we making a big deal about it? Furthermore, if it already exists and nobody seems to give a shit, then why SHOULD we be excited? I've only used it once or twice as a "hey, neat" kind of exercise.

more than 5 years ago

Lithium In Water "Curbs Suicide"

Viros Re:HS chem may be a fading memory but... (458 comments)

Perhaps the bigger problem is this: I once dated a young woman who had lithium treatments for bipolar disorder and, as a result, had to constantly get her blood tested to make sure it wasn't at toxic levels.

Yes, in certain amounts, lithium helps, but in larger amounts, it is toxic to the human body. If we put it in something like water, how are we going to explain to people that drinking too much water might cause bone loss, kidney damage and seizures? This is not to mention the problems lithium can cause on the unborn during pregnancy. What, are we going to add tap water to things women shouldn't ingest when pregnant?

more than 5 years ago

Obama Administration Defends Warrantless Wiretapping

Viros Re:The Only Change You Can Believe In (788 comments)

Or how about the similarities between the current "You can't NOT support Obama's economic policies or you want the country to fail" sentiment being pushed by Obama's administration and supporters and Bush's "If you're not with us, then you're against us."

At least Bush had the stones to say it outright...

more than 5 years ago

Programs Cannot Be Uninstalled In Vista?

Viros Re:Bullshit (469 comments)

Mine works fine too, running Vista Home Premium. This may be limited to certain configs, or it could even be that it affects all BUT a few types of configs. Point is, there seem to be a fair number of people that this isn't affecting at all.

more than 7 years ago



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