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Did Mozilla Have No Choice But To Add DRM To Firefox?

Viski Re: cooked the technology into the cake (406 comments)

My biggest complaint while small is Opera always opened a new tab to the far right, everything else opens it next to the tab your in, old Opera had it right.

Go to about:config and set browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent to false.

about 5 months ago

KDE 4.5 Released

Viski Re:KDE vs GNOME (302 comments)

The most popular option is never the highest quality.

Dunno, Ubuntu is pretty popular.

Exactly. So is Windows.

more than 4 years ago

Nokia Trades Symbian For MeeGo In N-Series Smartphones

Viski Re:Hardly premature. (184 comments)

So advanced -- that it had to include a stylus?

FYI, most of the population on the Earth do not live in the USA. A stylus is simply the best tool for writing Asian syllabary languages.

N900 is just linux plus phone

Yes, that's pretty much correct. That makes the device pretty flexible, don't you think?

more than 4 years ago

Ranking Soccer Players By Following the Bouncing Ball

Viski Re:Fantasy Leagues? (142 comments)

Actually, Fifa is currently running a World Cup fantasy league, which features rather diverse scoring system for individual players. Players are awarded points for e.g. offensive and defensive action, scoring, and keeping a clean sheet. The scoring is also dependent on player's position on the field. It's not a perfect system, but works okay. IMHO, the system favours offensive wing backs, since they're often active in the offense, but are also egligible for the large bonus for shutting out the opponent. Of course, there are a limited number of players in the world who can successfully contribute both offensively and defensively at the wing. It's not an easy position to play.

more than 4 years ago

Ranking Soccer Players By Following the Bouncing Ball

Viski Re:Um ... (142 comments)

Any football fan will tell you that when two teams play AMAZINGLY well the result will be more like 5-5 rather than 0-0.

I strongly disagree. There is much more than offense to consider in a good game of football. If the game results 5-5 it is rather clear that both defenses have failed at their job. Even a game ending 0-0 can be extremely interesting to watch for a football connoisseur. Football is not just about making goals, it's also about not conceding them.

more than 4 years ago

Researchers Demo Hardware Attacks Against India's E-Voting Machines

Viski Re:Ultimate accountability (179 comments)

There's (at least) one problem in home voting: How do you make sure that the voter won't be pressured or bought when voting? Of course, in traditional systems there may be some pressure on the voter, but she will always be alone when casting the vote - no one can verify whether she cast the vote as agreed. In the Estonian model this is taken care of by allowing the voter to cast multiple votes, the latest of which will stand. She has also an option to cast a paper vote during preliminary voting period, which will negate the votes cast via Internet. It's not a perfect solution, but a solution nevertheless.

more than 4 years ago

Beaver Dam Visible From Space

Viski Re:850 meters??? (286 comments)

Yes, I wasn't referring to the Fox article, but to the OP, stating:

The Hoover Dam no longer holds the title of the world's widest dam.

Technically, this statement is correct too. It was once the widest dam in the world, but is no longer. However, every normal person would understand the post so, that this dam made by beavers has claimed the title from Hoover. And that clearly isn't the case.

more than 4 years ago

Beaver Dam Visible From Space

Viski Re:850 meters??? (286 comments)

Actually, they discuss length in the news article:

The incredible woodland construction is a staggering 2,790 feet in length -- more than half a mile long.

The OP is the one who has confused length and width. And in every case, claiming that Hoover Dam is the largest dam in the world by any measure is just plain wrong.

more than 4 years ago

What is the Current State of Home Automation?

Viski Closed source in home automation != good (409 comments)

I wouldn't want to deploy an automation system which is dependant on Microsoft - or any other proprietary vendor - into my home.

Buildings (and their automation systems) have lifespan of tens of years, not just until the next major OS upgrade. Of course, automation systems do not (hopefully) need to be upgraded every other week, but open source at least gives you the possibility to keep your system upgraded long after the closed source vendors have decided to drop support for your system.

more than 4 years ago

Nokia Sues Apple For Patent Infringement In iPhone

Viski Re:So confused about who to root for... (367 comments)

And it seems they have tried to negotiate with Apple about licensing the patents. That's not something a patent troll does. They just try to go for maximum profit by coercing the others to settle the lawsuit or by winning in the court.

more than 4 years ago

Electric Car Nano-Batteries Aim For 500 Mile Range

Viski Re:impossible for consumers to operate it. (650 comments)

Now how long do you want to wait to recharge it? let's say 5 minutes (1/12 hour) at the filling station is the normal time to fill a tank.

Why would you want to recharge the batteries in 5 minutes? If you've just driven 500 miles, a wee bit longer stop might be in order. After 8-10 hours in your car, a 1-2 -hour break sounds very appropriate. Eat something, have a coffee. Relax. Take a walk or even a nap. Your car is not the only thing that's in need of charging after all. The driver - that's you - needs to be alert and vigilant when on the road.

30KW * 10 Hours / (1/12 hour) = 30*120 KWatts

Based on this logic:
30 kW * 10 h / (1 h) = 300 kW
30 kW * 10 h / (2 h) = 150 kW

I agree the current is still rather large, but not unmanageable anymore.

about 5 years ago


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