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Newspaper Articles Not Copyrightable In Slovakia

Visoblast Fox News? (86 comments)

If Fox News operates over there the way they do in the US, they should be able to copyright many of their articles. They are always very creative in how they don't use facts.

about 3 years ago

IEEE Introduces Mario Level-Generation Competition

Visoblast River Raid does this (114 comments)

River Raid, the old Atari 2600 game from Activision, uses a pseudo random number generator to produce the game levels. It was a great way to avoid putting the levels in the game's limited ROM (2K?).

Old but good ideas just keep coming back.

more than 4 years ago

Measuring Input Latency In Console Games

Visoblast Atari 2600 has less latency (160 comments)

On the old Atari 2600, the game has to be written around rendering fields (half frames) of video. On NTSC, that is 59.94 fields per second, or a little under 16.7ms. Input is usually read during vertical blanking between fields. That makes for not much more than 33.3ms latency in the worst case of input change just after vertical blanking.

Maybe new isn't really better.

more than 5 years ago

IP Rights For Games Made In School?

Visoblast Re:FullSail's different... (128 comments)

Yes, Full Sail does retain the right to use student projects for advertising, but they explicitly do not take ownership of the student projects. I used to work for them as a lab instructor in the Game Development program. Students could not be prevented from making their project into a commercial game under these terms, although few are that good. It's OK, though. The point of the project is going through the process, which the students do even if their game isn't all that fun.

more than 6 years ago


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