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Player Piano Roll Production Ceases

VividU Player Pianos are supreme tech (117 comments)

I had the great fortune to apprentice with one of the last remaining player piano craftsman/restorers/repairmen in the west coast. A mad genius if there ever was one. (Hey Larry!).

Not many jobs gave me to opportunity to make glue from fish guts, cut leather, polish wood with graphite and tinker deep in the guts of Steinway's.

The player piano's are truly amazing technology. Ask most people how the players work and they'll draw a blank. (Hint: vacuum).

Sit next to a properly tuned (musically & mechanically) player piano, close your eyes and listen. They can be scary good.

about 6 years ago

Why Music Really Is Getting Louder

VividU Compression & Compression (388 comments)

Slightly misleading line: Songs are compressed once again into digital files before being sold on iTunes and similar sites.

The first "compression" is traditional audio compression where the dynamic range of the track is "compressed" the second "compression" is digital data compression. These are two completely different things with no relation to each other - the only thing they share is the name.

more than 7 years ago


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