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Exxon and Russian Operation Discovers Oil Field Larger Than the Gulf of Mexico

WWJohnBrowningDo Re: So what? (197 comments)

That cancellation was itself cancelled after the ceasefire was announced. The sale is still going through.

2 days ago

Facebook To Start Testing Internet-Beaming Drones In 2015

WWJohnBrowningDo Re: They're solar. (42 comments)

That thing is:

1. High altitude

So is Facebook's proposed aircraft.

2. Not delivering payloads to customers

That's why the Facebook version has three times the wingspan at 60 meters, to carry the extra battery for nighttime operations.

5 days ago

Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:Some info seems bogus (408 comments)

Some of that info seems bogus. 10,000 CNC mills? Unlikely. 10,000 CNC machines of all types across all of Apple manufacturing, maybe.

I was skeptical too, but then I looked up the numbers and turns out 10,000 is actually an underestimation:

The Fanuc Robodrill is the world's common CNC machine measured by installation numbers and by total value thanks to Apple.

about two weeks ago

Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:Me too. (408 comments)

they made 68 iphones to sell this holiday season.

Now I finally understand why Apple fans have to line up three days ahead.

about two weeks ago

Proposed Law Would Limit US Search Warrants For Data Stored Abroad

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:Citizens affected but not Companies?! (131 comments)

The submitter added that on their own. The bill applies to all US persons, i.e., all citizens, permanent residents, and corporate entities.

From the actual text of the bill:

The term ‘United States person’ means a citizen or permanent resident alien of the United States, or an entity or organization organized under the laws of the United States or a State or political subdivision thereof.’

The word "citizen" doesn't even occur in the article.

about two weeks ago

German Court: Google Must Stop Ignoring Customer E-mails

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:well done mods. (290 comments)

I did, and all I received was an automatic reply saying that will not respond to or even read my messages, due to the large number of emails received at that address.

That is an utterly unacceptable response. I am outraged; I shall be referring this matter to the German police.

about three weeks ago

Paypal Jumps Into Bitcoin With Both Feet

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:Can someone clarify the state of BitCoin? (134 comments)

You buy 10 shares GOOG at $500. Later you buy 20 share of GOOGs at $550. Later you buy 20 share of GOOG at $560.

If you pay 30 shares to somebody

So, you wait a month, now GOOG is at $570, and you sell 5 shares.

Your cost base is ( $500 * 10 + $550 * 20 + $560 * 20) / 50 = 544

When you paid someone that 30 shares, the price at that instant was $560, so you made a capital gain of (560-544)*30 = $480

When you sold 5 shares at $570, you made a capital gain of (570-544)*30 = $130

I really don't see what's so confusing about this.

about three weeks ago

Alibaba's US IPO Could Top $20 Billion

WWJohnBrowningDo Re: Alibaba Is Useless (97 comments)

I replied the insult wasn't a word in Mandarin,

No, you didn't, you liar. You said "And it's not a chinese word".

but you assholes insulted me because I didn't know the cantonese word.

No, I insulted you because you wasted everyone's time with your ignorant bullshit about how a Cantonese word isn't Chinese. If you had said "And it's not a Mandarin word" then I would have modded you informative and moved on.

about three weeks ago

Alibaba's US IPO Could Top $20 Billion

WWJohnBrowningDo Re: Alibaba Is Useless (97 comments)

And it's not a chinese word, in case you were wondering.

I was actually wondering why you're wasting everyone's time by commenting about a word which you apparently know nothing about.

about three weeks ago

C++14 Is Set In Stone

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:Still... (193 comments)

Finally, what the hell is the z supposed to stand for in 0z?

He's probably a German speaker. Binary is Zeugenschutzprogramm in German.

about a month ago

Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

WWJohnBrowningDo A little behind the times (415 comments)

Typical government bureaucracy, relying on outdated technology.

Nearly 10 years ago, top minds in the private industry already developed super dogs that not only detected DVDs but could also determine the legal status of said DVDs by smell alone.

about 3 months ago

Oculus Suspends Oculus Rift Dev Kit Sales In China

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:Why not limit them to one per customer? (131 comments)

As long as you know for sure that the person you are paying doesn't intend to just keep the thing that they bought for you....

We're talking about something that is ordered online and shipped straight to one of the scalper's many addresses, so there's zero chance the mule could run off with it.

...and scalping tends to be discourage by the law...

Show me *one* law anywhere in the world that prohibits the scalping of non-ticket items.

about 3 months ago

eBay Compromised

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:Since February and just now hearing about it?! (193 comments)

What probably happened is that they got compromised, and then whoever compromised it tried to sell the account information to the highest bidder.

"3 Million Stolen Ebay Accounts BNIB FREE SHIPPING NR US SELLER L@@K"

about 4 months ago

NASA Admits It Gave Jet Fuel Discounts To Google Execs' Company

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:Not a subsidy? (126 comments)

You missed the next part:

Further, in accordance with Federal law, NASA does not collect state and local fuel taxes as such taxes are not payable for fuel sold at civil airports owned by the United States.

The federal government is immune from state and local taxes, therefore fuel sold on a federally-owned airport meant for use by federal agencies is exempt from state and local taxes. The problem is that Google brought and used some of this below-market-price fuel and thus skipped the state and local fuel taxes.

about 7 months ago

Agbogbloshie: The World's Largest e-Waste Dump

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:I try to do the right thing (117 comments)

Dispose of my stuff in the proscribed manner at the municipal dump.

It's probably not smart to brag about your illegal activities on the Internet :)

about 7 months ago

Interview: Ask Richard Stallman What You Will

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:I'm intrigued (480 comments)

Give the man a break. He's just trying to promote open sores food.

about 7 months ago

YouTube Ordered To Remove "Illegal" Copyright Blocking Notices

WWJohnBrowningDo Just tweak the wording a bit (427 comments)

Saying "I will kill the president" is illegal, but saying "Remember kids, saying 'I will kill the president' is illegal!" is legal.

Google should just change the message to:

Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany.

By the way, some pricks have a problem with us displaying the message "this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights."
So we're definitely not going display that message.

about 7 months ago

Do We Really Have a Shortage of STEM Workers?

WWJohnBrowningDo Re:Not just in the US (491 comments)

It's interesting that in the Netherlands, tech companies have been telling the government that there is a shortage of about 30.000 IT workers. However, if you're actually looking for a job and trawl the internet for vacancies, you'll quickly conclude that there are about 500 vacancies tops.

That's because cheap foreign laborers are lazy and only possess 1/60 the productivity of a Dutch person.[/sarcasm]

about 7 months ago

Japanese Firm Proposes Microwave-Linked Solar Plant On the Moon

WWJohnBrowningDo Re: I think I've seen this plan (330 comments)

I think you need to remember that the Earth is also round, not flat, so the panels will be in incredibly cold darkness half the time. Just like the moon. :-)

I think you need to remember that the Earth has an axial tilt of 23.4 degrees, so the geostationary orbit is out of Earth's shadow 24 hours a day (save for dozens of hours of eclipses every year).

about 7 months ago


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