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Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

Wahakalaka Re:Don't allow missils to be fired... (657 comments)

The issue at this point is the blockade slowly strangling Gaza. A "ceasefire" that doesn't address the blockade is useless to Gaza.

11 hours ago

Administration Ordered To Divulge Legal Basis For Killing Americans With Drones

Wahakalaka Re:Booo, America sucks (310 comments)

What kind of rationalization is that? So as long as we're one step ahead of North Korea, it doesn't matter? Land of the not-quite-as-repressive-as-China? =\

about 3 months ago

Bitcoin Exchange Flexcoin Wiped Out By Theft

Wahakalaka Re:Unregulated currency (704 comments)

Is regulating the exchanges themselves such a deal breaker? Require security audits, books audits, etc. (depending on the host country) Exchanges are the biggest problem, and really the easiest to fix. If you don't like the enevitably higher costs at a regulated exchange, use a less regulated one at your own risk. Seems reasonable.

about 5 months ago

Feds Allegedly Demanding User Passwords From Services

Wahakalaka Re:Companies shouldn't have this anyway (339 comments)

What do you do when they tell you to put in new code to intercept login credentials prior to encryption and send it to them? =[

1 year,3 days

NSA Still Funded To Spy On US Phone Records

Wahakalaka Re:My congressman will be getting a call today. (362 comments)

The NSA has successfully stopped several domestic terrorist attacks

I have seen zero proof of this outside of "trust us, we're the government". No, I don't. Especially after all the bald faced lying they've been doing. I mean, something, anything, redact 2/3 words...

1 year,4 days

Supreme Court Overturns Defense of Marriage Act

Wahakalaka Re:What now? (1073 comments)

Would that imply that a gay couple that lived in say, Texas could hop up to Massechussets, get married, then come back to Texas, and Texas would have to shut up and deal with it?

about a year ago

Libertarian Candidate Excluded From Debate For Refusing Corporate Donations

Wahakalaka Re:Well, that was your mistake. (627 comments)

He may not (on purpose) have tons of cash, but he has 7% of the vote, in one poll, one debate, zero advertisements. 500 whackjobs * 7% = 3500% of the population. Elections should be about voters, not cash. In my perfect world, campaigning would be limited to large number of debates, and a rotating segment on pbs or c-span or some other public tv. No room for BS.

about 2 years ago

Lessons Learned From Cracking 2M LinkedIn Passwords

Wahakalaka Re:Do not use standard passwords (198 comments)

Yes, that would require the attacker to have the salt generation algorithm (probably the code base), and would possibly mess up automated crackers like in TFA (I think?)

more than 2 years ago

Member Claims Anonymous "Might Well Be the Most Powerful Organization On Earth"

Wahakalaka 15 years??? (241 comments)

Don't get me wrong DDOSing a courthouse is pretty dumb, but 15 years?

more than 2 years ago

Credit Suisse Traders Manipulated IT Systems To Hide $500m Losses

Wahakalaka Re:To put it in undying words of Alan Greenspan (141 comments)

Why wouldn't they? If someone can run off with billions of dollars with (seemingly) no consequences, why wouldn't they? For how "brilliant" guys like Greenspan were supposed to have been, they seem frightfully naive in retrospect about basic human nature. The "market" can only punish misbehaving companies if there is complete transparency, which is a fantasy... obvious solution is to just hide what you're doing. They fail to realize that regulations (rules) are needed to protect a free market, just like laws and the constitution are needed to protect individual freedom. Without regulation there is not market freedom but market anarchy. Although in regard TFA what these traders did was always very against the law.

more than 2 years ago

Police Investigate Offensive Wi-Fi Network Name

Wahakalaka Re:Name revealed (890 comments)

Even more ironic is how closely the Palestinian struggle for statehood mirrors Israel's...

more than 2 years ago

Why the NTSB Is Wrong About Cellphones

Wahakalaka Re:multitasking (1003 comments)

Not to mention driving with one hand and talking to the other occupants... I don't see how talking on a cell phone is functionally different from driving with one hand while talking to the passenger.

more than 2 years ago

Amazon Granted Location Tracking Patent

Wahakalaka Re:Already doing it? (68 comments)

What pisses me off is that these companies think they have some kind of entitlement to profit off of me and my data. If anyone should be able to monetize and sell my own information, it's me. If they offered to pay me for it, then and only then will I consent to anything.

more than 2 years ago

Battlefield 3 Banned In Iran

Wahakalaka Re:Not surprising... (248 comments)

As a Jewish kid growing up one of the most important lessons I learned about the Holocaust was not to dehumanize the Germans as a people or as individuals for what happened, as that would make me no different than the Nazi's themselves, rather I should understand why and how they did what they did so that I could do my part in preventing it from happening again. When I try to apply that logic now to Islamic extremism, and Israeli extremism for that matter, I'm surprised at the vehemence of the pushback I get, even from people that really ought to know better (I think deep down they do, that's why they deny it so hard). To say that we "can't understand terrorism or extremism so don't even try" is insane to me. They're just people. Hell international business and finance these days is way more complicated and at least as sinister as any terrorist...

more than 2 years ago

Battlefield 3 Banned In Iran

Wahakalaka Re:Not surprising... (248 comments)

Well, they are developing a new Counter-Strike... I wonder if you'll be able to play a terrorist in a "modern shooter" capacity. Hostages, bombs and everything I hope. I remember on 9/11 I came home from school and loaded up cs (as a terrorist naturally) cause well that's what I always did, hesitated for a second, then thought, "Hell if I stop playing my favorite game cause of this then the terrorists really do win."

more than 2 years ago

Occupy Flash?

Wahakalaka Re:Unfortunate (507 comments)

Vote for whom? Republicans? Clearly no. Obama? All his campaign sponsors are Wall Street firms. The whole point is that there is no one to vote for, and little / no recourse within the system.

more than 2 years ago

Bipartisan Internet Sales Tax Bill Introduced

Wahakalaka No new taxes? (548 comments)

What happened to the whole "No New Taxes" commandment? =\

more than 2 years ago



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