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Why Are CC Numbers Still So Easy To Find?

WalterSobchak Re:How much is it a problem? (317 comments)

Yes you can use these numbers to shop in a store. Real easy.

My bank called me to ask if I was in Istanbul, Turkey, over the weekend. When I said "No", they said: "But your Visa Card was", and they did not seem at all surprised that the physical card was still in my possession.

They gave me a nice list of events: First the thugs bought something small, then tried something big. As the card was declined, they tried something small again, and then a couple of medium purchases (like $100 a piece).
All in all, they had racked up about $1000 when the call came, but I did not have to cover any of that, luckily.
Again, all of these were in-store purchases.


more than 7 years ago



German Supreme Court says No to Voting Computers

WalterSobchak WalterSobchak writes  |  more than 5 years ago

WalterSobchak writes "Germany's supreme court banned current voting machines from further elections. While the court found no issues with the elections that had already been held, they banned the current technology from further use, deeming them too in-transparent and not tamper proof.

The court specifically said that this decision is not "technophobic", and applies only to the currently used technology (mainly NEDAP machines), If new technology meets the high standards required for elections, it could be used for elections. Also, the court said that given proper technology, even voting by internet is imaginable

Source: Spiegel Online (German)"



The Mac OX developer tools

WalterSobchak WalterSobchak writes  |  more than 10 years ago

As I have modded you (up), I can not reply, so I do it here...
What I find the most amazing thing about the Apple DevTools is that I can switch seemlessly between them and the commandline. gcc, gdb (which may not the best the world has seen, but that is another issue) are all there, and I can just as well edit my stuff with vim and use cvs from the commandline.

Just my 0.02

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