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Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

Walzmyn Re:Link broken? (1191 comments)

When I saw it my first thought was, "this is every other new site on the planet." One of the reasons I come to /. is to not have my time wasted (too much) with useless fluff. The new design = all useless fluff.

about a year ago

Soda Makes Five-Year-Olds Break Your Stuff, Science Finds

Walzmyn Re:Scientists finally discover... (287 comments)

After supper is pretty routine here. Brush teeth, bath, story, prayers and bed. Doesn't change because of what they eat.

about a year ago

Soda Makes Five-Year-Olds Break Your Stuff, Science Finds

Walzmyn Re:Scientists finally discover... (287 comments)

Cinnamon actually slows the body's uptake of sugar. We put it in cake icing and it keeps down that sugar rush us old fogies can't quite handle any more.

For my kids we won't let 'em have sugar deserts after supper and they are MUCH more well behaved getting to bed. I'm not sure they are any less "bouncing off the walls" but they do go to sleep much easier.

about a year ago

Hyundai's Flying Car Flies For an Audience

Walzmyn Re:link to original source (96 comments)

And the video is damned useless. It jumps around so quick you can't even figure out what half the stuff is and offers no explanation.

about a year ago

KLyDE: Lightweight KDE Desktop In the Making

Walzmyn Re:Cool (129 comments)

99% of us have disabled that damned thing as soon as we installed. The rest should.

about a year and a half ago

Proof-of-Concept Port of XBMC to SDL 2.0 and Wayland

Walzmyn Re:WHAT (81 comments)

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Seems like every third article on /. I have to run to Wikipedia just to figure out what piece of software or what abbreviation someone's blabbering about.
It's like trying to read a forum for a game you're not familiar with.

about a year and a half ago

In 2011, Fracking Was #2 In Causing Greenhouse Gas In US

Walzmyn Mother Jones?! (210 comments)

After all the whining and complaining that goes on this site when Foxnews is cited, we're posting articles from Mother Freaking Jones?

about a year and a half ago

Next-Gen Console Wars Will Soon Begin In Earnest

Walzmyn Meh (284 comments)

My Feelings

about a year and a half ago

How Many Text Messages Do You Send a Day?

Walzmyn Re: Text messages? (217 comments)

I find it interesting "SolitaryMan" is the one to bring being married into the conversation...

about a year and a half ago

Canadian Space Agency Shows Off Prototype Rovers

Walzmyn Re:On what Rocket? (70 comments)

Canadian Whiskey

about 2 years ago

Doctors 'Cheating' On Board Certifications

Walzmyn Re:MD degree is to long and the school mindset may (238 comments)

Last time I was at the Doc, my data all got entered by a clerk, then re-entered by a nurse, then re-entered by the Doctor. They all seemed to think it was all perfectly normal, redundancy for accuracy kinda thing. It drove me nuts.

more than 2 years ago

Typically, I touch N computer keyboards daily:

Walzmyn Re:Scientific work (192 comments)

I thought of this too. My industry uses a lot of computer controllers that are self-contained boxes triggering a few dozen relays, everything is on the front panel of the controller. I play with several of these every day, but I finally decided anything in this genera (and my phone as well) was a keypad. For "Keyboard" I'm going with 1 for my laptop.
There's a couple of other computers in the house, but I don't use them on any regular basis.

more than 2 years ago

The recent snow on the U.S. east coast ...

Walzmyn Re:World News brought to you by a /. poll (292 comments)

The "World Series" was originally sponsored by the "World" Newspaper, or magazine or some such. Name was corporate sponsor and just never got changed.

more than 2 years ago

The best computer upgrade I've ever done was:

Walzmyn Re:Untethered (522 comments)

I was going to say the same - getting a laptop. Lenovo Thinkpad T61. (Which I made better by installing Kubuntu on)
I maxed out the RAM and got the discrete video card of course, but just having it all together, and able to put it in a bag and take it to my folks or the beach or wherever is the awesome.
Still runs apache and plays all the games I want it to as well.

more than 2 years ago

UK Sticks With Nuclear Power

Walzmyn Re:Thorium anyone? (334 comments)

You mean like the one they built in Oak Ridge in the 60s?

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft and Nvidia Have Acquisition Pact

Walzmyn Re:MS is not a hardware company (136 comments)

-Microsoft is not a hardware company

I disagree. I have a GREAT Microsoft mouse. In fact, I consider it to be much more valuable than the several pieces of their software I had to delete off my hard drive when I originally bought my computers.

more than 3 years ago

Tunnel Boring Machine Completes Hole Under Niagara Falls

Walzmyn Re:No, I'm not going to RTFA just to find out (193 comments)

They also didn't include a map. I mean, c'mon, if you're talking about a 10 freaking mile long man-made hole in the ground isn't a map showing it's route a pretty damned obvious thing to think that a reader would want to see?

more than 3 years ago

Texas Instruments Buys National Semiconductor For $6.5B

Walzmyn Re:Email from TI (121 comments)

damnit, announce when you're posting something serious. I read that whole long thing looking for the joke to start.

more than 3 years ago

Former Senator Chris Dodd Set To Head MPAA

Walzmyn Re:What is Dodd guilty of? (181 comments)

He was one of the ones that created the rules leading to the collapse of the housing market. THEN he came in and began making the rules to FIX the housing market, blaming the problem on someone else.
I say he's a perfect fit at the MPAA.

more than 3 years ago


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