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How To Verify CD-R Data Retention Over Time?

Wanker Try the CDFreaks Forums (303 comments)

The obsessed people at CDFreaks can help. Here's a link to their FAQ on CD-R media:


In other places in the cdfreaks forums, you'll find links to tools that can read the C1/C2 error rates. One of the simplest is "readcd", part of the "cdrecord" programs on Linux.

In the DVD world, Lite-On and Plextor both make proprietary programs to read the media-level error rates which only work with their own drives. Lite-On has a Linux version of theirs.

more than 6 years ago



Orson Scott Card blasts J.K. Rowling's Lawsuit

Wanker Wanker writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Wanker (17907) writes "In the wake of a lawsuit by J.K. Rowling against the author of a Harry Potter encyclopedia, the Greensboro Rhino Times has an article by Orson Scott Card blasting J.K. Rowling for "letting herself be talked into being outraged over a perfectly normal publishing activity." Card writes:

Rowling has nowhere to go and nothing to do now that the Harry Potter series is over. After all her literary borrowing, she shot her wad and she's flailing about trying to come up with something to do that means anything.

Moreover, she is desperate for literary respectability. Even though she made more money than the queen or Oprah Winfrey in some years, she had to see her books pushed off the bestseller lists and consigned to a special "children's book" list. Litterateurs sneer at her work as a kind of subliterature, not really worth discussing.

It makes her insane. The money wasn't enough. She wants to be treated with respect.

Orson Scott Card has hit the nail on the head. He understands that authors re-use each others' ideas all the time, and certainly Ender's Game gets its share of re-use. Did Rowling's success go to her head?"

Wanker Wanker writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Wanker (17907) writes "In a move that has been frequently requested by customers but often denied, Blizzard has decided to risk alienating their retail channels and offer a recent expansion for download:


In the past for online role-playing games such as Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Dark age of Camelot, and others the publishers have decided not to make expansions available, citing concerns that their retail partners would be unhappy about the potential lost revenue. Is Warcraft simply so big they can ignore these concerns? Have the fears of the retailers been largely unfounded? Does this bode well for easily available future upgrades?"


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