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Technology Group Promises Scientists Their Own Clouds

WarJolt Re:Contradiction (45 comments)

Not really. UCSB has eucalyptus running a small "cloud". That's essentially a scaled down version of AWS. HTCondor can be considered a cloud since it scales and processes can run anywhere in their network.

Of course /. has no shortage of posts about the ambiguity of the word cloud, but I prefer thd looser definition. Universities have been distributing computation for a while now on what could be described as a cloud.


Car Thieves and Insurers Vote On Keyless Car Security

WarJolt Re:I wish I'd thought of that (219 comments)

The only problem with keyless cars systems is that the car companies forgot to secure them. That can be fixed.

I'll flip it around on you. Here's my problem with traditional keys; They can be lost, they can be stolen, they can be copied and there isn't a way of logging access or revoking access. Many older vehicles can even be started(and stolen) with a minimal amount of knowledge and tools.

All your cars are connected to the internet or soon will be. If you work for Google you just swipe your badge and take a company car. If you lose your badge they can deactivate it remotely. Being able to revoke access to a car is incredibly powerful. We have 2 factor authentication for your google account. Why not your car?

3 days ago

Creationism Conference at Michigan State University Stirs Unease

WarJolt Don't really care (976 comments)

I say there are really 3 valid responses to creationists for an atheist.

1. Ignore them. It's a waste of time.
2. Listen to their premises and reject them for being logically inconsistent.
3. Listen to them and convert.

Getting uneasy and yelling at them is a serious waste of time. It won't get you anywhere. It also make you look like a jerk.
Let them believe what they want. It OK to have a debate, but if they start getting belligerent then respectfully remove yourself from the conversation.

I follow those guidelines for all free exchanges of ideas. I doubt MSU will allow this to get out of control. There is a lot of things that happen at my university that I don't agree with, but they don't affect me, so I let it go.

3 days ago

What Will It Take To Make Automated Vehicles Legal In the US?

WarJolt Re:For Starters (317 comments)

Controlling a car is an NP-complete problem. We'll save lives by implementing the heuristics better and more consistently than a human mind can. There will be car error, but let's hope we can minimize that to almost zero. I doubt we will get rid of accidents entirely. Hopefully those accidents will be less deadly though.

You're not going to find a magic fix that prevents car accidents, but it's hard to prove that a car can always perform better than a human.

3 days ago

FTDI Removes Driver From Windows Update That Bricked Cloned Chips

WarJolt Is counterfeiting really cheaper? (571 comments)

It's a shame that USB has UMS for storage and UVC for video, but there isn't a similar standard for COM ports.

With that said, it's a serial port. Come on guys!! Just make a pin compatible part and write your own driver. It would probably take about the same amount of time to reverse engineer FTDI. Can you even copyright an IC footprint?

about a week ago

Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres

WarJolt Re: Overly broad? (422 comments)

I think the higgs existence has a p value of 3Ã--10-7.
It's kinda sad that the industry accepts things as facts with only 96% certainty. Some of those things have serious impacts on people's lives.

about two weeks ago

Apple Releases CUPS 2.0

WarJolt Re:Web server for printing... (178 comments)

...because web protocols are universal and easy to use.

Ask yourself this question. Should I use a standard protocol with tons of tools an an ecosystem to support it or should I use a totally custom protocol to handle everything?

Why you'd need to write custom complicated protocols from scratch for everything always riddled me.

Maybe you think because theres less overhead it's better. IDK, but I reject that premise.

Disclaimer: I work with a bunch of stubborn hardware engineers that sometimes refuse to give up their false permises about software.

about two weeks ago

Flight Attendants Want Stricter Gadget Rules Reinstated

WarJolt Re:They worry too much (406 comments)

Yes, but I doubt an FFA regulation will prevent that. Most people don't tend to follow the rules during an emergency anyway.

about two weeks ago

Former Department of Defense Chief Expects "30 Year War"

WarJolt Re:And some say Obama isn't a Republican (425 comments)

authoritarian expansionist kleptocratic coin.

Is that like a cryto-currency that's going to finally replace USD?

about three weeks ago

Why the FCC Will Probably Ignore the Public On Network Neutrality

WarJolt Re:The "public comment" is a charade (336 comments)

This post got me thinking about those elected to represent me and my community.

Senator Dianne Feinstein opposes net neutrality
Senator Barbara Boxer supports net neutrality
Representative Lois Capps supports net neutrality

How many here even know about how their elected officials stand on net neutrality? Honestly I doubt most people think this is a pressing issue when they vote(/.ers being the exception).

about three weeks ago

Apple Yanks iOS 8 Update

WarJolt Ease of Use (203 comments)

I am an Android user, but I've always said that iOS wasn't designed for me. I've said it is great a great product if you want a simple to use smartphone that just works. I think this type of failure really makes me think twice about repeating that advice. Apple success has depended on creating clean products with extreme attention to detail. I'm really disappointed.

about a month ago

Robot Operating System To Officially Support ARM Processors

WarJolt Re:Linux version first? (33 comments)

In their introduction they use the term meta-operating system.

ROS is an open-source, meta-operating system for your robot. It provides the services you would expect from an operating system, including hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly-used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management. It also provides tools and libraries for obtaining, building, writing, and running code across multiple computers.

about a month and a half ago

Robot Operating System To Officially Support ARM Processors

WarJolt Re:Qualcomm must be funding it. (33 comments)

Heres the thing about R/T robotic control systems in industrial robotics. The tasks that they run are well defined repetitive tasks that don't change much. The kinds of robotics that we see in Hollywood block busters require significant more intelligence and perception that require a little looser definition of real-time computing.

What you're talking about is hard real-time requirements. This means that if we miss some timing we have a total systems failure. ROS does not guarantee timing, so you'll have to come up with a different way to handle these. One solution is to have specialized, verifiable hardware the handles those hard real-time requirements. Usually these are things that prevent the robot from damaging itself, property or others.

There are many applications of robotics that have firm or soft real-time requirements. These are real-time tasks that can be handled by ROS. Robotic perception is something that doesn't really fit into the hard real-time requirement, so we have to think about ways that these systems degrade and fail gracefully when deadlines are missed.

about a month and a half ago

Robot Operating System To Officially Support ARM Processors

WarJolt Re:Linux version first? (33 comments)

Android is Java. Although ROS supports multiple language bindings the core is written in cpp.

Google has a rosjava port. Multiple machines can run in a single ROS system, so the rosjava port is usually used to create Android UI applications to control or view information in a multi-machine ROS system.

ROS development is tied very closely to Ubuntu. Some things work on Mac OSX, but that's because it's Unix based and the built system was easier to adapt. Windows support is practically non-existent because to build system is not well-suited for non-unix systems. You would have an easier time getting rosjava to work.

Really the reason ARM is supported easily is because it's simply a recompilation. Most of the Ubuntu packages that are required are already available for ARM. Full Android support is significantly more difficult.

about a month and a half ago

Amazon Is Killing Off Its Free P2P Money-Transfer Service WebPay On October 13

WarJolt Guess I'll have to use google wallet or paypal (34 comments)

I can send money from my GMail account. Why would I used amazon? Smart move on amazons part.

about a month and a half ago

UK Prisons Ministry Fined For Lack of Encryption At Prisons

WarJolt stealing identity (74 comments)

I can't imagine the identities of a bunch of ex-cons are that valuable.

about 2 months ago

If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

WarJolt Re: I hope not (511 comments)

You only need to learn one oo procedure based language. All others are just a book exercise.

The problem with that is most people think because they can program in that language they understand the paradigm.

There are tons of c++ and c# programmers out there who think object orientation is only about turning UI controls into objects. All other code is more of a mix of bad OO and imperative programming.

I would revise your original statement to you only need to learn one oo language well. Same for functional languages. You are have to know a language well to understand the paradigm.

about 2 months ago

Are Altcoins Undermining Bitcoin's Credibility?

WarJolt Re:Self Serving Story? (267 comments)

I just don't agree with him. Bitcoins have some serious issues. If someone develops a digital currency that addresses those issues and makes them more practical for every day use I support it. If I had to wait for 10 minutes to get my starbucks coffee paid for I'd probably decide to just pay cash. I also wonder how quickly the blockchain would grow if bitcoin became more mainstream. Anonymity is also an issue. I think competition between digital currencies will only make them more practical and robust. That can only be a good thing for digital currencies in the long run. If progress is not made digital currencies will never replace conventional ones.

about 2 months ago

Is Storage Necessary For Renewable Energy?

WarJolt Re:"Dance" = rolling blackouts (442 comments)

I think you missed the point of the article. Demand is far easier to manipulate. Cost incentives that match demand to supply will work if you scale the cost dynamically to match the instantaneous capacity of the grid. Turn a factory on full power when the wind is blowing and slow it down when the wind isn't.

about 2 months ago



iPad 3 was plan B

WarJolt WarJolt writes  |  more than 2 years ago

WarJolt (990309) writes "Ever think your iPad is too bulky? Brooke Crothers writes about how the iPad was plan B for apple. They wanted to use IGZO displays from Sharp. This may make some folks feel better about skipping a generation. Hopefully the next iPad will be smaller thinner and just as beautiful."
Link to Original Source

Proposed Bill Allows Fed to Shut Down Your Interne

WarJolt WarJolt writes  |  more than 4 years ago

WarJolt (990309) writes "The 197 page bill will allow the president in a time of an emergency to flip a "kill switch" in a time of emergency. Do you think giving the federal government power over the greatest forum for free speech in a time of an emergency is a good idea?"
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