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Ask Slashdot: Can an Old Programmer Learn New Tricks?

WarJolt Open your mind (306 comments)

There are other programming languages besides those listed in the article. It's interesting there is a whole resurgence of new programming languages.
Some people need a little encouragement. Write formally verified code and learn Coq. Learn a functional programming language like haskell or take a blast from the past and learn smalltalk.

You might never use these for anything practical, but what you learn from them is invaluable. You need to constantly be learning new things.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Easiest To Use Multi-User Map Editing?

WarJolt Re:Ask the OSM community. (52 comments)

Works on android too as a pretty good replacement for the Google maps api.. I've found it fo be a little slow at times and google maps api is a bit more mature. Gotta get your hands dirty and write some code.

about a month ago

Crowdsourcing Confirms: Websites Inaccessible on Comcast

WarJolt Re:Stop (349 comments)

I use googles dns. I figure since they already know everything about me anyway, why let them know which domains I'm visiting. Cox redirects unresolved domains. I hate that.

about a month ago

The Brief Rise and Long Fall of Russia's Robot Tank

WarJolt Re:Grooming propaganda for Google's Robot Tank (79 comments)

The owners of Slashdot have been previously grooming you by constantly promoting the nonsense of 'self-driving' cars - the first stage of Google propaganda to prepare the way for their robotic killing machines. The self-driving algorithms, while utterly useless for a vehicle that could tolerate not even one mistake, are perfect for robot tanks that can crush and slaughter a bus full of the 'other' without a murmur of complaint from the sheeple of the USA. By self-driving, the LAST thing Google means is 'safe' for civilians.

Tin foil hats are pretty fashionable, eh?

Car companies are investing millions in this stuff.
Without the DARPA we wouldn't have ARPANET, the precursor to the internet.
Of course this technology is going to emerge out of defense research, but it doesn't mean it won't be used for automobiles.

about a month ago

Can Science Ever Be "Settled?"

WarJolt Re:i interpret it to mean (497 comments)

Laws have been settled and theories haven't. Thats not to say laws shouldn't be challenged, but they can be considered more or less doctrine. Think about how much science would unravel without the 2nd law of thermal dynamics and there could easily be something akin to a religious war if it was ever disproven.

about a month and a half ago

Is Traffic Congestion Growing Three Times As Fast As Economy?

WarJolt Re:Obama (187 comments)

We've equated job creation to economic growth. Not all jobs generate the same economic growth. The discrepancy mentioned in the article is a result of more people going to work to less productive jobs. This is a result of economic policies from republicans and democrats, but creating jobs is one of the reasons Obama was elected as president. Unfortunately that is only one side of the equation. The economy is a complicated system and any statement that overly simplifies it to create jobs and the economy will grow should be called into question.

Politician are to blame on both sides of the isle, but we elected them, so we have only ourselves to blame.

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do I Change Tech Careers At 30?

WarJolt Re:Follow your fascination (451 comments)

Working on a cs undergrad at 27 has taught me a thing or two. The difference between older people trying to learn and younger people trying to learn is that older folks are stuck using the same skills and techniques and young folks are ready to adopt new tools, techniques and ideas very readily. If you maintain an open mind you are never too old to get a new career.

about a month and a half ago

What Would You Do With the World's Most Powerful Laser?

WarJolt Re:I would.. (143 comments)

Such a buzz kill, man. When I invent a shrink ray to shrink the laser, guess whos going to be the laser shark's first victim. Muhahahaha

about 2 months ago

How To Hack Subway Fares Using Fare Arbitrage

WarJolt Re:Ticket use rules (240 comments)

Can't get any clearer than that. They could use some form of biometrics to enforce this.

about 2 months ago

How To Hack Subway Fares Using Fare Arbitrage

WarJolt Re:An inefficient exchange (240 comments)

Though these arbitrage opportunities may exist, the act of exchange would render them worthless. Even with a hypothetically perfect market established, the amount of effort required by two parties to submit ticket info, match needs, and go through an exchange outweighs the efficiencies gained by the transaction.

A mobile app and some clever marketing goes a long way. GPS would make this easy.

about 2 months ago

How To Hack Subway Fares Using Fare Arbitrage

WarJolt Re:SF is easier to hack than that (240 comments)

If you're in SF and just trying to go somewhere else in SF, just do what everyone else does and either hop a bus and don't pay the fare or hop the turnstyles and don't pay the fare. If you're trying to go across the bay to Oakland, be more careful, but still, if you don't want to pay, just don't. When I was living there in 2012, this worked 100% of the time that I couldn't afford a trip or didn't feel like paying. The buses are the easiest because you can board on the back. And another thing that's supposed to be happening is a tiered pricing system. But anyway, you don't have to go to much trouble to get around free/cheap in SF, but it seems like it would have been a fun study to conduct.

I bet you like the smell of your own farts too. You do realize how unethical that is right?

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Configuring Development Environment On a Shared Workstation?

WarJolt Re:VirtualBox (158 comments)

Development PCs require a different set of tools for different developers. Even on the same project someone will invariably want to use their own favorite tool. A developer cannot depend on IT or a sys admin to install something that they might need. A virtual machine can allow for custom development environments without affecting other users. Virtual machines will also help when you need to do some testing.

about 3 months ago

Medical Radioactive Material Truck Stolen In Mexico

WarJolt Re:Already found (98 comments)

We don't get embarrassed at Slashdot. We just post stuff and hope it gets moded up.

about 4 months ago

Apple Officializes Purchase of Motion-Sensor Firm PrimeSense

WarJolt Motion sensor? (65 comments)

Calling PrimeSense technology a "Motion-sensor" is like calling an iPhone a music player. Technically true; It can do that, but it doesn't really describe the product very well.

about 5 months ago

Elementary School Bans Students From Touching Each Other

WarJolt Re:what about freeze tag? (336 comments)

It's no joke. A 8 year old kid named Jordan Bennett was suspended in a florida school for that.

about 5 months ago

Most Drivers Would Hand Keys Over To Computer If It Meant Lower Insurance Rates

WarJolt Re:Flagrant Flatulism Posing as Reporting (449 comments)

When a person does it it's negligence. When a computer does it it's funny.
If no one ever got hurt in car accidents, the cause of most car accidents would be funny.
I'd pay to see robots get drunk and smash into each other.

about 5 months ago

India To Launch Mars Orbiter "Mangalyaan" Tuesday

WarJolt "if everything goes well" (109 comments)

No pressure. You only get one first.

about 5 months ago

Debian To Replace SysVinit, Switch To Systemd Or Upstart

WarJolt Re:Canonical might suck... (362 comments)

Upstart isnt bad, but Systemd is better. Upstart has a cooler name and is easier to support because packages don't have to be patched

about 6 months ago



iPad 3 was plan B

WarJolt WarJolt writes  |  about 2 years ago

WarJolt (990309) writes "Ever think your iPad is too bulky? Brooke Crothers writes about how the iPad was plan B for apple. They wanted to use IGZO displays from Sharp. This may make some folks feel better about skipping a generation. Hopefully the next iPad will be smaller thinner and just as beautiful."
Link to Original Source

Proposed Bill Allows Fed to Shut Down Your Interne

WarJolt WarJolt writes  |  more than 3 years ago

WarJolt (990309) writes "The 197 page bill will allow the president in a time of an emergency to flip a "kill switch" in a time of emergency. Do you think giving the federal government power over the greatest forum for free speech in a time of an emergency is a good idea?"
Link to Original Source


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