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Google To Be Sued in UK For Trademark-Linked Ads

WebfishUK Winners (235 comments)

Once again the real winners will be the lawyers - particularly any legal firm called "The Lawyers" who can also now apparently sue Google themselves for misuse of trademark.

I don't know about you guys but I'm going back to paper...

more than 6 years ago



WebfishUK WebfishUK writes  |  more than 7 years ago

WebfishUK (249858) writes "In my experience (read statistically insignificant sample), a greater proportion of professional software developers cycle to work than compared to other non-computing professionals. Is this just me being cyclecentric with a very small n or have others noticed this? Are we a greener bunch than our non-geek peers? How do you get to work?"

WebfishUK WebfishUK writes  |  more than 8 years ago

WebfishUK (249858) writes "The Gaurdian is reporting that UK supermarket giant Tesco are going into the software business. According to the article Tesco is going to launch a range of own-brand software as well as offering a full support package via a special website, TescoSoftware.com. The offering is expected to include an office suite, two security/anti-virus products, a personal finance tool, CD/DVD burners, and a photo editing product all for £20 each or less. I wonder if they will be offering 'low-fat' office suite option (less than 5% of the install space of MS Office) or 'organic' anti-virus solutions?"

WebfishUK WebfishUK writes  |  more than 8 years ago

WebfishUK (249858) writes "Musculoskeletal problems (such as back pain) affect most computer users sooner or later. Like others I spend many hours sat in front of a computer and wonder what the long-term health implications will be. I recently came across a website for an application called Posture Minder which apparently runs in the background and uses your webcam to monitor how you are sat and warn you about bad habits etc. Sounds like a neat idea (prevention being the best cure and all that), although the website doesn't have a download. This got me wondering if slashdotters are aware of any other devices or any habits that people have adopted to mitigate the health risks (note: less time playing FPS is not an option!)"


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