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CIA Lied Over Brutal Interrogations

Weirsbaski Re:Justice (772 comments)

Also, waterboarding was done on 3 prisoners, though the media would have you believe every single prisoner in gitmo had it done to them.

The torture was more than just waterboarding, and was done to more people than just gitmo's.

about 2 months ago

Gangnam Style Surpasses YouTube's 32-bit View Counter

Weirsbaski Re:Rick-Roll (164 comments)

Thanks for the techsmartly.net "joke", jerkwad. It's really funny having to kill Safari because all I can get it to do is rick-roll me with a stream of pop-up windows. I didn't want to keep the stuff in the other open windows anyway...

about 2 months ago

DOOM 3DO Source Released On Github

Weirsbaski Re:Unions, a case study. (323 comments)

Result after unions:
... where the petty minded rulers feel like you slighted them means you will never work as a coder again because other union shops are told not to work with you

What's this have to do with unions? Do non-union industries have some mystical property that makes hiring-managers inherently non-petty?

about 2 months ago

Identity As the Great Enabler

Weirsbaski Re:Done right it's a great idea... (58 comments)

OTOH, if the system is hackable then you could easily lose all your data to some guy on another continent.

I resent that- they're perfectly capable of losing our data to some guy on this continent, too.

about 3 months ago

FBI Chief: Apple, Google Phone Encryption Perilous

Weirsbaski obtain a warrant? (354 comments)

"I like and believe very much that we should have to obtain a warrant from an independent judge to be able to take the contents," FBI Director James Comey told reporters.

Had "obtain a warrant" been their approach leading up to now, maybe encryption-everywhere wouldn't be gaining traction.

about 4 months ago

Home Depot Confirms Breach of Its Payment Systems

Weirsbaski Re:PCs are the problem (111 comments)

That and credit card companies are too fucking cheap to switch to chip and pin. The only reason the rest of world switched was because the companies were forced to. Not in the good old USA.

I think that's changing, maybe the mess is finally more expensive than a preemptive fix.

My bank cancelled+replaced my credit card last week (without warning: they said it was because the # was recently reported stolen, I'm guessing it was the local supermarket chain but they won't say), and the replacement has chip and pin. I didn't ask for it, they didn't ask me, they just did it. Of course, it's a no-brainer for them if the cost of a safer card is footed by a compromised retailer.

about 5 months ago

Kevlar Protects Cables From Sharks, Experts Look For Protection From Shark Week

Weirsbaski Mixed summary? (103 comments)

So, are we supposed to discuss the coolness of using Kevlar to combat shark attacks, or the outrage of the Discovery network's sensationalist programming?

about 6 months ago

Snowden Says No One Listened To 10 Attempts To Raise Concerns At NSA

Weirsbaski Re:why wait? (273 comments)

I think he might have had a few more people on his side if he would have said this from day one.

Maybe he anticipated how they would try to play the game?

Snowden: I have docs showing ...
NSA: no you don't
Snowden: here they are
NSA: ok, but you should've worked within the system
Snowden: I told 10 people in the system
<--- where we are today
NSA: no you didn't
Snowden: here's who I told and when ...
NSA: ok, but <another attempt to change the focus to Snowden...>

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Does Your Work Schedule Make You Unproductive?

Weirsbaski No... (311 comments)

No, their work schedule makes me unproductive.

about a year ago

Fisker Lays Off Most Workers, Plans To Shop Around Remaining Assets

Weirsbaski Re:Welcome back to drudgedot (276 comments)

Where's the backlash against the congressional republicans who voted for the 2% increase, going so far as having Grover Norquist declare that the bill was "technically" tax cuts?

about 2 years ago

Barack Obama Retains US Presidency

Weirsbaski Re:Kill the Electoral College please... (1576 comments)

The fact is that the vote of a person living in Wisconsin counts for 3.8 times as many Electoral Votes as my vote as a Californian.

I don't have to point out that the "people/electoral vote" ratio from WI to CA is only about 1.1 (others beat me to that), but even that's misleading: the all-or-nothing nature of (almost) every state's EC voting gives large states a extra-large influence on the election outcome. In a race that's tight in the state, a change of only 1% of votes can cause lots of EC votes to swing from one side to the other. Read recent history for OH and FL to see that play out.

more than 2 years ago

Rearview Car Cameras Likely Mandated By 2014

Weirsbaski Re:Christ, (652 comments)

Why could these only save 200 people, max? Will they be uninstalled from the car after the first year?

Beyond lives, I see potential in preventing "oopsie, I backed into a parked car"-type accidents, avoid just one of those over the life of the vehicle and the camera more than paid for itself.

more than 2 years ago

Verizon Wireless Changes Privacy Policy

Weirsbaski Re:New anti-privacy trends? (204 comments)

What I don't get is why this data is so useful to advertisers. I've almost never bought anything based solely on an ad.

Everybody says that, and yet companies spend untold $billions on marketing and marketing-effectiveness research. Which means either (A) this pervasive marketing is a huge waste-o-cash, or (B) we ("consumers" as a whole) are mostly unaware of the heavy influence that marketing has on us.

Knowing how much those companies would love to keep the dollars headed toward executives instead of blowing it on expenses, my money's on (B).

more than 3 years ago

Court Demands American Airlines List Its Flights On Orbitz

Weirsbaski Re:Free Trade? (93 comments)

Libertarians believe in necessary regulation.

Everyone believes in "necessary" regulation. The question is what do you, I, etc, consider necessary?

more than 3 years ago

Happy 80th Birthday, William Shatner!

Weirsbaski Shatner's birthday? (226 comments)

If it's only William Shatner's birthday, then why do I suddenly feel so old?

more than 3 years ago

Feds Settle Case of Woman Fired Over Facebook Posts

Weirsbaski Goes both ways? (316 comments)

Does it go both ways? The boss is free to criticize their employees on facebook too?

I'm thinking maybe American Medical Response of Connecticut is about to have less to say about the web, and more to say on it.

more than 3 years ago

Genghis Khan, History's Greenest Conqueror

Weirsbaski Re:Stupid article (279 comments)

Since percentages aren't distorted by exponential growth, that means he's responsible for a 10% reduction in the world's current population.

Not necessarily.

Suppose for a minute 2 parallel timelines- one where Khan killed lots of people, a second where he didn't. You can't assume that timeline-1's (relatively uncrowded) population would would increase at exactly the same rate as timeline-2's (relatively crowded) population. Maybe timeline 2 would produce more children (people closer together plus a safer societal environment equals more couples having children). Or maybe the higher population density would subtly discourage having children (causing a leveling of population growth, as we're seeing in some places today).

about 4 years ago

What's the Oldest File You Can Restore?

Weirsbaski Oldest file? (498 comments)

Files you can restore? How about what's the youngest file you need that you can't restore?

more than 4 years ago

Racy Danish Tabloid May Sue Apple For App Rejection

Weirsbaski Re:Sue on what grounds? (319 comments)

If he doesn't like that then he can make his own phone and his own app store

App store I understand, but why would he have to create his own phone/tablet? Why can't the people who own an iPad be able to run what they darn well please?

more than 4 years ago


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