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11-Year UK Study Reports No Health Danger From Mobile Phone Transmissions

Welsh Dwarf Re:It doesn't matter. (180 comments)

> I find it much more scary that something like 50% of Americans believe that astrology has some effect on their life...

But it does, it's called the placebo effect!

about a year ago

A "Never Reboot" Service For Linux

Welsh Dwarf Re:Huh? (321 comments)

Same goes for any other type of server, you just make sure that any non deterministic parts of your server calls are shared among the cluster. How you do this is up to you (memcached/database) just make sure it's 100% replicated.

Then when one machine stops doing what it's supposed to (or looks like it might), your heartbeat script writen for the occasion kicks in, rotates the offending machine out of the cluster and, if you really have the budget, rotates a spare into it's place which then syncs with the other machines and off you go.

more than 4 years ago

KDE 4.4 Released Alongside Website Redesign

Welsh Dwarf Re:Is it time to look yet? (368 comments)

You do know that you can re-arrange your Amarok any way you want, don't you (yes you can even remove the central zone if that's your thing).


more than 4 years ago

KDE 4.4 Released Alongside Website Redesign

Welsh Dwarf Re:Is it time to look yet? (368 comments)

OK, I'm running 4.4rc so I might be able to help.

For the first problem, the 'save settings' has been replaced by the profile system. When you modify the settings your actually changing the current profile, so that might explaine some things. Don't use profiles myself but there.

As for the terminal size, not to say but I can't see a use case for having a fixed size, and IIRC the 'save window size' thing is done outside the application, ie it's a standerd, probably window manager, thing.



more than 4 years ago

Chevrolet Volt In a Gasoline-Only Scenario

Welsh Dwarf Re:Oh great, another subdized vehicle... (594 comments)

No, this means that 1/3 of your pay check goes to pay for roads, Iraq, Afganistan, Isreal, corp of engineers, water company, electric grid etc

Benefits only make up a tiny part of the whole

about 5 years ago

Of Science and Choice In Online Dating

Welsh Dwarf Re:Easy for you to say (311 comments)

BTW, facile is french for easy, and isn't snooty at all :P

Other than that you're spot on.

Reference to the G[GG?]GP: I met my wife in the same way, we'd been out of touch, then an IM leads to phone calls and voila :).

more than 5 years ago

Rock Band To Allow Independent Artists To Add Their Own Songs

Welsh Dwarf As a die hard Guitar Hero fan (57 comments)

This might just be the tipping point into investing in Rock Band 2 for the Wii.

Smart move in any case.

more than 5 years ago

On Realism and Virtual Murder

Welsh Dwarf Re:Gaze not into stupid, lest it gaze back... (473 comments)

I don't know if you realise, but you just used the words 'abuse' in regard to you interaction with the video game with the intention to cause 'terror'.

Your depiction of the actions in itself blurs the frontier between reality and virtuality.

You aren't 'moving pixels arround', that's what happens in tha game, but that isn't what you do when playing. When playing you provoke suffering and take pleisure from it.

more than 5 years ago

"Authors Guild" Skims Half of Google Book-Rights Settlement

Welsh Dwarf Re:Summary and blogspam link laughably incorrect (271 comments)

Just for clarity, what is the supposed position of the monkey relative to the darts and the dartboard and can this arrangement constitute animal cruelty?

more than 5 years ago

PHP Gets Namespace Separators, With a Twist

Welsh Dwarf Re:Another fashionable addition for PHP: (523 comments)

One word for you: inline

There, that takes care of your overhead.

If you need 15 variables passed, than you probably need to:

a) Regroup them into logical constructs
b) Ask yourself why your code is using 15 unrelated bits of data and clean your algo up.

Sorry, but there is no place (outside asm) that a goto should be used. It's just a bug waiting to happen.

more than 6 years ago


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