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Slashdot Damages My Productivity

WickedChicken Myself.. (20 comments)

I have slashdot as my homepage (have for a long time) and I've pretty much read every article on the front page since a year ago. I would like to break away from /. but I have this need to know every new gadget or program that comes up. I think I'll use rootprompt instead.

more than 12 years ago


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WickedChicken WickedChicken writes  |  more than 12 years ago In celebration of my ***ELITE 13th POST*** I've come up with another Slashdot game. It's called ***ELITE 13th POST***, the new psychologically addictive pasttime. It's easy to play, hard to beat (TM). All you do is try to get an ***ELITE 13th POST*** before anyone else does (all posts, not just the visible ones). Bonus points if you happen to get 2 "-1" posts before you. Have fun and don't forget to make the post meaningful with ***ELITE 13th POST*** somewhere.

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