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3D Hurts Your Eyes

WidescreenFreak No, it doesn't ... at least not for everyeone. (244 comments)

Maybe I'm just in the minority, but I have never had a problem with 3D, and I've seen all kinds of 3D - red/blue anaglyph, green/yellow anaglyph, active-shutter, polarized, lenticular. I've never had eye strain. My wife, on the other hand, gets a headache with red/blue anaglyph but not with any other form of 3D. None of my three kids have ever reported eye strain after watching a 3D movie in the theaters. My only problem with 3D right now is that my TV is only three years old and I can't justify buying a new 3D TV! I want my 3D gaming!

I understand that some people do have problems with 3D; but I wonder if the problem is with the technology, the way that the technology is implemented (insufficient brightness), if it's possible psychosomatic, or a combination of the three.

more than 2 years ago

3D Cinema Doesn't Work and Never Will

WidescreenFreak Re:Works for me (436 comments)

I wish I had mod points for you.

I've been using the built-in red/blue 3D from nVidia with a number of my games, and for the most part it works great. Try flying through a mountain range or a bank of clouds in Microsoft Flight Simulator X with 3D turned on. Or watch IMAX Space Station 3D, which is phenomenally good even in red/blue. 3D WORKS! I sat completely mesmerized with the 3D of "Space Station 3D" Blu-ray 3D converted to red/blue with PowerDVD 9. My wife, who doesn't care for red/blue, watched some of it and said simply, "Oh, WOW!" Now, that said, in order to get the proper filtration I needed to double-up on the red/blue tint by gluing the cells from pair of glasses onto the front of another pair so that the red and blue tints were darker. That eliminated ghosting completely and made the images nearly flawless in their 3D effect.

3D does absolutely work. The problem is that the technology is nowhere near perfect, but like any other technology it has growing pains. Sadly, the haters use it as an excuse that it will NEVER work, which is utter bullshit.

more than 3 years ago

3D Cinema Doesn't Work and Never Will

WidescreenFreak Re:Theory vs. Reality (436 comments)

Since 3D cinema pretty clearly empirically does "work" for most reasonable definitions of the word "work", arguments that it theoretically cannot work are obviously evidence of either bad theory or pointless misuses of language, or both.

It seems to me to be more of trying to find an excuse to justify why they don't like it and to try to convince others not to like it. (Hell, it roped in Ebert, didn't it?) Personally, I love 3D. I don't get the headaches or nausea, even with red/blue 3D. 3D does work ... for me. So, coming out and saying that it does not work is bullshit. Simple, opinionated bullshit used by someone trying to mask his clear dislike with scientific theory.

more than 3 years ago

3D Cinema Doesn't Work and Never Will

WidescreenFreak Re:not to mention the one-eyed among us (436 comments)

And WTF do you care about how "dorky" they are when you're supposed to be looking that the screen and NOT each other?! Jesus! It's amazing how shallow people are regarding what they have to wear for two hours in a darkened room!

more than 3 years ago

Hubble In Anaglyph Stereo 3D

WidescreenFreak PAINFUL -- too much bleed through the red filter (114 comments)

Oh, come on, guys! That was just really poorly done. The whole idea of anaglyph is to try to make as much filtered out in each eye as possible. Obviously no one really looked at this or else they used something other than "normal" shades of red/cyan. Close the right eye and there is a ton of ghosting through the red filter.

I'm a big proponent of 3D, but only when it's done right. This was actually painful to look at.

about 4 years ago

Orchestra To Turn Copyright-Free Classical Scores Into Copyright-Free Music

WidescreenFreak And still more bad assumptions... (327 comments)

And yet more assumptions are being made. If thees people are actual professionals, they don't need a lot of time rehearsing as they probably have already played these symphonies many times over. You're also making an assumption that this is going to be a 9-to-5 job, when it might actually be an evening/weekend recording session. The musicians involved might be unemployed or they might housewives/househusbands while the other member of the family brings in the money thus allowing these people to volunteer to do this. There are many people of college age who are ridiculously talented and might be able to give their time during a semester break. These are just some examples.

So, once again unless you actually know these people and can ask every one of them about their financial situation as well as get the specifics of these recording sessions, you're making wild assumptions that could very well have no basis in fact whatsoever.

about 4 years ago

Orchestra To Turn Copyright-Free Classical Scores Into Copyright-Free Music

WidescreenFreak That's a bit of an arrogant assumption (327 comments)

Did you ever think that maybe the people involved are highly skilled professionals who are doing this for their love of the music and all time and resources are being volunteered? If that's the case, $13,000 can go a long way. To just assume that the people are cheap amateurs is ridiculously short-sighted.

about 4 years ago

Orchestra To Turn Copyright-Free Classical Scores Into Copyright-Free Music

WidescreenFreak A synthesizer is still a synthesizer (327 comments)

You obviously don't know or don't care that most people who listen to classical music have a much more perceptive ear than people who listen to other types of music. A synthesizer is still a synthesizer no matter how you try to market it. There's no way that it can accurately produce the various tonal qualities of a full orchestra. The type of mallet that's used to strike a cymbal, the stroke speed of a violin bow as it passes over the strings, the subtle change in tone dynamics by adding a vibrato to a sustained note on a cello ... synthesizers can't accurately reproduce those, yet each of those can be very important to the quality of a piece.

Yes, synthesizer technology is impressive, but it's still a cold, digital reproduction of an instrument no matter how good the technology gets or how hard you attempt to defend it.

about 4 years ago

The Joke Known As 3D TV

WidescreenFreak More anti-3D trolling (594 comments)

Absolutely amazing. The amount of effort that people are putting out in order to bash a completely optional technology is staggering. No one is being forced to watch anything in 3D; no one is being forced to purchase 3D technology. Yet, so many people do anything they can to degrade a technology that they're not required to use with phrases like "goofy glasses" and "gimmick". Now "joke" can be added to that list. Might as well start calling the upsizing of fast-food value meals a "joke" and a "gimmick" considering that they're available, they're more expensive, and you're under no obligation to purchase those - just like 3D TV. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the efforts of those who looks to denigrate this technology, which in its current form is clearly in its infancy, amount to nothing more than trolling.

If you don't want it, then DON'T BUY IT! Why is this so difficult for these anti-3D trolls to undertstand?

about 4 years ago

Why SSDs Won't Replace Hard Drives

WidescreenFreak Price per GB (or TB) will always win out (315 comments)

Right now, my gaming PC's slowest point is the hard drive, and this is one of the newest hard drives on the market. The Windows 7 spec is 5.9, which is the fastest that a hard drive can reach from what I've read, and I can easily get 60-70 MB/sec throughput from it (continuous, not burst). But quite frankly unless SSD can reach the price/GB ratio that make it comparable to hard drives, my time really isn't valuable enough to warrant paying for the much, much higher price/GB ratio of SSD. Maybe in another 5 or 10 years it will be comparable or at least to a point where decision making will end up more like "I really don't need the space on that new 10 TB hard drive, so I'll get the 2 TB SSD drive instead for about the same price."

more than 4 years ago

Ars Technica Inveighs Against Ad Blocking

WidescreenFreak Dear web sites: I'll make you a deal (1051 comments)

Tell you what. Stop making your advertisements obnoxious and overbearing and I'll stop blocking them.

more than 4 years ago

Verizon Blocking 4chan

WidescreenFreak Verizon Wireless, not Verizon (677 comments)

Verizon Wireless. I attempted to access it over my VZW phone. No go. On my FiOS connection, there is no problem. People tend to forget that Verizon and Verizon Wireless are separate entities as Verizon Wireless is a joint venture between Verizon Communications and Vodafone.

more than 4 years ago

Canada's Airlines Face a Privacy Dilemma

WidescreenFreak How long until... (457 comments)

I wonder at what point the TSA will simply declare that flying in and of itself is so dangerous or so loaded with potential terrorists that all air travel will be banned.

And I really wish I could use a "sarcasm" tag with my statement. Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to do that.

more than 4 years ago

Uniforms For the Help Desk?

WidescreenFreak Re:Nothing wrong with the idea (837 comments)

And how exactly do those shirt even matter if almost all of the communication is over e-mail or the phone where no one is going to even SEE the damned shirt?

Uniforms for IT is a ludicrous requirement, held in high standards only by those who think that we need to be back in the 1980s working for IBM.

more than 4 years ago

Uniforms For the Help Desk?

WidescreenFreak Re:Tell it to the plastic clown (837 comments)

Forcing uniforms especially for a group of people that have nothing to do with PR are nothing more than rose-colored, management "feel good" techniques. If the people were out in public, meeting clients, or standing in front of a television camera regularly, then fine. But sitting at a desk? Where almost all of their communications are by phone or e-mail? Uniforms are demoralizing, as far as I'm concerned. Professionalism comes from the heart and soul of a person and nothing else. The structure and design of the cotton on the exterior of a person's external integument mean nothing, especially to those who sit at a desk all day. You tell me who's more professional: the person in the three-piece suit who belches, farts, and swears all of the time, or the person in the t-shirt and jeans who acts respectfully, always smiles, and courteously helps those who ask for help? The notion that a tie or uniform suddenly converts a person into a "professional" is insulting.

more than 4 years ago

Nuclear Reactors As Art

WidescreenFreak No Chernobyl? (118 comments)

I can't believe that there's no Chernobyl reactor as art! I think that in its current state it has a very Dali-melted-watch look to it with a bit of Picasso thrown in.

more than 4 years ago

GPS Accuracy Could Start Dropping In 2010

WidescreenFreak Re:Europe to the rescue! (210 comments)

We did? Funny, I thought that most of the replies on /. might have questioned it but eventually agreed that it's not a bad idea to have a redundant array of satellites out there.

more than 5 years ago

Three Mile Island Memories

WidescreenFreak Anyone remember Centralia?! (309 comments)

God, I wish I had mod points for you.

I live about 15 miles away from TMI and I have for 20 years. I've never felt unsafe or felt like I was in danger. People seems to enjoy comparing TMI to being a potential Chernobyl, but there's simply no way that the two can even be compared.

On the other hand, head up to Centralia, PA where the whole town has been demolished because of a fire that has been running through the ignition of a natural, coal vein. A fire ignited some coal, and now the whole town has been abandoned, homes have been razed, there are very few buildings to speak of, there are dangerous leaks of carbon monoxide and other lethal gases, the ground has swelled and cracked from the heat, and this fire is expected to last 250 years.

Now ... how much nuclear power is involved with Centralia? Ummmm.... NONE! A natural resource (accidentally ignited by humans) has destroyed a town completely. Personally, I put Centralia on a higher level of "disaster" than I do TMI.

more than 5 years ago

Star Trek Fragrances

WidescreenFreak Re:Species? (169 comments)

Even if it would attract non-human females, would that necessarily be a bad thing? For example, it be so bad to attract her, her, her, her, or her, to name but a few?

Learn to expand you horizons, man!

more than 5 years ago


WidescreenFreak hasn't submitted any stories.



WidescreenFreak WidescreenFreak writes  |  more than 8 years ago Oh, this is WONDERFUL! EA has finally released the 1.2 patch for Battlefield 2, and they finally took care of issues that people have been bitching about from the beginning!

* Bunny hopping and dolphin diving are effectively eliminated
* Stinger missiles actually work!!!!
* Helicopters are no longer nearly-invincible

Now, if they would enable bots in multiplayer LAN mode, I'd be as happy as Ted Kennedy would be at a bar that offers free drinks for completely ignorant blowhards!

(As an aside, what the $#!@ is wrong with Massachusetts voters?! Why the hell do they keep voting that asshat and his Mini-Me accomplice Kerry back into office?)


WidescreenFreak WidescreenFreak writes  |  more than 8 years ago HA! Now one of the idiots that I helped to give a troll rating (because he was clearly a troll) decided to wreak revenge by making me his foe. Oh, golly gee. I'm so saddened.

Immaturity reigns rampant on Slashdot. It's no wonder that its status in the geek world is declining.


WidescreenFreak WidescreenFreak writes  |  more than 8 years ago The hypocrisy on Slashdot is astounding to say the least. I've never seen such a bunch of people who bitch and moan whenever the word "censorship" comes up; but as soon as anyone initiates some kind of anti-anti-Republican statement (read: puts up a totally logical and rational defense against the liberal Slashdot group-think) they immiediately start their own censorship by hitting the dreaded, evil non-liberal with "Foe" status.

In this case I didn't even defend any particular ideology. I simply slammed some asshat who made a statement that effectively only Bush and Reagan dealt in FUD. Clearly, this person has no clue about politics, which is all about FUD. How much FUD can you throw against your political opponent and make it stick! That's what politicking is about! The funny part is that all that I did was state that ALL presidental administrations are loaded with FUD because FUD is an integral part of politics!

As expected, another Slashdot hypocrite has decided to make me a foe. The hypocrisy is just astounding, not the least of which is how so many Slashdotters are so PISSED OFF about Bush's wiretapping, but yet they all have conveniently forgotten how Clinton initiated Echelon which did (does?) exactly the same thing. But he was a Democrat, so that's okay.

So, piss off, rtrowbridge. Enjoy your pro-liberal bubble.


WidescreenFreak WidescreenFreak writes  |  more than 9 years ago Oh, I feel so sad. I don't follow the typical left-leaning attitudes here on Slashdot, so VitalyChernobyl has made me a foe because I dared to say that the major U.S. news outlets are just as biased as Fox News. They're biased towards the other direction, though, so people give them a free pass.

I have two words for VitalyChernobyl: "Grow up." Making someone a foe is nothing more than grossly immature whining. "Oh, wah! Mommy! He said something that I didn't like! Wah! Make sure he never says anything bad to me again! Wah!"

Unbelievable. What a f**king baby.


WidescreenFreak WidescreenFreak writes  |  more than 9 years ago I wonder why the hell we even have separate "troll" and "flamebait" options. A "troll" has always been someone who goes into a thread with the purpose of making an inflammatory statement, like going into a widescreen thread and making anti-widescreen comments just to "stir up the nest". How is that not the same as "flamebait?"

Ah, well. I"m just one person, trying to swim in a sea of Slashdot illogic and arrogant shoot-from-the-hipsters.


WidescreenFreak WidescreenFreak writes  |  more than 9 years ago No more than two weeks after complaining about being unfairly (in my opinion) metamoderated, I get metamoderation status. Are CowboyNeal, Taco, and the rest of the gang reading my journal? Interesting. I'm also getting moderator status 1-2 days after my previous moderation expires. I've had three moderation runs in the past two weeks.

Frankly, I don't mind it. It feels good to know that my opinion on certain matters can count and that I have the ability to make certain posts stand out.


WidescreenFreak WidescreenFreak writes  |  more than 9 years ago What the hell is with this meta-moderation crap?

I read a message that I thought was interesting. The poster made some points regarding an issue that I have to say I didn't disagree with. His points were, as far as I'm concerned, valid. So, I have him an Interesting point.

Ah, but some self-righteous, f**kwad meta-moderator decided that I have no right to consider anything that goes against the Slashdot grain to be intersting, so I was meta-moderated down.

What the hell is this? If moderators aren't allowed to actually support a opinion on a subject that apparently does not fit in with the standard Slashdot zombie thinkers, then why not just give moderation only to those who are Slashdot bootlickers that dare not allow a dissenting opinion to be posted? Yes! Let us just push forth Slashdot censorship where anything that goes against the grain is immediately censored/deleted/whatever. This place is becoming more and more like the Home Theater Forum - and that's not a compliment.

Fortunately, my karma is still excellent, but it's the principle of the matter.

Well, unlike the people who continue to think that their only goal in life is to knock people down, I will still continue to give credit where I think credit needs to be given. I will not reduce myself to the scum who seem to enjoy giving out censorship -- er -- negative moderation points. Perish the thought that someone might actually be able to think for themself!


WidescreenFreak WidescreenFreak writes  |  more than 9 years ago Well, THAT'S interesting. Moderator status for the third time in roughly two weeks. What's odd is that I don't particularly mind, not because of any power trip, though. I nearly wanted hunt someone down when I saw his sig, which said something to the equivalent that there are too many positive moderators out there, which is why he always moderates down. I hope that we was kidding. If not, he should never be allowed to have moderator status again -- ever.

It's because of that kind of attitude that makes me glad to moderate. Three times moderate have I, all times positive mods did I.

Don't get me wrong. There were plenty of times when I wanted to smack down some big-time ignoramus to make sure that his post never got read, but I will not reduce myself to that level. I'll just let him live in his own ignorance and save my points for those who truly deserve recognition for their comments.

Part of it is my fault, though. In trying to be a fair moderator, I now see everything, including posts that most people would never see because their settings by default filter out such drivel. So, I get to see the small handful of f*ckwads that get to boost their miniscule egos with false "coolness" factor by posting utter crap just for the sake of posting. Since when were computers able to be used by amoeba who happen to live under rocks?

Then again, I guess it is more than possible considering how many jackass moderators use their points negatively. Have to take the bad with the good, I suppose. Fortunately, I'm here to support the good.


WidescreenFreak WidescreenFreak writes  |  more than 9 years ago Wow! Less than a week after my previous run as moderator and I got moderator status again! Quite interesting.

And once again, as before, I did not use any moderator points for the purpose of censoring others with the use of various negative options, "overrated", "offtopic", "troll", and so forth. I refuse to use them. If I don't agree with something that someone says, I just won't raise them up.

I guess I'm one of the few /. moderators who understand that you have a right to state your opinion, even if it differs from my own.


WidescreenFreak WidescreenFreak writes  |  more than 9 years ago Well, ironically only a short time after posting my original statement about moderating and how only total jackasses waste their mod points by using them negatively, I just used up my first set of moderating points.

And unlike those jerks that I criticized, all of my moderation points were positive. None of them were used to bring people down, even though some were probably deserving of it.

To those who use their mod points to knock people down, I say to go back and crawl under your f**king rock where you belong.


WidescreenFreak WidescreenFreak writes  |  more than 9 years ago Found this journal thingy while poking around my account. Interesting concept.

Turns out that right now I have three fans and two freaks. Wow! Two freaks! There are actually people who consider my words and opinions to be such a threat that they have to mod my comments down to prevent them from seeing anything that I have to say. That's really sad that those two are so insecure in their own opinions and so unwilling to hear opposition that my statements have to be censored. Sad indeed.

They're probably the same kind of jackasses who waste their moderation points by moderating topics as "Overrated" instead of saving those points for those who deserve to be modded up. At least I know that when I eventually get my turn as moderator, if I don't like a thread, I won't mod it down. I just won't mod it up. Unlike my "freaks", I'd rather build people up than tear them down.

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