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Cisco Offices Raided, Execs Arrested In Brazil

WildBeast unbelievable (537 comments)

So the Brazilian authorities want to steal Cisco's money and somehow it is the Cisco's execs that end up in jail? They want to force you to pay the product's price twice just so they can get their cut. I'm speechless.

more than 7 years ago


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Freedom from pornography week

WildBeast WildBeast writes  |  more than 11 years ago

The week of october 26 through November 1 has been designated by Bush as Freedom from pornography week.

But LaRue feels the people who produce, promote, and profit from pornography are themselves carrying out a sort of terrorist attack on America. The pro-family activist says the porn industry poses a grave threat to the nation and its future.

In our estimation, this is a form of domestic terrorism because it is taking our culture into the sewer, and millions of children along with it.

So you better not watch porn if you don't wanna be labeled as a terrorist or else Bush won't like that.

Article here

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