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Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

WillAffleckUW It is worrisome to see Feds ignore Constitution (397 comments)

Last time I checked, the Constitution says nothing about corporations being people, or our private information being available without a court order, or our private musings being subject to debate by officials.

2 hours ago

David Cameron Says Brits Should Be Taught Imperial Measures

WillAffleckUW It's like he WANTS a Free Scotland (788 comments)

Keep pushing, little man, but star systems will continue to slip through your fingers the more you squeeze.

8 hours ago

China Worried About Terrorist Pigeons

WillAffleckUW This is silly (89 comments)

Everyone knows we're using lab rats.

Only a gullible fool would believe we would use pigeons.

8 hours ago

Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?

WillAffleckUW So they could release Win XXX the Vin Diesel ver (192 comments)

Obviously, other than too many football jocks at Microsoft, who were excited by Seattle winning the Superbowl - which we will win this year too, along with the Seattle Sounders FC winning the US Open Cup and two other trophies (boo ya!) - it was so they could release Win XX, the Moonshine edition (fueled by Fremont, Seattle spirits), and Win XXX, the Vin Diesel edition (when it crashes things go boom).

9 hours ago

Hong Kong Protesters Use Mesh Networks To Organize

WillAffleckUW Seattle Times looking for first hand reports (81 comments)

Apparently, breakingnews at seattletimes dot com is looking for first hand Hong Kong reports from protestors.

Also, Yahoo has been turned off in much of Hong Kong so that residents can't find out about what's going on.


California Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Warrants For Drone Surveillance

WillAffleckUW Re:More proof Californians are Serfs, not Citizens (108 comments)

Sit in Traffic? Um, we bike or walk here. You must be from California.

As to cops, that only applies if you're not white, for the most part.

Vagrants are what we call Californians who forgot to get a job first before moving to Seattle.

As to shop windows - that is Portland anarchists that do that. Not Seattleites. We turtle.

But we do have privacy, legally.


Microsoft Announces Windows 10

WillAffleckUW Re:Camel = Horse designed by committee... (631 comments)

Camels are adapted to their environment.

Windows ... not at all. It provides a familiar interface to a collection of hardware and software.

By changing it so that customers hate it, MSFT make people want to "upgrade" even less.

Now excuse me, I have to wipe my touch screen again from spewing up my latte after hearing about WinDex.


Microsoft Announces Windows 10

WillAffleckUW Re:Windows OS X (631 comments)

next version is Win XX and then Win XXX, the Vin Diesel version.


Microsoft Announces Windows 10

WillAffleckUW Re:OMFG, stupid (631 comments)

I didn't know Teslas had tanks? What do they store in them?

Bits and bytes.

They have a lot of potential energy.

It's called physics.


Microsoft Announces Windows 10

WillAffleckUW Widgets - Clippy with a happy face (631 comments)

"Would you like to have me format all your cloud storage for easy access by the NSA?"


"The process will be completed in 3 minutes."

But I said No.

"Oops, they copied your girlfriend's pics."

Uninstall Clippy Widget.

"Security has now been set to Tell The World Everything."


FBI Plans To Open Up Malware Analysis Tool To Outside Researchers

WillAffleckUW The FBI will let NSA researchers have your data (28 comments)

Just ask the NSA and the other four (five, actually, but you're not permitted to know about the fifth) mil agencies who get your data from the FBI without a silly Constitutional requirement.

Serfs, not Citizens.

That's all you are.


California Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Warrants For Drone Surveillance

WillAffleckUW More proof Californians are Serfs, not Citizens (108 comments)

In Washington State, our State Constitution guarantees your Right of Privacy, and even the feds can't follow you without a court issued warrant.


It's what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Even Hong Kong knows that.

Do you want to be Free?

The weather's fine (as in we have water and energy) in Seattle.


Former GM Product Czar: Tesla a "Fringe Brand"

WillAffleckUW Looking forward to my $30k fringe brand car (266 comments)

Tesla are selling like solar powered hotcakes.

You're either part of the future or you're spending your money on Tag Hauer watches.

2 days ago

Microsoft Revives Its Hardware Conference

WillAffleckUW Re:Bury the lead? (47 comments)

(bury the lede) is an old newspaper term, lede not lead.

2 days ago

New Research Casts Doubt On the "10,000 Hour Rule" of Expertise

WillAffleckUW In my experience most mastery is at the start (187 comments)

Most of the great works people do were based on work they actually did when they started (early doctorate or masters work, beginning music, that kind of thing).

Then they fine tune it.

But the mastery came early. It just got sanitized and polished later.

2 days ago

My toy collection is ...

WillAffleckUW Mostly art (206 comments)

While I do have a lot of old computers and game devices, and old RPGs from my game dev days, most of the "toys" I have are actually art pieces. Sculptures I bought at SF or Fantasy art auctions, to support up and coming artists who went on to do bigger and better things.

Haven't really thought of them.

The rest belong to my son, it's up to him to sell them now that he's an adult.

More attached to the few paintings I bought or was given as prizes at conventions.

2 days ago

At CIA Starbucks, Even the Baristas Are Covert

WillAffleckUW Re:SB #1 is Seattle NOT Langley Virginia.... (241 comments)

Ummm.. Starbucks #1 is in the Pikes Place marketplace in Seattle Washington, not CIA HQ.... somebody got their wires crossed...

You mean Pike Place Market in Seattle.

There is no Pike's Place Market. There never has been.

And the first rule of CIA Starbucks is there is no CIA Starbucks.

2 days ago

Could We Abort a Manned Mission To Mars?

WillAffleckUW Could we? Sure. (265 comments)

We could easily abort a manned mission to Mars.

We just cancel the launch.

If they've gone past more than the initial Earth-Lunar escape, however, the way you abort the mission is you vent the oxygen tanks remotely, after triggering the failsafe protocol.

2 days ago



IBM patents encryption technique to run unencyrpted VMs and programs

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about 8 months ago

WillAffleckUW (858324) writes "Infoworld reports IBM has a patent on an encryption method that, if implemented, allows you to process encrypted data without having to decrypt it first.

Called "fully homomorphic encryption," this encryption method patent may result in software products in the near future.

Normally, encrypted data must be decrypted entirely before any math or programming operations can be run. Homomorphic encryption (HE), however, lets you perform math directly on the encrypted data and have the results show in the underlying data.

From a security viewpoint, there is no need to decrypt any data and expose it to attack.Supposedly, programs (or entire VMs) could run while encrypted and exchange encrypted data between themselves while running.

Bruce Schneier in 2009 pointed out this is not a new technique: "Visions of a fully homomorphic cryptosystem have been dancing in cryptographers' heads for thirty years."

Schneier pointed out this technique could take longer to tun, but IBM claims that Victor Shoup and Shai Halevi of tT. J. Watson Research Center, claim to have taken Gentry's original breakthroughs and implemented them practically, with a released open source, GPL-licensed C++ library to perform HE, mostly meant for researchers working on HE.

"Hopefully in time we will be able to provide higher-level routines," writes Halevi.

Bob Gourley of writes, "I have seen nothing in any of the research that makes me think a solution can be put in place that cannot be defeated by bad guys. And if that can’t be done then the solution will not solve any problems, it will just add processing overhead."

Since the implemented may not be that efficient, IBM has public challenges for its HE schemes, allowing successful attacks on the Gentry-Halevi implementation of HE to be examined in detail."

Link to Original Source

When Twitter Went Down I (poll)

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  more than 2 years ago

WillAffleckUW writes "(Poll)

When Twitter Went Down I:

(a) Fell into a pit of despair
(b) Laughed at our successful hack
(c) High fived the guys in my NSA team who did it
(d) Had a meal with my Chinese counterparts who took it down
(e) What's Twitter"

Link to Original Source

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  more than 7 years ago

WillAffleckUW writes "According to InfoWorld, there has been a subpeona of L.G. Phillips over possible anti-competitive practices by them about LCD pricing. This would involve not just LCD monitors, but also their HDTV lines. First they were visited by the Korean Fair Trade Commission, then the Japanese Fair Trade Commission issued a notice to their offices in Tokyo, and now the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued a subpoena to their offices in San Jose, California.

Not only that, but apparently, in addition to the recent investigations of chip manufacturers and suppliers, this LCD investigation may spread to other companies."

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  more than 7 years ago

WillAffleckUW (858324) writes "I think Slashdot needs to wake up and smell the fact that most of us here want to buy a Wii, not a PS3.

To acknowledge that, they need to can the lame PS3 poll - dude, look at the stats, we ain't buyin it till it's less than $300 retail - and post a new post-PS3-rollout pre-Wii-rollout POLL:

Got Mine Preordered
Launch Day
Bought a PS3
Bought an xBox360, playing it!
When Spore comes out on the Wii

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  more than 7 years ago

WillAffleckUW writes "According to a cNet story, GameStop and EBX will be taking Nintendo Wii preorders for $50 down on Friday, Oct. 13. However, they also said "Due to extremely limited supply, we expect to reach our limit very quickly, most likely in minutes. We will not accept additional preorders at that time," in an email.

On Tuesday they sold out of preorders for Sony new PlayStation 3 video game console, which is in tighter supply constraints. Severe shortages are expected for both the Wii and PS3 until the new year.

Nintendo said it will supply 4 million Wii units to US stores by year end, with Sony shipping 2 million PS3s, but a number of articles in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) and Fortune seem to indicate Sony will have a hard time shipping that many due to supply parts constraints."



Apple iPhone and Watch today

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about three weeks ago

Look, I have an iPhone 5. I've owned iMacs, Mac SE, and my first software I paid for was for the Apple II+.

But I'm not that impressed today.

A watch? Why? Who wears those things? Just look at your phone.

Pay by phone? That was around in the 1980s in Japan and South Korea.

Seriously, what's next, Apple VCRs and Shoulderpads?


I declare an Internet Fatwa on DC

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about 5 months ago

Enough talk. The FCC has decided to end Net Neutrality.

I declare an Internet Fatwa on DC.

As a survivor of the First Use*Net Wars and part of the ARPA*NET 110 baud club, I declare an Internet Fatwa against all of DC.

Let them eat 14.4k!


Thoghts on Ukraine and Crimea

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about 7 months ago

If I were the Ukraine, I'd sink my ships and block the Russian port right now.

Better than surrendering and there's nothing the Russians can do after that. The port becomes disabled for months.

Just ask the Japanese.


submitted encryption story

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about 8 months ago

FYI, if you want to mod it up or add keywords, I posted a story to slashdot.

Just thought it was interesting.


Bought a replacement GPU for my home machine

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about 9 months ago

The old one was overheating way too much, running 70 C or higher and even shutting down, while my 8 core CPU and everything else ran 20 C to 30 C.

Oh well. Spent half as much as when I bought the current one, got 4 times the memory and double fans.


FREEDOM! USA freed from NSA quartering troops in our cells

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about 9 months ago

Today America was freed from Tyranny when the NSA was forced to stop quartering troops in our cell phones.

They still quarter troops in our PCs and xBox Ones though.


UW U District station starting construction a year early

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about 10 months ago

They are digging starting a week from Monday at the station next to the UW Tower, since they finished the light rail to UW Husky Stadium. Just some cosmetic shell work and testing to do on that part.

Can you FEEL it?


Done with ENVS final

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about 10 months ago

760 out of 1000 with a few extra bonus points before the exam - the exam is 240 total points so even if I did very badly I pulled a 4.0 and the three practice final exams were 88, 96, and 100 percent so highly unlikely I did badly.

Now for Calculus - again. God I hate that. Never use it. Never have used it. But, resistance is futile.


Got my Sounders seasons tix

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about 10 months ago

Section 214 out of the rain - my son will probably go to some of the games with me, but sometimes he has to work ...


LG Phone Home

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about 10 months ago

So, don't buy the LG sets - they phone home, with your personal browsing data, in DIRECT violation of my Constitutional Rights as both a US and a Canadian Citizen.

And you can't "click thru" or "sign away" Constitutional Rights in Canada.



Still 100 percent grade in ENVS 150

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about a year ago

So far having fun in my Environmental Science course, pulling an A+ down (yes, I know they don't do such things any more, but my high school transcript is filled with A+ grades).

Skipped four questions (meant to go back, forgot) on the last quizzam, so got a low mark of only 88 out of 100, 3rd highest in class (would have been highest if I hadn't spaced), but since I had accumulated 20 bonus points by having my teams win the last two jeopardy events, still have 8 points left over and a perfect score.

Looking forward to taking two courses after Thanksgiving finals, new calendar up in a few weeks so I can get permission from the instructors. Then I'll be halfway to the Graduate Non-Matriculated PhD entry.


Another 9-11 another pointless war

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  1 year,20 days

If you actually cared about the extremist terrorists who have tried - unsuccessfully - to kill four of my direct relatives - brother, uncle, foster brother on 9-11 - and first cousin in Boston - you'd pull all the money we waste of Wars of Foreign Opportunity and spend it in America on BUILDING (not planning, building) solar, wind, geothermal, and tidal power and defund them. But, hey, keep ignoring the real problem.

Note: I don't count the ones from when I did counter-terrorism ops - I chose that.


What if they gave a war in Syria and we said No?

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about a year ago

Look, I have nothing against using a drone attack on Assad himself, but I'm sick and tired of excuses for wars that end up being 99 percent fabrications after later analysis.

Take out Assad in Syria? Sure, go for it.

Start yet another unfunded war?

No. Heck no.


No Sonics, just Hockey

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Well, everyone is upset at the Sonics decision.

Me, I was just hoping for a decent NHL team.

Hockey, that is.


Allison on crutches both surgeries done

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about a year and a half ago

So, my cousin Allison is now mobile, on crutches, after both surgeries from the Boston Marathon explosion caused shrapnel to hit her knee and leg.

The largest piece of shrapnel was the size of her hand.

She should be fine in a few weeks, will get updates from my Aunt Yanna and Uncle Len Saari who are staying with her to help out while she recuperates.

Glad to hear the Vancouver Sun Marathon and the Nelson BC marathon report large increases in people signing up. Living in Fear is what the (probably domestic) terrorists want.

It was her first marathon.


Allison in surgery for 2nd time today

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about a year and a half ago

She got thru the first surgery fine after the Boston Marathon bomb (she was 20 feet from the finish line when the first went off), and went in for surgery for her knee again today. Word is she is out of that.

Glad it's sunny.


Cousin wounded in Boston Marathon bombing

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about a year and a half ago

So, turns out my first cousin, Allison Saari Byrne, was in fact 20 feet from the finish line when the first bomb went off and was, in fact, wounded.

She's in for knee surgery right now but is alive and will be ok.

Seriously, why do people keep attacking my family. First my brother and uncle (World Trade 9-11 they worked there, but not in office during attack), now my uncle's daughter (my cousin).


Boston Marathon

WillAffleckUW WillAffleckUW writes  |  about a year and a half ago

So, my cousin Allison was in the Boston Marathon.

Still no word.

Trying to be positive, but so far my uncle (her dad) and my brother survived 9-11 even though they worked in the World Trade Center, so just hoping our family's luck is still golden.

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