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The Verge: Google Is Working on a TV Box Of Its Own

Wing_Zero Re:Chromecast? (117 comments)

Agreed, I love my Chromecast. I stream Netflix and my Plex server content to it. Doesn't need a constant connection from the phone/tablet, (in fact, once the stream starts, it can glitch out and ignore the commands from the phone, making it hard to stop a show and switch to the next. so far only a Netflix issue)

Chrometab isn't a big feature for me, but i could see putting the NFL.com team page on a second tv during the game.

With my Plex Server is where i think this thing shines. I have it plugged into my bedroom, grab my phone, que up a tv show, and enjoy!

about two weeks ago

The Verge: Google Is Working on a TV Box Of Its Own

Wing_Zero Re:I'll wait and see (117 comments)

As much as i liked hulu in the past, they really piss me off now. You watch a show and and they give your a list of shows you might like, yeah, cool. click on it. "oh sorry, we only have seasons 2,3,5, and 8 and the most recent season only has episodes 1,4and 5. but we have episodes 1&2 from season one to give you false hope and addict you to it anyways"

Netflix did this a few times to me, but at least with them, it's by season and not by episode.

about two weeks ago

Linux 3.14 Kernel Released

Wing_Zero Re:WOW! (132 comments)

I don't know about 7 years old being BAD per say, I have a toshiba laptop that i bought 6-7 years ago, and despite it being a core duo, i think it still runs great.

the hard drive part I will agree with, but that is a easy fix, a sata-usb cable costs $25 (including drive clone software) and a 1TB HD is around $100

I paid around $600 for this laptop, and i think it run circles around some of the budget laptops out now. the ONLY upgrade i've done is the hard drive, and i might think of the battery sometime, but it stays plugged in most of the time, so not too important.

not a big gamer, but i have a HTPC that is WAY over Spec'ed, would rather game on that anyway.

about three weeks ago

California District Launches Country's First All-Electric School Bus

Wing_Zero Re:Cold (94 comments)

I was responding to the first part of your post, sorry, just read the second. wow, can't believe i missed it.

My thought on that, is that they would use that bus for the shorter range routes, 100 miles, while it seems small, would probably be fine.

about a month ago

California District Launches Country's First All-Electric School Bus

Wing_Zero Re:Cold (94 comments)

Most districts have bus garages where they store their buses overnight, you typically heat that area anyways for the maintenance crew.

even if you don't heat the garage, just being in a structure will help cut some of the cold. My old pickup has a manual transmission that gets stiff in cold weather, to the point that i have to warm the engine for 10-20 minutes when the temp is under 10F just for the shifter to move right. In the garage the time is at the lower number, but, when i park outside, the higher number is more common.

at the very least, a school bus would probably be a ideal use for this type of tech. Predictable loop runs, twice a day, stored in the garage(and charging) while school is in session.

about a month ago

Why Nissan Is Talking To Tesla Model S Owners

Wing_Zero Re:Odd (335 comments)

I'm not really liking the tactile radios they put into the cars now either. I had to rent a Chevy Cruise for 3 weeks, and the radio (amongst other things) was the worst design I've seen for a while. It had the Bluetooth sync, which was fine, but the button was placed right where my thumb sat while steering, start to turn, "ding! welcome to on star. your phone is not set up, please stop your car and initiate pairing to continue using this feature."

(similar message would play when i would switch the rear view mirror to night mode and back, but not part of this rant)

the volume buttons next to it was handy, but i rarely fiddle with volume. set and forget. but the one that was the biggest WTF of this car was the rocker switch on the steering wheel. It was a source selector UNTIL you got to XM, then it switched to being a station selector until you reached over and hit source on the radio itself, then you could select sources again.

Just because they make it tactile, doesn't mean it doesn't suck

about 2 months ago

Massive Storm Buries US East Coast In Snow and Ice

Wing_Zero Re:Crazy southern people (290 comments)

no they are not, people confuse tire chains with studs, which are restricted.

about 2 months ago

Massive Storm Buries US East Coast In Snow and Ice

Wing_Zero Re:Crazy southern people (290 comments)

I'm in Wisconsin. We don't all have 4x4 drive, tire chains are ILLEGAL

That comment is wrong, they are allowed for safety reasons. Studs are banned except for service vehicles http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lrb...

Section 347.45, Wisconsin Statutes, generally prohibits the use of studded tires, but provides exceptions for authorized emergency vehicles, school buses, vehicles used to deliver mail, and out-of-state vehicles passing through this state over a period of not more than 30 days. When allowed for those uses, the studs must not project more than one-eighth inch beyond the tread surface of the tire, and may be used on those specified vehicles only during November 15-April 1. Tire chains may be used on any vehicle when required for safety because of snow, ice or other conditions tending to cause a vehicle to skid.

about 2 months ago

Linksys Resurrects WRT54G In a New Router

Wing_Zero Re:Cost? (310 comments)

what the contractor charges you doesn't equal what the guy actually doing the work gets (management costs, you understand)

about 3 months ago

Australian Team Working On Engines Without Piston Rings

Wing_Zero Re:I See A Problem (368 comments)

from TFA

That means theres no metal-to metal contact between the pistons or rotors and their mating cylinders or housings. Virtually no friction means the mechanism needs no lubrication and there is no wear and tear on major components said Trigg.

My understanding is no lubrication = no oil galley under the piston. this part scares me more than no piston rings. I have a 97 chevy pickup that had 2 bad o2 sensors when i bought it and was running a VERY rich fuel mix, throwing soot into the crankcase, (i don't believe it has a leak, after 2 oil changes, the oil had a normal breakdown color, and I don't burn any oil either)

Should such a error occur in this type of engine, and no lubricant, what is stopping the soot from gumming up the moving bits?

about 3 months ago

Wisconsin Begins Using Cheese To De-Ice Roads

Wing_Zero Re:Heh (139 comments)

I live in Wisconsin, and we tend to do a lot of "Second Run" Re purposing, I makes sense, Its already there, so why not?

I know the freeway salters already use a thick slurry salt mix that not only speeds the melting process, but also stays put alot better on bridges and such. I don't know what is exactly in the mix, but i seem to recall the mix is just as safe as pure salt.

Other than cost savings though, I wouldn't call it a eco benefit. It's still going to wash away into the ground and local water, I remember a article in the Milwaukee journal a few years back that some of the smaller ponds and lakes in the Madison area were starting to show a dangerous salinity level for the local wildlife. (they tend to over salt the roads a bit according to the article)

I live in the Northwoods, and what the county does here is salt right after the snow ends, and after that it's sand. a bit more economical, they just send a street sweeper out early spring and collect what hasnt washed away and reuse it

about 4 months ago

Is the Porsche Carrera GT Too Dangerous?

Wing_Zero Re:When you have a bad driver ... (961 comments)

no, on gravel you have friction, and inertia doesn't bite you in the ass (friction of the other rocks, your tires etc.) Snow, on the other hand, packs and acts like teflon.

In my area, we got a couple inches, and it makes going to work interesting to say the least. Heck, Turning out of the alley my garage is in makes me fish tail at 5mph in my truck. Leaving work, I have to engage 4wd just to climb the hill behind employee parking.

Whereas gravel i can intentionally do a power-slide at 30mph and not fear for my life.

My mom had this dodge omni when i was in high school, and once she parked in a iced over parking lot, when she got back from her shopping, she got in the car, and closing the door was enough to start her sliding sideways 40 feet into a snow hill and embed her 1/4. took a city plow truck to pull her out.

about 4 months ago

Man In Tesla Model S Fire Explains What Happened

Wing_Zero Re:Good Engineering Tesla (526 comments)

Gas tanks don't need 1/4" armor ... because they don't mount them where shit getting wedge under the car is going to penetrate them, neither should you.

Obviously you haven't looked under a car before. Most gas tanks are mounted under the rear seat and VERY exposed, having only a couple straps and..... a piece of sheet metal (for a heat and debris shield) to protect it. (tanks nowadays are mostly made of plastic as well, so the casing on a battery is probably stronger. the plastic is soft, and flexes, so that helps)

about 5 months ago

Firefox OS 1.1 Released, Mozilla Prepares For 2nd Round of Device Launches

Wing_Zero Re:Didn't know it launched. (76 comments)

so PalmOS, BackBerry, Windows CE or Symbian don't count as smartphone OS's?

about 6 months ago

SSHDs Debut On the Desktop With Mixed Results

Wing_Zero Re:oops (154 comments)

Ram is considered volatile memory, meaning it loses its info when power is turned off. the whole point of the ssd on hard drive is to take the most used things you store and send them out quickly. ram cache would help during use, but is almost useless during long reads that aren't known already. Starting up a system is a prime example, Solid state will already have it in storage when you begin (Ideally) and be able to send it out before the hard drive even has to spin up.

ram would (and does in any normal system) have to wait for the disk to spin up, and feed it data. Every time you turn off/on the system.
A unique case would mabe be a VM, but i don't really want to break that down.

What your probably wanting is a "Ram Drive", where you dedicate a portion of system memory for a Virtual hard drive that disapears when you shut down and is recreated on startup. handy things, great for temp files and anything you don't want your system to keep once your done with it. (I cache my torrents to one and copy the final file to the hard drive once done, keeps my disk from thrashing to badly)

That being said, I would love having a hard drive come out with a laptop ram slot. "we ship our drives with 32mb cache, but a user can put in up to a 4GB Upgrade"
heck, I'd buy it :)

about 6 months ago

Ubuntu 13.10 Will Not Ship Mir By Default

Wing_Zero Re:Chromebook (165 comments)

I recently worked on a Laptop for a friend that I had to create a new user and copy all the prefs and files over.

it kinda amazed me that all there was to move was the bookmarks. no photos, no documents, not even anything in the downloads folder! this laptop was about a year and a half old and basically stock.

The only thing she really did was print recipes and joke email.

So the only thing I would say is that the Printing support in ChromeOS is crappy by design.
"Buy a cloud printer" doesnt really do it for me.

Other than that, Sure

about 7 months ago

iOS 7 Beta 3 Now Available For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Wing_Zero Re:Apples lost residual value (205 comments)

Actually, Asus is very good about Updates. My old TF101 (original transformer tablet) got updates to 4.0 before asus said it would stop (cyanogen has a build for 4.2.0, but i traded it in for the tf701, Sweet machine)

about 9 months ago

Android On the Desktop

Wing_Zero Re:Isn't this done already? (247 comments)

All that needs to happen is a way to host chroot-like gnome/kde environments and HW-accelerated integrated X11 server.

Bah, not even that. I just tried out the android-x86 4.2.2 ISO just a few days ago, and I'd be happy if it just saw the NTFS partition on the HD. (plus Printing support, there's a app for my printer, but it sucks bad)

VLC works fine, mozilla was snappy, and the play store knew what apps would work!

I think that android would be awesome as a primary OS option, I don't even miss minimizing stuff, they have a task switcher that works fast enough.

about 10 months ago

Sony Reveals More PS4 and Dual Shock 4 Details

Wing_Zero Any Word On compatability? (242 comments)

So are they going to ditch the PS3 support with this one? i still have my PS2 sitting in my living room for that reason.

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