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Pandora Wants Radio Stations To Pay For Music, Too

WizardOfZid Re:bmi/ascap (253 comments)

In a time several careers ago, I worked at a radio station and had the "pleasure" of being there during the week that we maintained detailed logs (by hand, I said it was a long time ago) for ASCAP/BMI payment. It is just as the OP said, the sample was somewhat random and many cuts didn't make it on the log at all (we averaged 10-12 songs per hour). It would be the same for the RIAA if their wishes are granted.

The RIAA seems to think that they can get $$ from radio stations with no other impact. If they were talking about 1% or so of gross renevues, there would be objections but probably their money would come in. At 10% or more of gross, many stations would convert to other formats (more talk radio anyone?) to survive. And there is the rub, less stations with music, less $$ to the RIAA than they think they will get and much less promotion of artists.

Radio for me is mostly valuable for traffic reports and other time critical items, not music. However, music comes with the package. If it weren't part of broadcasting I'd get the same value (small as it is) and the RIAA would see no payments. In fact, I often listen to NPR because of the lack of value on the other stations, music format of not. I also avoid the get rich quick blurbs and weight loss drug ads that take up 20 minutes of every hour.

If this goes through I'd bet that the only music left would be Radio Disney since that payment is from one pocket to another. In fact, would the RIAA get into the broadcasting business if this goes through? It probably woudl be the only way to keep a significant part of music on air.

more than 5 years ago

Survey Finds Airport Wi-Fi More Important Than Food

WizardOfZid Re:Electrical outlets (247 comments)

If you fly Southwest you can find nice lounge chairs with power and USB charging ports - just another thing they do to try to set themselves apart from the rest of the airlines. So far I know of free WiFi at Denver, Phoenix, KC. Let the airport management know that you appreciate them providing WiFi at no charge to maybe get more to provide that service.

more than 5 years ago

Hybrids Beware? EPA Revises Mileage Standards

WizardOfZid Ture Hybrid numbers from an owner (550 comments)

Several comments asked for some real numbers from hybrid owners. I live in Phoenix and get low 50s in a combination of city and highway driving (last time I looked my display showed 52.2).

Going up grade the car performs great. Last week I drove up to Flagstaff and had no problems maintaining 65 for the 5-10 mile stretches of 5-7% grade with 4 people in the car. The electric engine augments the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and that helps the performance.

On the A/C front, the Prius has a multistage compressor so the hit on the car is minimal under moderate heat. I see plenty of hot conditions out here and the milage doesn't seem to be effected much at all even at maximum cooling. If anything, the mileage is a bit lower in cold conditions due to the engine running longer to bring the engine up to temp for emisions management. It also is an ELECTRIC motor compressor so the power used is not directly from the gas engine. That should help with the new EPA tests.

Do I drive like a type "A" personality? No, that never did appeal to me to race up to a stop light to get one car ahead. I do drive to take advantage of the car I have. YMMV.

more than 8 years ago


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